The Warrant Maps of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania

The Warrant Maps of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania

Geri Gilbert

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This genealogical aid for researchers with Lancaster Co., Pa., ancestors (41 townships) is an important tool in the search for progenitors. Not only is each warrant map printed in this over-size book, an every-name index of everyone appearing on these early maps is published here for the first time! The author worked for many years in the Archives of the Lancaster Co. Courthouse and there discovered the usefulness and importance of using patent maps. For instance, it is possible, by adjusting the scale of current maps to overlay onto the patent maps, that we notice the boundaries of the properties from yesteryear appear as roads of today. Listed information available on the tracts of land and shown in this book include: Survey Reference, Warrantee Name, Acreage, Warrantee Date, Survey Date, Patentee Date, Patentee Name, Patentee Reference Name given to land if applicable not always given, and coordinates. (106pp. illus. index. Author, 2005.)