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Lancaster County - History and Biographical Collection


  • 2000

History of Lancaster and York Counties (I. Daniel Rupp, 1845, 766 pages)
An Authentic History of Lancaster County in the State of Pennsylvania (J. I. Mombert, 1869, 808 pages)
A Biographical History of Lancaster County (Alex Harris, 1872, 636 pages)
History of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketches of Many of its Pioneers and Prominent Men (Franklin Ellis & Samuel Evans, 1883, 1290 pages)
A Brief History of Lancaster County (Isreal Smith Clare & Anna Lytle, 1892, 325 pages)
Portrait and Biographical Record of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (Chapman Publishing Co., 1894, 611 pages)
Biographical Annals of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (J. H. Beers, & Co., 1903, 1748 pages)
Historic Background and Annals of the Swiss and
German Pioneer Settlers of Southeastern Pennsylvania (H. Frank Eshleman, 1917, 389 pages)

This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania.  These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA. 

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs. You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.


History of Lancaster and York Counties (I. Daniel Rupp, 1845, 766 pages)
This is a very early history of Lancaster and York Counties, PA.  The information on Lancaster County covers pages 14 - 531.  It discusses the German, English, Swiss and Welsh immigrants who settled in the county from 1709 onward.  It also discusses the formation and development of Lancaster County's townships and boroughs prior to the Revolution.  Following this is some discussion Lancaster County's involvement in the Revolutionary War, along with a few brief biographies of surviving participants: Philip Meck, John Gantner, George Leonard, Peter Mauerer, Peter Shindle and Jacob Hoover.  Other sections deal with educational institutions within the county, the various religious denominations that settled the area, as well as the county's geology and natural history.

An Authentic History of Lancaster County in the
State of Pennsylvania (J. I. Mombert, 1869, 808 pages)

This publication is an early history of Lancaster County, PA.  The historical details discusses include  the county's topography and natural history, also its political, religious, educational, agricultural and industrial aspects.  This is more a historical account then it is a biographical one, however, it does include some useful biographical information.

Biographical Information:
Atlee, Barton, Bowman, Buchanan, Carmichael, Clark, Eberly, Elder, Franklin, Fulton, Gibson, Grosh, Hand, Keagy, Maxwell, Mifflin, Miller, Muhlenberg, Ramsay, Reynolds, Ross, Scott, Smith, Snyder, Stevens, Weiser, Yeates

A Biographical History of Lancaster County (Alex Harris, 1872, 636 pages)
This biographical volume covers prominent individuals in the communities of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, particularly those who served in public office. Though not an exhaustive work, it does include a great deal of useful information for historical and genealogical research. There is no index, but names are listed alphabetically.  Some of the accounts are lengthy and detailed, others are brief.

