Five Mennonites and a Greek

Five Mennonites and a Greek

Ilona Abrahams with Dora Goerzen, Darlene Schroeder, Sharon Unruh, Lois Voth, and Lynne Voth

  • 2000

The true joy of life is the trip. Five Mennonites and a Greek decided to meet monthly to work on projects, share, ask questions, find answers or just listen to each other tell stories that have shaped and molded their lives. They are still learning how to draw faith from God and move forward, but sometimes they simply have to trust and ascend the mountain. As you read this book, they extend their hospitality to you through the recipes they have come to enjoy as well as quilts they have made. Perhaps the Bible verses and the reflections they share will provide healing for some and hope for others. Immerse yourself and enjoy the trip—through their stories. (100pp. color illus. Author, 2016.)

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