Bagster's Daily Light Devotional

compiled by Judith Buckwalter

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A family in England created this devotional book by choosing a theme and finding clusters of verses for each morning and evening. The book was first published in 1875 and since then has been used in every generation. Now Bagster's Daily Light Devotional is presented with the scriptures as written in the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. Because language changes and scholarship has found places that can be made more correct, the NRSV is an excellent Bible.

Pursue every corner of the Bible at the beginning and end of your day by using Bagster's Daily Light Devotional. As you read you will find fresh insight into the promises of God, experience triumph in every circumstance, discover new purpose for your life, uncover deep truths of the Bible, acquire newfound wisdom, and build your faith. As you spend time with the Lord every day, His Word will transform your life, bringing salvation, faith, love, healing, and an ever-deepening personal relationship with Him. (370pp. spiral. Masthof Press, 2015.)