Agnew, Albright, Amweg, Anderson, Andrews, Armstrong, Atlee, Bachman, Baer, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Balmer, Barber, Bare, Barton, Bauman, Bausman, Baxter, Beates, Beck, Bentz, Beissel, Bethel, Billingfelt, Black, Blunston, Boehm, Bomberger, Bowman, Boude, Boyd, Boyer, Brady, Brandt, Breckbill, Breneman, Brinton, Brisbin, Brooks, Brown, Brubaker, Brush, Buchanan, Buckley, Burrowes, Buyers, Caldwell, Cameron, Carpenter, Carter, Cassel, Cassidy, Chambers, Champneys, Clark, Clarkson, Clemson, Clinton, Cochran, Coleman, Coates, Collins, Cope, Conyngham, Cooke, Cowden, Cooper, Craig, Crumbaugh, Cunningham, Darlington, Davies, Deering, Denues, Dickey, Dickinson, Dieffenderffer, Diller, Dixon, Doner, Douglass, Duchman, Duffield, Dunlap, Dysart, Eberman, Eberle, Eberly, Eby, Eckman, Edie, Edwards, Ehler, Ehrenfried, Eichholtz, Ellmaker, Erb, Eshleman, Evans, Ewing, Fahnestock, Ferree, Fisher, Fogle, Fondersmith, Foreman, Ford, Fordney, Forney, Forrey, Foster, Franklin, Frazer, Frey, Fry, Fulton, Gara, Garber, Gatchell, Galbraith, Geist, Gest, Getz, Gibbons, Gibson, Gilchrist, Gish, Gleim, Good, Gotschalk, Greist, Grey, Grimler, Groff, Groh, Grosh, Grubb, Haines, Haldeman, Hambright, Hamilton, Hamaker, Hand, Harbaugh, Hartman, Haverstick, Hawthorne, Hayes, Heinitzsch, Heitler, Henderson, Hendrickson, Henry, Herr, Hershey, Hess, Hertz, Hibshman, Hiestand, Hiester, Hipple, Hoff, Hoffman, Hoffmeier, Holl, Hood, Hollinger, Hopkins, Hostetter, Housekeeper, Houston, Howell, Hower, Huber, Hubley, Humes, Hunsecker, Hurford, Huss, High, Jacks, Jackson, Jacobs, Jenkins, Johns, Jones, Kauffman, Keenan, Keene, Keller, Kemper, Kendig, Keneagy, Kennedy, Kerfoot, Keys, Kieffer, Kimmel, King, Kinzer, Kirk, Kittera, Kline, Konigmacher, Kramph, Kready, Kreider, Kreiter, Krug, Kucher, Kuhn, Kurtz, Kyle, Landis, Lane, Latta, Lauman, Lebkicher, Leech, LeFevre, Lehman, Libhart, Light, Lightner, Lindley, Linville, Livingston, Long, Lovett, Lowery, Mackey, Marsteller, Martin, Mathiot, Maxwell, May, Mayer, McAlister, McCamant, McCleery, McClure, McCulloch, McEvoy, McGowan, McGrann, McLenegan, McMillan, McSparren, Mehaffey, Mercer, Michael, Miller, Miles, Mitchell, Mohler, Montgomery, Moore, Morrison, Mosher, Muhlenberg, Musgrove, Musser, Musselman, Myers, Nauman, Neale, Nevin, Nissley, Noble, North, Ober, Old, Orth, Overholtzer, Owen, Parke, Parr, Passmore, Patterson, Paxson, Pearsol, Peelor, Pennel, Peters, Porter, Powell, Pownall, Price, Pyfer, Ramsey, Rathvon, Rauch, Rawlins, Reed, Reddig, Reichenbach, Reigart, Reinhold, Reinoehl, Reist, Reiszel, Reynolds, Rhine, Richards, Righter, Ringwald, Roath, Roberts, Robinson, Rogers, Rohrer, Roland, Ross, Rowe, Royer, Rutter, Sample, Sanderson, Saunders, Schaeffer, Schaum, Schwartz, Scott, Seldomridge, Seybert, Shaw, Shaeffer, Shelley, Shenck, Shenk, Sherer, Shippen, Shirk, Shoch, Shreiner, Shultz, Shulze, Shuman, Slaymaker, Slokom, Slough, Smilie, Smith, Spencer, Sprenger, Stauffer, Steacy, Steele, Stehman, Steigel, Steinman, Stevens, Stoner, Stoek, Stoey, Strickler, Strohm, Stubbs, Stuart, Styer, Summy, Swarr, Swift, Taylor, Thompson, Urban, Varmann, Varnes, Vondersmith, Wade, Walker, Wallace, Walton, Warfel, Watson, Weaver, Webb, Weidman, Welsh, White, Whitehill, Whitelock, Whiteside, Whitson, Wickersham, Wiley, Wilson, Williams, Witmer, Withers, Wood, Work, Worley, Worrall, Worth, Wright, Wylie, Yeates, Zahm, Zecher, Zeller, Zimmerman

History of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with
Biographical Sketches of Many of its Pioneers and
Prominent Men (Franklin Ellis & Samuel Evans, 1883, 1290 pages)

This publication is mostly a historical work, but it also includes valuable biographical information. Topics include the settlement and early history of Lancaster County, PA, Lancaster County's involvement in the French & Indian, Revolutionary, and Civil wars, as well as civil, agricultural, industrial, and professional aspects of the county's history. There are also brief histories of each township and major borough. The index lists numerous individuals and families to which greater focus is given in the body of the publication, some of the references being biographies and others being historical narratives. Many other individuals are discussed as well but were not listed in the index. Also listed in the index are doctors and dentists from the section dealing with the medical history of Lancaster County.  Much of this information is brief, although still valuable for research. These names have been separated from the list of other indexed names.

