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    For the first time ever in the United States, Zauggs/Zugs/Zooks/Zucks, and any of the 53 variations of this surname are invited to attend the international Zaugg Versammlung (Zook Reunion) in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, on July 1-3, 2016. Register by either calling or emailing to: 610-286-0258 or for an invitation. As of April 1, 2016, registrants were coming from 20 different states, 2 provinces, and Switzerland.
    This vision began years ago and started to blossom when the Zaugg/Zug/Zook/Zuck European Heritage Tour visited with our Zaugg cousins in Europe in September 2014. In fact, the Swiss Zauggs planned an amazing reunion where we connected and encouraged us to plan such a reunion in the U.S. So, here it comes! At the time of this writing, registrations have already arrived from Switzerland, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, Texas, California, and Indiana.

Name Meaning

    The Dictionary of American Family Names gives the following meaning for the surname “Zook”: “This is a respelling of the Swiss German ‘Zug,’ a habitational name from the city and canton so named in Switzerland. This is a frequent surname among Amish and Mennonites in the U.S., a respelling of Ashkenazic Jewish Zhuk, an ornamental from eastern Slavic zhuk ‘beetle’, or a habitational name for someone from a place in Belarus or Lithuania called Zhuki, from the same word.”1
    Today’s genealogists instead suggest  that the Swiss German “Zug” originates from the surname “Zaugg” in Switzerland. In fact, there is documentation showing a number of  Zaugg Swiss Brethren (Anabaptists).

Swiss Heritage

    Caspar Zougck, of Schuselbuhl near Sumiswald, Switzerland, was one of the Anabaptist speakers at the Bern debate in 1538. (Debates were discounted during the Reformation when they resulted in favorable publicity for the Swiss Brethren.) Between 1529 and 1571, at least 40 executions of Swiss Brethren took place in Bern alone. Records show that Elsi Zaugg, wife of Kaspar Zaugg of Sumiswald, recanted on May 17, 1550, as did Kaspar on January 24, 1554.2
    Uli/Ulrich Zougg, a preacher in Canton Bern, was imprisoned for his beliefs in 1644. Hans Zaugg of Signau, Switzerland, was one of eight prisoners mentioned in a letter of October 24, 1659, who were questioned about their religious beliefs.
    Swiss genealogist Julius Billeter found hundreds of Zouggs/Zauggs in Swiss parish records between 1500 and 1700. The most (298) were found at Trub. Hans, Christian, and Ulrich were the most common names, with Peter, Jakob, Anna, Barbli, Magdalena, Katharina, Elsbeth, and Verena also popular.

Eighteenth-Century Immigrants

    At least six immigrants came to America:

•  Ulrich Zug in 1727
•  Peter Zug in 1727
•  Henrich Zaug in 1732
•  Christian Zug in 1742
•  Moritz Zug in 1742
•  Johannes Zug in 1742

    So, this Zaugg Versammlung will bring not only descendants of the above immigrants together (immigrant Henrich is thought to have died without descendants), but we will interact and reconnect with our Swiss Zaugg cousins! Yes, some are coming!

Family History

    Genealogical and historical infor-mation on this family has been passed down through the generations with valid information in published books by John Hertzler Sr. (A Brief Biographic Memorial of Jacob Hertzler and a Complete Genealogical Family Register of His Lineal Descendants, 1885); C.Z. Mast (A Brief History of Bishop Jacob Mast and Other Mast Pioneers, 1911); Lois Ann Zook (Only a Twig, 1978); and Harry D. Zook Zug/Zuck/Zouck/Zook Genealogy, 1983; rev. 2009). We owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to Harry D. Zook who spent years of thorough research on this family!

To receive a 4-page invitation please email Lois Ann:

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  • I didn’t know!! Anything planned in the future???

    Sonja Zook on
  • Carolyn, I am going to email you some more information on Heinrich. Thanks for asking!

    Daniel Mast on
  • I am an ancestor of a Heinrich Zaug who died in America in 1775. Trying to find more information. He left many children. ;)

    Carolyn Kumpe on

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