Oh, was is es so schee in Panama


  • 1999

Finally, German writer and illustrator Janosch's award-winning children's book is translated into Pennsylvania Dutch. Little Bear and Little Tiger live comfortably in their little house by the river. But one day, a crate labeled "Panama" and smelling of bananas floats by on the river. They decide that Panama is the land of their dreams where everything smells of bananas and set off to find it. After a long journey during which they meet a mouse, a fox, a cow, a rabbit and a crow, they think they've finally found the country of their dreams, when in fact they're right back where they started, in their little house by the river. In the end, the grass isn't necessarily greener "on the other side of the fence." This book is entirely in Pennsylvania Dutch. (48pp. full-color illus. Masthof Press, 2024.)

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