Surnames Indexed:
Adams, Allen, Ambler, Anderson, Andrews, Armor, Armstrong, Atlee, Bachman, Barber, Bare, Bart, Barton, Baumgardner, Bausman, Bayly, Bealoy, Bear, Beatty, Becker, Bentz, Bethel, Bitner, Bizaillon, Blunston, Boehm, Boggs, Book, Boude, Boughwalter, Bowman, Brandt, Breneman, Brisban, Brown, Brubaker, Buchanan, Bucher, Burrowes, Bush, Bushong, Caldwell, Cameron, Campbell, Carpenter, Carrothers, Carter, Cartlidge, Cassel, Cassell, Chartiere, Claibourne, Chambers, Champneys, Childs, Clemson, Clinger, Cochran, Coleman, Combs, Connolly, Cook, Cookson, Cope, Craig, Cresap, Cunningham, Dare, Davenport, Deardorf, De Haas, De Huff, Denney, Denny, Dickey, Dickinson, Diffenderfer, Diller, Doyle, Duffield, Dunn, Eberly, Eberman, Eby, Edgerly, Eichholtz, Elliott, Ellmaker, Engle, Engles, Erb, Espenshade, Ettis, Evans, Ewing, Fehl, Ferguson, Ferree, Fetter, Franklin, Frazer, Frey, Fridy, Fry, Fulton, Gable, Galbraith, Garber, Gault, Geist, Gibbons, Gibson, Girty, Given, Good, Goss, Graaf, Graff, Graft, Graybill, Green, Greenwald, Greider, Griel, Groff, Grubb, Haines, Hair, Haldeman, Hambleton, Hamilton, Hand, Harner, Harnish, Harrar, Harris, Hart, Haverstick, Hayes, Hayne, Heinitsh, Heise, Heller, Helm, Henderson, Henry, Herbert, Herchelroth, Herr, Hershberger, Hibshman, Hiestand, Hildebrand, Hiller, Hoar, Hoffman, Hook, Hopkins, Hostetter, Householder, Houston, Howard, Howell, Huber, Hubley, Hughes, Huss, Huver, Jackson, Jacobs, Jamison, Jenkins, Johns, Kauffman, Keenan, Kelly, Kendig, Kennedy, Kern, Kerr, King, Kinzer, Kirk, Kline, Laber, Lamborn, Landes, Landis, Leman, Lemon, Le Tort, Lewis, Light, Lightner, Lincoln, Lindemuth, Linvill, Livingston, Locher, Lockard, Long, Losser, Lowry, Luther, Lutz, Lyne, Lytle, Mann, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Mayer, McCamant, McCommon, McCreary, McClure, McEvoy, McFalls, McFarquhar, McGovern, McGrann, McKissick, McNabb, McSparran, Mehaffy, Mellinger, Metzler, Mifflin, Miller, Minnich, Miranda, Mitchell, Mixel, Mohler, Montgomery, Moorhead, Morris, Mosher, Muhlenberg, Musselman, Musser, Myer, Myers, Neff, Niel, Nissley, Noble, Nolde, North, Offner, Oldweiler, Owen, Parke, Patterson, Patton, Peacock, Pegan, Peoples, Peters, Pfautz, Pool, Porter, Rankin, Ream, Reigart, Reist, Reynolds, Rigg, Rinehart, Roath, Roberts, Rogers, Roland, Romig, Ross, Russell, Schnader, Schroyer, Scott, Sener, Sensenig, Shaffner, Shank, Shippen, Shirk, Shober, Shoch, Shreiner, Simons, Simpson, Slokom, Slough, Smedley, Smith, Soldenrich, Stauffer, Steel, Steele, Steer, Stehman, Steinman, Steinmetz, Stephenson, Sternman, Stevens, Stewart, Stoneman, Strickler, Strohm, Styer, Sullivan, Summy, Sutter, Swarr, Swift, Swisher, Taylor, Thompson, Tshudy, Tubert, Vicary, Walker, Warfel, Watson, Weachter, Weaver, Webb, Weidman, Weiss, Welsh, Wenger, Wentz, Weybrecht, Whisler, White, Whitelock, Wickersham, Wiggans, Wike, Wilkins, Wirtz, Wissler, Witmer, Wood, Work, Worrall, Wright, Wylie, Yeates, Yonder, Youtz, Zantzinger, Zell, Ziegler, Zimmerman

Doctors Indexed:
Agnew, Aichmiller, Albright, Aldersterren, Alexander, Angstadt, Armor, Atlee, Baker, Beane, Bear, Berntheizel, Black, Blackwood, Bleiler, Bockius, Bolenius, Bollinger, Boude, Boulden, Bowman, Boyd, Brackbill, Breneman, Brobst, Brown, Bruback, Bruner, Bryson, Burg, Burrowes, Bushong, Carpenter, Carrothers, Cartlidge, Cassidy, Charles, Clark, Clarkson, Clinger, Cochran, Cohen, Common, Compton, Cooper, Cottrell, Cowan, Cox, Craig, Cuthbertson, Davis, Deaver, Dillman, Dinge, Dorman, Dowlin, Duffield, Dufresne, Dunlap, Duvoisier, Eberle, Ehler, Fernsler, Foltz, Foreman, Forman, Frantz, Freeman, Garber, Garraud, Gattchell, Girvin, Glacken, Glatz, Graham, Griffith, Hacker, Hamilton, Hanford, Harner, Harry, Herbst, Herr, Hershey, Hertz, Hiestand, Hinkle, Hoover, Houston, Howard, Huebener, Humes, Hurst, Huttenstein, Irwin, Ilyus, Kaneagy, Kay, Kendig, Kerfoot, Kiegy, King, Kissinger, Kline, Kohler, Kreiter, Kuhn, Lehman, Leidy, Levergood, Lightner, Lineaweaver, Livingston, Long, Luther, MacCreary, Marbourg, Markle, May, Mayer, Mayweg, McAllister, McBride, McCaa, McCalla, McCloy, McCorkle, McElway, McPherson, Mellinger, Messersmith, Metzgar, Miller, Moore, Mowery, Mowry, Muhlenberg, Murphy, Murray, Musser, Neff, Nevin, Newphar, Nissen, Norris, Parke, Parry, Perkins, Plank, Power, Purcell, Rawlin, Reed, Reemsnyder, Reich, Riegar, Righter, Ringwalt, Roebuck, Rohrer, Rolan, Ross, Sample, Schweitzer, Sensenig, Shaeffer, Shellar, Shenk, Shirk, Smallwood, Smith, Snavely, Stehman Stubbs, Taylor, Thome, Thompson, Trabert, Treichler, Urban, Watson, Weaver, Welchans, Wentz, Weseman, Whiteside, Wiest, Wilson, Winters, Withers, Yost, Zell, Zeigler

A Brief History of Lancaster County
(Isreal Smith Clare & Anna Lytle, 1892, 325 pages)

This is a brief history of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, published as a reference work for schools.  It provides a nice general history and description of the county and includes some biographies of men of note from the county.

