Someone To Tell It To: Moved with Compassion

Someone To Tell It To: Moved with Compassion

Michael Gingerich and Tom Kaden

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The authors are the co-founders of Someone To Tell It To, a non-profit ministry in Harrisburg, Pa., with the mission of creating a caring culture that accompanies others on journeys toward deeper connections. They are husbands, fathers, pastors, and mentors who want to inspire a movement for people to listen more intently and be more present in others’ lives. Their hope is that these stories help you understand what being more compassionate
and emphatic can mean for your life and for the lives of those you encounter every day.

Someone To Tell It To: Moved With Compassion is meant to be read slowly, in small portions.  Each of the stories we tell is intimate; they invite readers to reflect deeply on the examples they offer.   Compassion requires an intentional consideration of another’s circumstances, a grace that recognizes our common humanity in all its beauty and brokenness.  While not every story may resonate personally and strongly with every reader, we pray that intentional consideration will move you toward a more empathetic response to the ever-present realities of the human experience. (360pp. Masthof Press, 2017.)

All proceeds of this book will be used to help the ministry of Somone To Tell It To—“To create a caring culture that accompanies others on the path toward meaningful connections.”

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