Step by Step to a Biblical Worldview

Mark L. Zook, D.Div

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How did missionary Mark Zook, a former dairy farmer, teach a remote tribal people the truth of the Bible? He wrote step-by-step Bible lessons to teach concepts clearly and simply. These lessons were used from village to village in Papua New Guinea to evangelize the Mouk people as depicted in the videos "Ee-taow: The Mouk Story" and "Ee-taow: The Next Chapter." This book contains those lessons, from Creation through the Great Commission. It includes thoughts and questions that Mouk people expressed as they heard the story of the Bible for the first time. Written in simple English, the book can be used for one-on-one or group Bible study, or simply read to gain a personal understanding of how God worked in history—step by step. (458pp. color illus. Masthof Press, 2019.)

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