1 - The Indian
2 - The Indian Trader
3 - First Settlers
4 - Early Mode of Life
5 - Geography
6 - Before the French and Indian War
7 - During the French and Indian War
8 - During the Revolution
9 - After the Revolution
10 - During the Civil War and Since
11 - Agriculture
12 - Education
13 - Early Printing
14 - Religion
15 - Biography
16 - Government
17 - Manufactures, Banking, Etc.
18 - Natural History - Geology
19 - Indian Legends

Conrad Weiser, George Ross, Edward Hand, Jasper Yeates, Edward Shippen, Thomas Mifflin, Simon Snyder, Gotthilf Henry Ernst Mehlenberg, David Ramsay, Robert Fulton, Lindley Murray, James Buchanan, Thaddeus Stevens, Gen. John F. Reynolds, Gen. Samuel Peter Heintzelman, John W. Forney, Simon Cameron, Samuel Bowman, John Williamson Nevin, John Light Atlee, Thomas H. Borrowes, John Beck, Samuel Stehman Haldeman, Simon Snyder Rathvon, James Pyle Wickersham

Portrait and Biographical Record of Lancaster County,
Pennsylvania (Chapman Publishing Co., 1894, 611 pages)

This publication is one of several biographical volumes published for Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, each of which contains information not published in the others.  Pages 8 - 78 give a biography and illustration for each President of the United States up to Benjamin Harrison. Following these are biographies of leading individuals in the communities of Lancaster County.  Lancaster County was an area of the Unites States that was settled very early, therefore many of the accounts extend back to early times.  Also included are portraits of some of the subjects of the biographies.

Surnames Indexed:
Adams, Ailes, Albright, Alexander, Amer, Anderson, Andrews, Anne, Astrich, Atlee, Baer, Baker, Baldwin, Bard, Bare, Barnholt, Barr, Bateman, Baumgardner, Bausman, Beates, Bender, Benkert, Bertzfield, Bicksler, Biemesderfer, Binkley, Black, Bolenius, Bomberger, Bones, Book, Bookmyer, Bowman, Boyd, Brady, Brandt, Breneman, Brenneman, Brenner, Bressler, Breuninger, Brimmer, Brosius, Brown, Brubaker, Buch, Bucher, Buchmiller, Buehrle, Burger, Burkholder, Burrowes, Byerly, Capp, Carr, Case, Cassel, Chambers, Clark, Cleaver, Cohn, Coho, Conner, Conroy, Cooper, Coyle, Crist, Dagen, Danner, Darmstaetter, Davis, Deen, Dellet, Denney, Diffenderffer, Diller, Donnelly, Dorsheimer, Downey, Drachbar, Duffy, Duttenhofer, Eaby, Eberman, Eby, Eckman, Ellmaker, Elsen, Engle, Erb, Erisman, Esbenshade, Eshleman, Esterline, Ettla, Evans, Eyer, Flick, Fordney, Forrest, Forstburg, Frailey, Fraim, Franklin, Frey, Fridy, Fry, Fulton, Galbraith, Gara, Garrison, Gast, Geist, Gerhart, Girvin, Given, Gohn, Gontner, Good, Goodell, Graham, Gray, Graybill, Grier, Groezinger, Groff, Grube, Gruger, Gundaker, Gunzenhauser, Guthrie, Haas, Halbach, Haldeman, Hall, Harnish, Hart, Hartley, Hartman, Haupt, Heidlebach, Heise, Herr, Hershey, Hess, Hiemens, Hiestand, High, Hildebrand, Hiller, Hinden, Hipple, Hoch, Hoffman, Hoffstadt, Hopkins, Hostetter, Houston, Howell, Hull, Hurst, Ilyus, Ingram, Iske, Jeffries, Johnson, Jordan, Kauffman, Kaul, Kautz, Kehler, Keiper, Keller, Kelly, Kendig, Keogh, Kevinski, Killian, Kinard, King, Kinzer, Kline, Knapp, Knight, Koch, Konigmacher, Kreckel, Kreider, Kreiter, Kunkle, Landis, Lane, Lansinger, Lant, Lease, Lefever, Leibley, Leslie, Libhart, Lichliter, Lightner, Liller, Lively, Locher, Loder, Long, Lowell, Lyte, Madigan, Mann, Markel, Marshall, Martin, Mattern, Mats, Mayer, McAllister, McCallister, McCaskey, McComsey, McCormick, McCulley, McGovern, McGrann, McMellen, McMullen, Mehaffey, Meister, Mellinger, Meminger, Mentzer, Meyrick, Miller, Mishler, Mitchell, Moore, Morrow, Moss, Mowery, Muhlenberg, Murray, Musselman, Musser, Myers, Mylin, Nauman, Netacher, Newell, Nissly, Norbeck, Ochs, Oster, Ostertag, Owen, Owens, Patterson, Patton, Pendergast, Pennock, Pfeiffer, Pontz, Pool, Potts, Powl, Pyne, Ranck, Rathfon, Rebman, Reed, Reeder, Reemsnyder, Reinoehl, Rettew, Riddle, Rieker, Rife, Roath, Robottom, Rohr, Rohrer, Rote, Rudy, Russ, Ryan, Schaefer, Schaum, Scheetz, Schiedt, Schmidt, Schnader, Schultz, Schum, Seldomridge, Sener, Sensenig, Shank, Shaub, Sheaffer, Shenck, Shenk, Shertzer, Shirk, Shissler, Shulmyer, Shultz, Skiles, Smeltz, Smith, Snavely, Snyder, Speirs, Spoo, Sprecher, Sprigel, Spurrier, Stahr, Stauffer, Stehman, Steigerwalt, Steinmetz, Stevens, Stewart, Stirk, Stoner, Stormfeltz, Strickler, Sutton, Swan, Swarr, Symington, Thomas, Thorbahn, Tripple, Trost, Trout, Urban, Villee, Waitz, Warner, Weaver, Weidler, Weidman, Welchans, Wenditz, Westerman, Wickersham, Widmyer, Wilson, Wirth, Wise, Witmer, Wohlsen, Wood, Wright, Yocum, Young, Zech, Ziegler, Zigler, Zook, Zortman

