The Kurtz Family Sojourn - Harold R. Kurtz

The Kurtz Family Sojourn

Harold R. Kurtz

  • 1795

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Subtitled "A Brief History and Genealogy of Pioneer Abraham Kurtz and His Descendants, ca1720-1998"

Surnames of Lancaster Co., Pa., families in addition to the Kurtz family: Brubaker, Burkholder, Eberly, Ebersole, Fox, Glick, Good, High, Hoover/Huber, Horning, Horst/Hursh/Hurst, Martin, Miller, Musser, Nolt, Oberholtzer, Reiff, Sensenig, Shirk, Showalter, Weaver, Wenger, Wise, Zeiset, Zimmerman. (373pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 1999.)

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