Both My Sons

Ken Yoder Reed

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Greenywalt, an immigrant father in colonial Pennsylvania, wants a peaceful life with his two sons, the older illegitimate one whom he loves and the younger legitimate one that he has never understood. He also knows neither son’s mother will ever permit peace in his house for the other woman and her son. What can he do? The outbreak of War only complicates things. This novel is packed with many historical facts including: The French and Indian War, Scots-Irish Frontiersmen, German Barns, Pequea Homes, Hans Herr, Swiss-German Pioneer, The Lancaster Longhouse, Logan and the Susquehannocks, The North Atlantic Voyage in the early 1700s, The Rhine River Freeway, William Penn and the Indians and more! (412pp. illus. Masthof Press, 2016.)
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Both My Sons is a fictional visit to another time and set of locations, interweaving
the Mennonite and Scotch Irish immigrants’ stories, with an erotic love connection.”
—JOHN LANDIS RUTH, Author of The Earth is the Lord’s.

“A modern version of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. Magnificent! Riveting!”
—CAROLYN WENGER, Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society.

“I found myself consumed by the story. Re-enactors will love it!”
—COMMANDER CHUCK FAUST, Pennsylvania State Regiment of Colonial Re-enactors.

“A novel of passion, haunting sorrows, raw disappointments, and grand possibilities.”
—PHYLLIS PELLMAN GOOD, New York Times bestselling author.

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