Biographical Annals of Lancaster County,
Pennsylvania (J. H. Beers, & Co., 1903, 1748 pages)

This is the most extensive biographical volume published for Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  The biographies within highlight hundreds of the county's prominent individuals and families, and many of these accounts extend back to frontier times.  Many biographies are supplemented by illustrations of the sketch subject.  Due to its size and scope, this is an essential resource for historical and genealogical research in Lancaster County.

Surnames Indexed:
Acheson, Adams, Agnew, Aherne, Aikin, Albright, Alexander, Ambler, Ament, Ammon, Anderson, Ankrim, Appel, Appleton, Armor, Armstrong, Arndt, Arnold, Atlee, Aument, Auverter, Bachman, Baer, Bahn, Bailey, Baily, Bair, Baker, Balmer, Balthaser, Banzhof, Bard, Bare, Barefoot, Barnett, Barnholt, Barr, Bartch, Bartholomew, Barton, Bassler, Bates, Batten, Bauer, Baughman, Baumgardner, Bausman, Beamesderfer, Bear, Beard, Beates, Beck, Becker, Beiler, Bell, Bender, Benkert, Bennett, Bergman, Besore, Best, Betz, Beyer, Bicknell, Bingeman, Binkley, Binnesderfer, Bireley, Bitner, Bitzer, Black, Blank, Bleacher, Bletz, Blickenderfer, Blough, Boardman, Bolster, Bolton, Bomberger, Book, Bookman, Books, Bowers, Bowman, Boyd, Brackbill, Bradley, Brandt, Brecht, Breed, Breinig, Breneman, Brenholtz, Brenneman, Bressler, Brimmer, Brinton, Brison, Brobst, Broome, Brosius, Brown, Brubaker, Bruce, Bruner, Bryson, Buch, Buchanan, Bucher, Buckius, Buckwalter, Buehrle, Bunn, Bunting, Burger, Burkholder, Burrowes, Burt, Bush, Bushong, Butz, Byers, Cain, Cairnes, Caldwell, Cameron, Campbell, Cannon, Carmany, Carpenter, Carrigan, Carter, Cassel, Causse, Champneys, Charles, Chartiere, Christ, Clair, Clark, Coble, Cochran, Collier, Collins, Conley, Connelly, Conner, Conrad, Cook, Cooney, Cooper, Cornelius, Corrigan, Cox, Craig, Cramer, Crane, Crawford, Crist, Crouse, Crumbaugh, Cully, Cutler, Dague, Dambach, Dare, Davis, Deen, DeHaven, Deichler, Dellet, Delp, Demmy, Denlinger, Denney, Dennison, Derrick, Desch, Detwiler, Detz, Deutsch, Dickey, Diem, Dierolf, Dietrich, Diffenbach, Diffenbaugh, Dieffenderffer, Diller, Dillich, Dillinger, Dinks, Divet, Doble, Dodge, Donley, Donoghue, Dorsey, Dorsheimer, Dougals, Dorwart, Doutrick, Drennen, Drybread, Duffy, Dunlap, Dutt, Eaby, Easton, Eavenson, Eberle, Eberly, Ebersole, Eby, Eckert, Eckman, Edgerley, Edwards, Efinger, Ehrenfried, Eisenberg, Elliott, Ellmaker, Elser, Engle, English, Epler, Erb, Erisman, Esbenshade, Eshbach, Eshelman, Evans, Eyer, Fager, Fairer, Farmer, Fasnacht, Fausnacht, Fawkes, Feagley, Ferguson, Ferry, Fieles, Fink, Fisher, Fitler, Flickinger, Flowers, Folmer, Foltz, FonDersmith, Fordney, Foreman, Forney, Forrest, Forrey, Forry, Fox, Frailey, Frame, France, Frank, Franklin, Frantz, Freitchie, Frew, Frey, Fridy, Fritchey, Fritz, Froelich, Fry, Frybarger, Fuhrman, Fulton, Funk, Furniss, Futer, Gable, Gallagher, Gamber, Gamberling, Gantner, Gara, Garber, Gardiner, Gardner, Garrett, Garvin, Gast, Gatchell, Geiger, Geist, Gemperling, Gensemer, Gerhard, Gerhart, Getz, Geyer, Gibble, Gibbons, Gibson, Gilbert, Gillespie