Ships From Scotland to America, 1628-1828: Vol. II

Ships From Scotland to America, 1628-1828: Vol. II

David Dobson

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Designed specifically to identify immigrant ships, this book lists hundreds of ships that sailed from Scotland to North America between 1628 and 1828. As there are few official records of emigration for this period, this book is based primarily on contemporary newspapers published on both sides of the Atlantic. This book contains the names and the ports and dates of departure and arrival of a vast number of ships carrying emigrants from Scotland to America prior to 1828. Volume II of this series is based largely on sources found in the Exchequer now housed in the National Archives of Scotland. These records also identify vessels, masters, and cargoes on which duty was charged. Such records are virtually complete from the year 1742, and though designed to raise income for the government through custom duties, they do sometimes refer to passengers. (173pp. hardcover. Gen. Pub. Co., 2002.)

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