Beechdale Road: Where Mercy Is More Powerful Than Murder—A True Story

Megan Shertzer & Tim Rogers

  • 1599

On Sunday, June 21, 2020, 18-year-old Linda Stoltzfoos of Bird-in-Hand, PA, was kidnapped on Beechdale Road and later murdered by Justo Smoker. Justo is Tim's brother-in-law and Megan's uncle. This is their story of grief, anger and pain but also unexplainable grace, kindness and mercy at the hands of the Amish community—of which Linda Stoltzfoos was a part. For over a year following Linda’s disappearance, their family had various encounters with members of the Amish community. These events captured the attention of the county, region and even became national and international news. They hope in sharing their story, you can experience what it’s like when undeserved mercy confronts undeniable evil, when kindness upends condemnation, when heaven engages hell. This is what they experienced at the hands of the Amish community and they are hopeful its healing power can reach even further to you. (154pp. Authors, 2024.)

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