Briar Rose Cottage

Briar Rose Cottage

Carrie Bender

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This is the last collection of Johanna's journal jottings which covers her time in Pennsylvania from 1911-1912. She writes about moving into picturesque Briar Rose Cottage with her stepsister Delores Langham. An energetic young woman named Celyndia is their new boarder and adds spice to these ladies' lives! When a gentleman comes calling, Johanna is swept off her feet. And when Cousin Meredith Montgomery arrives and offers to pay their passage for a honeymoon trip on the new luxury liner, the Titanic, Johanna thinks it is too good to be true. Read for yourself to see how things turned out for them. This is #3 in the Johanna's Journal Series. (159pp. illus. A.B. Pub., 2004.)