On My Way to Heaven, Traveling With Grace

On My Way to Heaven, Traveling With Grace

Vivian S. Ziegler

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This biography of Victor K. Ziegler (1932-2004) is an inspiring story of a successful Pa. dairy farmer; a church and community leader; world traveler; innovator; entertaining storyteller with a contagious sense of humor; and an energetic worker and positive thinker. Read about his exciting trip taking 1,000 Spanish/English New Testaments into Cuba when neither Americans nor Bibles were welcome; what happened when two-thirds of his dairy herd died from brucellosis; how God opened doors for him to meet the "Siberian Seven" in the basement of the American Embassy in Moscow; what motivated him to buy and personally finance 32 houses and 17 farms for others; how he handled the shocking news about his wife's past; how he and Grace sponsored 15 international refugee families; and much more. (432pp. illus. Author, 2005.)