Buckwalter/Bookwalter: A Pennsylvania Dutch Family

Buckwalter/Bookwalter: A Pennsylvania Dutch Family

Ross McBride Buckwalter and Dorothy A. Buckwalter

  • 2895

This volume tells the story of the Buckwalter family, from the arrival of Francis Bouch Walder and his five adult children in Pennsylvania and his purchase, in the year 1720, of the 650-acre Manavon tract, much of which is now part of Phoenixville, Chester Co., Pa. This book contains some genealogy, but the main focus is the history of Francis, a Swiss Mennonite, and his children: Joseph, Jacob, Johannes, Mary and Theodorus, and their families and descendants. The book includes more than 150 photos, over 100 of which are in color. (237pp. color illus. Author, 2017.)