Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs Myths and Legends DVD

Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs Myths and Legends DVD

Len Smith

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The seemingly mysterious murals that adorn the barns of Southeastern Pennsylvania have quietly stood the test of time for over two hundred years. The original artists live on in anonymity. The meaning of these geometric symbols is the source of constant debate. They have become the outward sign of a culture that has ultimately become the center of popular culture that has grown more vital by the year. This DVD answers many of the questions and dispels many of the misconceptions concerning who made them, what they mean and why they continue to strike a note of sentiment in the hearts of the folks who find solace in their simplicity. You’ll take a virtual tour of some of the most beautiful and historical farms of Berks County, Pennsylvania. DVD is entirely in English. (DVD running time 1:02:03. Turning Point Media, 2018.)

View a few minutes of the DVD here:

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