, Ginder, Gingrich, Girfin, Girvin, Gish, Given, Givler, Glass, Glatfelter, Glosser, Gochnauer, Goldbach, Goll, Good, Goos, Gorrecht, Goss, Grab, Grabill, Grady, Graeff, Graham, Grasnick, Graul, Graver, Graybill, Grebill, Greenleaf, Greer, Gregg, Greider, Greiner, Gress, Greybill, Grier, Griest, Griffiths, Grilbortzer, Grissinger, Groff, Grosh, Gross, Grubb, Grube, Gruber, Gruel, Gruger, Guiles, Gunzenhauser, Guthrie, Habacker, Hackenberger, Hacker, Hackman, Haefner, Hager, Haines, Halbach, Haldeman, Haldy, Hall, Hamaker, Hambright, Hamilton, Hamp, Hanck, Hanna, Hannum, Hark, Harm, Harman, Harner, Harnish, Harper, Harrar, Harris, Harry, Hart, Hartman, Hassler, Hastings, Hatz, Hauck, Haupt, Haverstick, Hawthorn, Hayes, Hays, Heagy, Heckler, Heidelbaugh, Heidler, Heim, Heine, Heinitsh, Heinitz, Heintzelman, Heise, Heisey, Heistand, Heitshu, Helfrich, Heller, Helm, Henderson, Hennecke, Henninger, Henry, Hensel, Herchelroth, Herman, Hernley, Herr, Hersh, Hershey, Hershour, Hertgen, Hertzler, Hess, Hibshman, Hickey, Hicks, Hiestand, Hiester, Higbee, High, Hildebrand, Hiller, Hilton, Himes, Hinkle, Hippey, Hipple, Hirsh, Hirst, Hoak, Hoar, Hocking, Hoefel, Hoffer, Hoffman, Hoffmeier, Hogg, Hohein, Hoke, Hollinger, Holman, Homsher, Hood, Hook, Hookey, Hoopes, Hoover, Hopkins, Horning, Horst, Hoster, Hostetter, Hottenstein, Hougendobler, Houser, Houston, Howard, Howell, Howett, Howry, Huber, Hufman, Hull, Humble, Hunter, Hunsecker, Hupper, Hurst, Husson, Ilyus, Immel, Ingram, Irwin, Jackson, Jacoby, Jamison, Jenks, Johnson, Jones, Kaegel, Kahl, Kauffman, Kaul, Kautz, Kaylor, Keen, Keener, Kehler, Keller, Kelley, Kelly, Kemmerly, Kemper, Kemrer, Kendig, Keneagy, Kennedy, Kent, Kepler, Kerner, Kershner, Kessler, Keylor, Keys, Kieffer, Kinard, Kindig, King, Kinzer, Kirk, Kisiner, Klaus, Kline, Klugh, Knapp, Knobb, Knox, Kofroth, Kohler, Kohr, Konigmacher, Koser, Krantz, Kray, Kready, Kreckel, Kreider, Kreiter, Krodel, Kurtz, Lamborn, Lamparter, Landau, Landes, Landis, Lane, Lantz, Latta, Law, Layman, Leaman, Lebzelter, Leech, Lefever, LeFevre, Lehman, Leibley, Leisey, Leman, Lennox, Lesher, Le Tort, Levan, Levenite, Levergood, Lewis, Lightner, Liller, Lindemuth, Line, Lineaweaver, Lingerfield, Lintner, Linton, Lipp, Livingston, Locher, Lockard, Loder, Long, Longenecker, Lucas, Lutz, Lyle, Lynch, Lyte, McAnall, McBride, McCall, McCanna, McCarter, McCaskey, McClain, McClure, McCommon, McComsey, McConnell, McCoy, McDonald, McElhany, McElligott, McElwain, McEvoy, McFalls, McGinness, McGinnis, McGlaughlin, McGowan, McGrann, McHose, McIlvaine, McLane, McLaughlin, McManamy, McManus, McMellen, McMichael, McMullen, McNeal, McSparran, Mable, Mack, Magee, Malone, Manlick, Mann, Manning, Manuel, Markley, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Matz, Maule, Maurer, Maxwell, May, Mayer, Mayling, Mearig, Meck, Meckley, Meginness, Mehl, Meister, Mellinger, Menaugh, Meshey, Metz, Metzger, Metzler, Metzroth, Meyers, Michael, Miesse, Mifflin, Miller, Milleysack, Minich, Minnich, Missener, Mitchell, Moderwell, Moench, Mohler, Montgomery, Moore, Morison, Morrison, Mowery, Mowrer, Moyer, Mueller, Muhlenberg, Mumma, Murr, Murray