New Facts and Old Families - Millard Milburn Rice

New Facts and Old Families From the Records of Frederick Co., Maryland

Millard Milburn Rice

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New Facts and Old Families is a compilation of materials relating to the inhabitants of some of the early towns of Frederick County, Maryland. Chapters are devoted to the founding and establishment of the towns of Jefferson, Middletown, and Walkersville, as well as the lost towns of Hamburgh, Trammelstown, and Monocacy, while sub-sections deal with the history of some of the founding families and provide lists of the original owners of land. Based on original land records, this work provides the only authoritative account of the actual layout, plan, and development of many of the towns and villages of the county. Finely researched, built up layer by layer from previously unknown facts, this provides the lost story of Frederick County lands and landowners. (211pp. illus. index. hardcover. Gen. Pub. Co., 1984 reprint.)

Also see the companion volume This Was the Life: Excerpts from the Judgment Records of Frederick County, Maryland, 1748-1765 (Item #N70).