The Story of Victor F. Weaver

The Story of Victor F. Weaver

Allan W. Shirk

  • 2000

With a subtitle of “Nobody Knows Chicken Like the Folks at Weaver!”, this book captures the essence of the American Dream. Through hard work and extraordinary vision, Victor Weaver created one of the most successful poultry companies in the world. He understood the need for building a great team and culture that would support the company’s growth. Victor helped mentor team members while his Christian upbringing made him a great family business CEO. Victor also used his exceptional vision and wealth to build Garden Spot Village in New Holland, Pa., along with many other community endeavors. His story is a lesson in entrepreneurship, scaling up a business, building a strong culture, succession planning and leveraging success to build community. This is a must read for any entrepreneur or family business executive! (156pp. illus. index. New Holland Historical Society, 2021.)

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