, Musselman, Musser, Myer, Myers, Mylin, Nagel, Nagle, Nauman, Neff, Nevin, Newcomer, Newell, Nisley, Nissley, Nissly, Noble, Nolt, North, Ober, Oberholtzer, Oberlin, Oldweiler, Olmsted, Oster, Ostertag, Overdeer, Owen, Parke, Parthemer, Patterson, Patton, Paules, Paxson, Pelen, Pennell, Penny, Pennypacker, Penrose, Peoples, Perry, Pfaeffle, Pfahler, Pfautz, Phalm, Phenegar, Phillip, Phillips, Pickel, Plank, Poisal, Porter, Powden, Powl, Pownall, Prangley, Prizer, Pugh, Purple, Pusey, Quade, Quay, Ranck, Rankin, Ransing, Rathfon, Raub, Rauch, Rea, Ream, Redsecker, Reed, Reel, Reemsnyder, Reese, Reeser, Reich, Reichenbach, Reiling, Reilly, Reinhart, Reinhold, Reinoehl, Reisinger, Reist, Reitzel, Remsburg, Resh, Ressell, Ressler, Retheiser, Rettew, Retzer, Reynolds, Rhoads, Rice, Rich, Ricker, Ricksecker, Riddle, Rider, Rieker, Rinier, Risk, Risser, Ritchie, Roath, Robinson, Rochow, Rodgers, Rodkey, Roebuck, Rogers, Rohr, Rohrer, Roland, Romig, Roop, Root, Rosenmiller, Rosenstein, Ross, Rost, Rote, Rotehorn, Rowe, Royer, Ruby, Rudy, Ruhl, Rupp, Russel, Ruth, Rutherford, Rutt, Rutter, Rynear, Sample, Samuels, Sapp, Sauder, Saylor, Schaeffer, Schaibley, Scheetz, Schenck, Schlegelmilch, Schleich, Schlott, Schnader, Schneider, Schneitman, Schock, Schofield, Schroeder, Schroyer, Schuberth, Scott, Seabold, Seachrist, Seiple, Seitz, Seldomridge, Seltzer, Sener, Senger, Sensenich, Sensenig, Shafer, Shaffner, Shand, Shank, Sharp, Shaub, Shaubach, Shaw, Sheaffer, Shee, Sheetz, Sheibly, Shellenberger, Shelley, Shelly, Shenberger, Shenck, Shenk, Sherer, Sherk, Shero, Sherts, Shertzer, Shetrone, Shillott, Shillow, Shindle, Shippen, Shireman, Shirk, Shissler, Shnavely, Shoemaker, Shoff, Shomier, Shookers, Showaker, Shreiner, Shrom, Shue, Shuemaker, Shultz, Shuman, Sides, Siebold, Siegler, Sigle, Simon, Siple, Skiles, Slack, Slaymaker, Sload, Slokom, Slough, Smith, Smoker, Smucker, Snader, Snavely, Sneath, Snyder, Sommers, Souders, Sourbeer, Spotts, Sprecher, Sprenger, Spurrier, Stacks, Stair, Staman, Stamm, Stamy, Stape, Stauffer, Steacy, Steele, Stehman, Steigel, Steinheiser, Steinman, Steinmetz, Stephan, Stern, Stevens, Stevenson, Stillinger, Stively, Stober, Stokes, Stoll, Stoltzfus, Stoner, Stoneroad, Storb, Stork, Strauss, Strickler, Stubbs, Stump, Stumpf, Styer, Summy, Swarr, Swartz, Sweeney, Swisher, Tanger, Taylor, Tennis, Terry, Thomas, Thome, Thompson, Thorbahn, Tomlin, Townsend, Trexler, Trissler, Trout, Truscott, Tschantz, Tyson, Ulrich, Umble, Underwood, Upp, Van Ness, Von Nieda, Wacker, Wade, Wagner, Walker, Walter, Walton, Wanner, Warfel, Watson, Watt, Wayne, Weaver, Webb, Weber, Webster, Wehner, Weidler, Weiler, Weill, Weiser, Welchans, Welk, Weller, Welsh, Wendler, Wenger, Wentz, Weseman, Westafer, Westerhoff, Wetzel, Whiteside, Whitson, Wickersham, Widmyer, Wiggins, Wike, Williams, Willson, Wilson, Wimer, Winower, Winter, Winters, Wise, Wisler, Wisman, Wisner, Wissler, Withers, Witman, Witmer, Witmeyer, Wohlsen, Wolf, Wolgemuth, Wood, Woods, Woolworth, Worrest, Worst, Worth, Worthington, Wright, Yeager, Yergey, Yocom, Yocum, Yoder, Yohn, Yost, Young, Zeamer, Zell, Zeller, Zercher, Ziegler, Zimmerman, Zook

