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888. The Abraham and Susan (Alderfer) Price Family edited by Gladys Price (Nyce) Mease

This genealogy traces the Prices back to Jacob Price, born in Prussia at the end of the 17th century. He fled to Germantown, Pa., and then to Lower Salford Twp. (now Montgomery Co., Pa.) where the family settled. It also traces the Alderfer ancestors with many photos.

(121pp. illus. index. Nyce Man. Co., 1991. $15.95)

2467. Adam Miller and Barbara Koger Family Record of Massanutten, Today Elkton, Virginia by Floyd R. and Kathryn G. Mason

Adam Miller (1703-1784) m. Anna Barbara Koger. They had four children and lived in Virginia. Adam came to America in 1724 and settled in Lancaster Co., Pa., before moving to Page Co., Va. Their descendants have names such as Andes, Bowers, Conrad, Good, Harris, Jones, Knicely, Martin, Prather, Rhodes, Showalter, Trout, Zigler, etc.

(268pp. illus. index. hardcover. Authors, 2000. $50.00)

1770. Additions to Troxell and Shisler Families by Irene Baker

Old letters, photographs, and other valuable information is included in this update of A Portrait of Our Ancestors—Volume II (#1769).

(203pp. illus. hardcover. Selby Pub., 1996. $30.00)

78. The Albrechts

This fifth edition of the Albrecht family history was issued on the sesquicentennial anniversary of their arrival in America (1836-1986). Immigrant Christian Albrecht (1779-1843) and Elizabeth Engel’s children married into the following families: Ackerman, Burkey, Gingerich, Ioder, Orendorff, Roggy, and Zierlien.

(154pp. index. illus. hardcover. 1986. $16.00)

1168. Amish Immigrants of Waldeck and Hesse by John M. Byler

This encyclopedic volume covers 236 Amish immigrants who settled in Waldeck and Hesse in Germany. Descendants of these immigrants are traced for those persons married by 1865. The most frequent surnames include Allgayer, Bauman, Beck, Bender, Brenneman, Buercky, Dieffenbach, Donner, Eash, Eckardt, Ehrismann, Farmwald, Fisher, Gartner, Gingerich, Hellmuth, Holly, Honderich, Kahn, Kempf, Kennel, Kinsinger, Kraenbull, Kramer, Mehl, Miller, Nafziger, Orendorf, Oswald, Otto, Petersheim, Roth, Schantz, Schlabach, Schwartzentruber, Shetler, Sommer, Stähly, Tice, Wehrey, Yoder, Yost, Yutzy, and Zimmerman.

(231pp. hardcover. index. Author, 1993. $26.75)

936. The Ancestors and Descendants of Amos W. Martin and Elizabeth H. Martin by Elizabeth S. Martin and Raymond S. Martin

Amos and Elizabeth Martin were born in the 1840s near Weaverland, Lancaster Co., Pa., and farmed and raised a family of 12 children in Salisbury Twp. The book contains biographical information for their descendants. Frequent names in the index include Eaby, Hoover, Leaman, Martin, Mast, Reifsnyder, Sauder, Sweigart, and Wanner.

(133pp. hardcov. index. illus. Gateway, 1992. $16.00)

1123. Ancestors and Descendants of Bishop John Blosser by Timothy Hobert Blosser

Bishop John Blosser was a leader in the Mennonite Church in the early 1900s. This book traces his descendants through today up to five generations in some families. The Blosser ancestry is also given for five more generations back to the Blosser immigrant.

(96pp. illus. maps. Author, 1993. $18.00)

2471. Ancestors and Descendants of David Franklin Greiner of Mount Joy Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Robert C. Greiner

David F. Greiner (1858-1934) m. 1) Elizabeth B. Lutz and m. 2) Clara S. Lehman. This book centers on their descendants but also contains some of the descendants of Martin Greiner (ca1702-ca1742) as well as other Greiner family lines. Frequent names in the index are Gantz, Greiner, Helman, Kohler, Nauman, and Nein.

(212pp. index. illus. Author, 2001. $18.00)

1732. Ancestors and Descendants of Henry M. Hoover and Barbara W. Nolt by Lester M. Hoover

Henry Hoover (1842-1907) was a Mennonite farmer who lived at Groffdale, Lancaster Co., Pa. He and Barbara had four children. Their descendants have surnames such as Good, High, Hoover, Martin, Sauder, Weaver, and Zimmerman, etc. Also includes Hoover ancestors to Hans Huber.

(165pp. index. Author, 1995. $11.95)

2653. The Ancestors and Descendants of Issac B. Weaver and Barbara H. Nolt by Luke H. Weaver and David M. Weaver

Family history and genealogy of Isaac B. Weaver (1869-1916) married to Barbara H. Nolt (1870-1900) of Lancaster Co., Pa., including their ancestors and descendants. Frequent surnames: Brubaker, Burkholder, Hoover, Martin, Nolt, Sensenig, Shirk, Stauffer, Weaver, Zeiset, and Zimmerman.

(148pp. Authors, 2002. $12.00)

1077. The Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph Nice (1791-1874) and His Wife, Mary Clemmer (1794-1882) by Hazel N. Hassan

Joseph Nice, descendant of Hans Newes, the 1698 Germantown, Pa., immigrant from Krefeld, Germany, lived with his family in New Britain Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., until ca1850 when he moved to Medina Co., Ohio. Joseph and Mary’s sons married into the families of Detwiler, Kratz, Miller, and Smith. Some lived in Kans.

