Born Amish: Life Before the Ex-communication

Born Amish: Life Before the Ex-communication

Ann Stoltzfus Taylor

  • 1499

This is a true story about Dr. Ann Stoltzfus Taylor's memories of life as a little Amish girl, whose world shifted one fateful day in the spring of 1954. When the author was 14 years old, the bishop—known to her as Uncle Dan—abruptly ex-communicated her father, grandfather, and others during a heated discussion over a friend's growing manufacturing business. The author paints a picture of growing up in an Amish farm family, whose influences weren't truly understood until now. The power and benefits of those cultural values influenced how she lived life as a wife and career woman in a world very different from her upbringing in the Old-Order Amish Society of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. (145pp. illus. Author, 2020.)

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