A Field Guide for Genealogists - Judy Jacobson

A Field Guide for Genealogists

Judy Jacobson

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This is the perfect book to take with you on a research trip. It is a veritable encyclopedia of solutions for situations that can arise in research. It includes sections on the basics of dating photographs and identifying historical eras from hairstyles or clothing. There are lists of legal terms found in genealogical records, antiquated names of diseases and calamities, as well as units of measurement used in bygone days. There are glossaries of genealogical terms, nicknames, surnames, place names, and occupations. The author has prepared a section on problems to anticipate at the county courthouse, offers hints for deciphering old handwriting, discusses different types of calendars, and has incorporated timelines of American history, migration, and transportation. (330pp. index. 2nd ed. Gen. Pub. Co., 2008.)

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