To God Alone the Honor: The Pioneer Mennonite Families of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (Third Edition)

Allan A. Garber

  • 8950

The revised and expanded 3rd edition of this encyclopedic guide to the Lancaster County Mennonite pioneers has now been released in a magnificent hardbound volume. This edition covers 133 different Mennonite family surnames and incorporates the latest research, with significant revisions for the Kauffman, Hiestand and Good families. The book includes biographical sketches, seven maps, an every-name index, and is richly illustrated with 235 color photos of fraktur, bookplates, family records in German script, and other memorabilia. Transcriptions and translations of ancient German  records and texts by Amos B. Hoover add significant value. The book also includes for the first time an annotated version of Moravian missionary Georg Hantsch's diary of his journey to the homes of a number of Lancaster County Mennonites in 1748. (813pp. color illus. index. hardcover. Author, 2023.)


Here are the new families that have been added to the third edition:

Casper Acker/Auker/Eicher; Christian Bielmann/Peelman; Abraham Blazor/Blossor; Johannes Binggli/Binkley; Andreas Berg; Christian Bucher; Jacob Frick; Hans Gerber; Michael Gingrich; Heinrich Greiter; Heinrich Hackman; Jacob Hershberger; Georg Hoffman; Jacob Horst; Jacob Huber; Hendrick Killhaver; Heinrich, Peter and Cornelius Lehn; Tobias Miller; Jacob Mumma; Christian Neff; Jacob Rohrer; Heinrich Roesch/Resh; Johan Resh; Heinrich Resh; Jacob Schölli/Shelly; Christian Schölli/Shelly; Michael Schenk; Hans Snider/John Taylor; Hans Peter Summy; Christian and Johannes Stauffer; Johannes Wanner; Matthias Sebastian Weidman and “Big” Christian Zimmerman. 


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