The Early Decorated Furniture of the Pennsylvania Dutch: 18th-Century Bieber Family of Craftsmen & Other Folk Artists

Richard L. T. Orth

  • 2995

Here and abroad, no other Pennsylvania Dutch motifs have come to be prized more than those created by John Bieber (1763-1825) of Oley Township, Berks County. Without a doubt, the hallmark of a Bieber dower chest (hope chest) is its huge, bulbous, flat hearts diligently laid out with compass. The heart motif was the most reoccurring symbol among 18th-century immigrant artisans. This book celebrates the craftsmanship and history of these Americana pieces of furniture. Color pictures capture the beauty of these various works of art and are a step to cataloging them before they are lost to time. (164pp. color illus. Masthof Press, 2019.)