Plow, Pulpit, People: We Called Him Pop—A Life With a Purpose

Paul Stoltzfus Kurtz

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Christian J. Kurtz was born in 1901, north of Morgantown, Pa. He married Elsie Stoltzfus in 1923 and operated the farm between Elverson and Morgantown. He was an ordained minister at the Conestoga Amish Mennonite Church and vice-chairman of Lancaster Mennonite Society. His historical interests flourished and he compiled a Red Notebook full of his “Four Kurtz Brother Immigrants” genealogy findings. His son Paul promised to publish this notebook. It took twenty-five years to do it, but this book now fulfills his son’s promise and includes so much more. It is a wonderful tribute to how Paul experienced his father—through his life Gestalt, family, farming, ministry, and genealogy. All the pieces of the puzzle have been put together for you to learn who Pop really was. First 200 copies include CD of the Uncles singing in tribute to Pop. (312pp. illus. Masthof Press, 2020.) 

Also available It Takes a Long Time . . . to Grow an Elsie (item #1790) for $8.50, which is the story of Christian J. Kurtz's wife.

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