Mennonite Family History January 2023

Mennonite Family History

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Great-Grandma Magdalena Wenger (1838-1921) by Renee Cue [Wenger, Mast]; Abbeville Mill by Donald Kautz; Signs of the Zodiac in German Birth Inscriptions by John A. Gingerich; Using Pennsylvania's Tax and Exoneration Lists by Jonathan R. Stayer; Whither the Wengers? A Bit of Family History From Switzerland by Don Clymer [Wenger]; Ancestral Families of Sarah Flohr (1880-1963) Married to Norman Arthur Lind (1881-1968), Part III: Yoder Ancestry by Hope Kauffman Lind [Yoder]; Using Interview Notes to Search for Relatives by Yvonne Morrissey [Findley]; Blessed with Eight Generations, Ancestor Fan Chart of Maria Noel Neunschwander [Neunschwander]; The Strange Case of Hans Zaugg, Anabaptist Leaseholder Within the Catholic Canton of Lucerne by Darvin L. Martin [Zaugg, Zug]; Children of Bishop Jacob Mast and Magdalena Hooley: Jacob Mast (1768-1852), Der Foresinger by Dot (Mast) Moss [Mast]; Lou Anna Rivers Shively: She Stole the Show at Age 112 by Mary Rohrer Dexter [Rivers, Shively].

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