Historic Background and Annals of the Swiss and
German Pioneer Settlers of Southeastern Pennsylvania
(H. Frank Eshleman, 1917, 389 pages)

"An authentic history, from original sources, of their suffering during several centuries before and especially during the two centuries following the Protestant Reformation, and of their slow migration, moved by those causes, during the last mentioned two hundred years, westward in quest of religious freedom and their happy relief in the Susquehanna and Schuylkill Valleys in the New World; with particular reference to the German-Swiss Mennonites or Anabaptists, the Amish and other non-resistant sects."  The information is laid out in a timeline starting in the 11th century continuing until the late 18th century.  There are many details related as to the obstacles and sufferings of religious denominations whose followers eventually settled in southeastern Pennsylvania.  Most of the information is historical in nature but it is also useful for genealogical research, as many individuals are named throughout.  Many of these pioneer immigrants settled in the area of present-day Lancaster County.

Surnames Indexed: (with at least 4 occurrances)
Abercrombie, Adams, Aebersold, Aeschbacher, Aeschlimann, Albert, Albright, Allen, Amman, Andrews, Anken, Appel, Arndt, Arnold, Arnot, Atkinson, Bachman, Baer, Baker, Barell, Bassler, Bauman, Baumgardner, Bausmans, Bender, Beck, Becker, Berger, Bernharts, Beyer, Binkley, Blaser, Bowman, Brackbill, Brancht, Brand, Brechbuhl, Brobst, Brons, Brown, Bucher, Buckwalter, Buhler, Bundely, Burger, Burkard, Burkey, Burkhalter, Burkhart, Burkholder, Bumgardner, Carpenter, Carter, Cartlidge, Christ, Christians, Coatman, Coningham, Conrads, Creamer, Davis, Denck, Detwiller, Difinderfer, Eberhart, Ebersole, Eby, Eckert, Egli, Engle, Erisman, Eshleman, Everling, Fahrm, Ferree, Fink, Fisher, Forry, Fox, Franciscus, Frank, Frantz, Fredericks, Frey, Funk, Garber, Gardner, Gaumann, Gerfer, Gerhart, Gochnauer, Good, Gordon, Graff, Graeff, Graybill, Groff, Gut, Haldeman, Haller, Hare, Hartman, Hellar, Hendrick, Hendricks, Hensel, Herr, Herman, Hermans, Hershey, Hess, Hiestand, Hoffer, Hoffman, Hollinger, Huber, Hupmeier, Immel, Jones, Kauffman, Kautz, Keith, Kellar, Keller, Kendig, Kieffer, King, Klein, Kline, Kolb, Krahenbuhl, Kramer, Krebs, Kreider, Kuenzi, Kuhn, Kuhns, Kurtz, Landis, Leaman, Lefever, Lehman, Lehmann, Leonard, Lesher, Lintner, Logan, Long, Longnecker, Ludwig, Luther, Luthi, Lutz, Martin, Manz, Mason, Meier, Meyer, Metzgar, Miller, Mitchell, Mittelberger, Moor, Moore, Morris, Moser, Mosser, Moyer, Muir, Muller, Musser, Musgraves, Mussleman, Myers, Mylin, Neff, Neuenchwender, Newcomer, Newhauser, Newswanger, Oberholtzers, Oberly, Pastorius, Penn, Pennypacker, Percy, Peters, Phillips, Preneman, Pupather, Ream, Reed, Reher, Reinharts, Reist, Richen, Ritter, Rohrer, Roth, Runckel, Rupp, Russel, Saphorin, Sattler, Sauder, Schaeffer, Scheider, Schenk, Schilt, Schmidt, Schmied, Schnebeli, Schneider, Schurch, Schwartz, Shaeffer, Shaffer, Shank, Shultz, Shuemaker, Shumaker, Simon, Smith, Snavely, Snyder, Spurrier, Stauffer, Stedman, Stehli, Stein, Steiner, Steinman, Steinmetz, Stettler, Stone, Stoner, Straub, Swartz, Taylor, Telner, Thomas, Thouen, Trussel, Wagner, Walters, Weaver, Weidman, Weher, Wenger, Wilson, Wise,  Wissler, Witmer, Wolf, Wright, Young, Zahler, Zaug, Zellers, Ziegler, Zimmerman, Zugg, Zwingle