The History of the Dufel Family (Dufel, Duefel, Duwel, Duvel) With Origins in Hille, Westphalia, Germany, and With Descendants in Germany and America

Gary A. Dufel

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Book begins with earliest known ancestor, Thomas Heinrich Dufel, born between 1610 and 1635 in Hille, Westphalia, and died sometime after 1680 at Hille. Thomas has an unknown child born in 1650 in Hille, who has a son Hermann Dufel born about 1666 and a son Dietrich Dufel born in 1675 in Hille. Follows the descendants of Dietrich 14 generations to the present (2002). Includes maternal lines in Hille, other lines of Dufels in Hille, ships that brought Dufels to America, farms occupied by Dufels in Hille, maps of Germany and USA, etc. (454pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 2002.)