Ken Yoder Reed ’66 brings his third historical novel to Writers Read

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Historical novelist Ken Yoder Reed ’66 will return to Eastern Mennonite University Thursday, Feb. 16, for a Writers Read event at Common Grounds coffeehouse at 6:30 p.m. The event is open to the public. A freewill donation will be taken.

Reed, who lives in San Jose, California, recently published his third novel, Both My Sons (Masthof Press, 2016). He has also written Mennonite Soldier and He Flew Too High.

All My Sons tells the story of Klaus Greenywalt, a Swiss-German immigrant to Lebanon County, around the year 1755. Faced with a number of personal struggles, his issues become magnified by the outbreak of the French and Indian War.

In October 2016, he returned to Pennsylvania to lead an historic tour of sites portrayed in All My Sons. Although the central character in the novel is a “composite of several Pennsylvania pioneers,” Reed informed potential tour-goers, the main events and places in the novel are real, including Benjamin Franklin, “Fighting Parson” John Elder, and John Harris.


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