Swamp New Hanover, Vol. II

Swamp New Hanover, Vol. II

Robert Wood

  • 2000

This is a collection of 52 newspaper articles on the history of Swamp, New Hanover, Pa., that appeared as a weekly column between April 2006 and July 2007 in the Community Connection newspaper. Article titles include: Bake Ovens, Colonial Doctors in Swamp, Count Zinzendorf in Pennsylvania, "Die Wiebsleit Grundsau Lotch," An Early Ghost Story, Husking Matches, The Markley Books, Odd Mills, Pawnee Bill's Wild West Show and More, Powwowing, A Strange Case of "Hexerei," Who Was Indian Eve, "The Yosemite of the Schuylkill Valley," among others. Also available are Vol. I (#3137), Vol. III (#3458), and Vol. IV (#3970). (156pp. illus. New Hanover Twp. Hist. Soc., 2007.)

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