Wholesale Pricing for Retailers
Interested in reselling books at your retail location? Masthof Press serves as the distributor for many books. Most items available for wholesale are items Published by Masthof. You can see a list of these items below. Terms and ordering information are below.

Discount Policy
• Wholesalers receive the following discounts based on the combined total of all books per order:
1-9 copies = 20% discount
10+ copies = 40% discount
• Discounts apply only to books published by Masthof Press or printed and distributed by Masthof. These products are listed below with retail prices.

Credit Terms
• Thirty days net. A finance charge not exceeding 12% per annum will be added to all Past Due accounts.

Shipping Charges
• Books are usually shipped via “Bound Printed Matter.” Atlases and art prints may be shipped in separate containers.

• Undamaged books returned will be refunded with prior notification, and must be returned in good condition, free of stickers or price marks, and within ninety days of purchase. No shipping refunded for returned books. Please enclose a copy of the original invoice with any returns.

• To receive discounted pricing you must call, fax, mail or email your order. Books and invoice will be mailed to you.

Masthof Bookstore
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Morgantown, PA 19543
Telephone: 610-286-0258
Fax: 610-286-6860

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