(400pp. illus. index. Author, 1993. $25.00)

1513. Ancestors and Descendants of Martin H. Martin and Lydia Martin, 1846-1990 by Leonard E. Sensenig

This Martin family genealogy lists over 1,600 names primarily from Lancaster Co., Pa.: Brubaker, Burkholder, Eberly, Horst, Huber, Kulp, Martin, Nissley, Nolt, Rohrer, Rutt, Sensenig, Shirk, Snyder, Stauffer, Weaver, Wenger, Zeiset, and Zimmerman.

(132pp. illus. hardcover. Author, 1990. $14.50)

602. The Ancestors and Descendants of Michael and Lydia Sensenig, 1814-1989 by Leonard E. Sensenig

A Pa. Sensenig family history tracing the ancestors of Michael Sensenig (1814-1874) and both of his wives, Lydia Weaver (1811-1844) and Lydia Stauffer (1819-1891); and listing their descendants up to today.

(86pp. Author, 1989. $6.50)

2224. The Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel King Petersheim and Malinda Stoltzfus Mast compiled by Esther L. Petersheim

The family line of Samuel Petersheim (1892-1975) and Malinda (Mast) Petersheim (1895-1978) includes direct ancestors tracing back to the Petersheim and Mast immigrants. Along with genealogical records of direct descendants, memories of Sam and Linnie’s children and grandchildren recall what life was like during their lifetime. Index includes surnames such as Good, Lantz, Martin, Mast, Shank, Witmer, ...

(45pp. index. Author, 1999. $6.95)

1734. Ancestral Line of Christian Umble Stoltzfus and Descendants of Christian Umble Stoltzfus and Malinda S. (Mast) Stoltzfus by Lester G. Weber

Christian U. Stoltzfus (1845-1929) married Malinda Mast and they lived near Morgantown, Pa., where they raised four children. Christian was ordained minister in 1878 and was the first person buried in the Conestoga Mennonite Cemetery. Surnames include: Buchler, King, Kurtz, Martin, Putt, Shreiner, Stoltzfus, Thomas, Weber, Yost, Zehr, etc.

(n.n. index. illus. Compiler, 1994. $20.00)

1210. Ancestral Line of John Musser Weber and Descendants of John Musser Weber and Elizabeth (Gehman) Weber by Lester Weber

Over 600 descendants are listed in this genealogy of John and Elizabeth Weber’s family. The Webers are traced from Anabaptist George Weber (1578-after 1649) to John Musser Weber (1868-1955). John and Elizabeth’s children married into the following Pa. families: Horning, Martin, Musser, Sensenig, and Shirk.

(100pp. illus. index. Author, 1993. $10.00)

646. Ancestral Line of Lydia Mast and Descendants of Lydia (Mast) Kurtz and Jacob S. Kurtz by Lydia Kurtz Baer

A family history on the Kurtz family, although the Mast family is also featured by tracing Lydia Mast’s ancestry back four generations to Bishop Jacob Mast who came to America in 1750. Lydia Mast (1870-1961) married Jacob S. Kurtz (1867-1923), a Pa. Mennonite farmer. Names in the index include Beiler, Kauffman, Kurtz, Mast, and Stoltzfus.

(136pp. index. illus. Author, 1990. $13.50)

2074. Anniversary History of the Family of John “Hannes” Miller, Sr., by J. Virgil Miller

Illustrated history of John or Hannes Miller, also known as Indian John, Wounded John, and even Crippled John, gives not only the genealogy of this family for several generations, but an important and excellent overview of the historical accounts of this Miller family, related Millers, as well as other Amish-Mennonite families in Europe and America. Surnames in the first few generations: Beachy, Berkey, Blough, Bontrager, Brenneman, Eash, Fike, Garver, Gindels-berger, Gnagey, Hershberger, Hinckle, Hochstetler/Hostetler, Kauffman, Keck, Keim, Kimmel, Klingaman, Lehman, Lewis, Livengood, Livingston, Menges, Meyers, Miller, Mishler, Mosser, Musser, Plank, Sala, Saylor, Schrock, Schultz, Seese, Shaulis, Smiley, Speicher, Stevanus, Stutzman, Sutter, Thomas, Troyer, Weaver, Weiler, Weirich, Wingard, Yergin, and Yoder.

(126pp. illus. index. Masthof Press, 1998. $9.95)

604. The Batdorf Family History by Virginia Batdorf

Exhaustive family history on the Batdorf family beginning with Immigrant Johannes “Peter” Batdorf who died on his way to the “new world.” His widow, Anna, and her two children settled at Schoharie, N. Y., in 1710, and later moved to the Tulpehocken, Pa., area. This book traces all of Anna’s son’s (Martin Batdorf) descendants to today which amounted to 1,300 families and a 12,100-name index.

(268pp. hardcover. illus. Authors, 1990. $23.00)

2536. The Bauman Letters compiled by Violet Bauman

Imagine saving every chatty family letter which comes into your mailbox. Edna Stauffer Bauman did. These letters form the basis for this book. Follow the life of Amos S. Bauman (1854-1911) and his children and grandchildren through letters written to his son Israel and Israel’s son William. Amos was born in Waterloo Co., Ont., and later moved to Iowa and then to Alberta. He was a bishop in the Stauffer Mennonite Church and later joined the Mennonite Brethren in Christ. Timelines for Bauman family members help to identify them.

(250pp. illus. Author, 2001. $20.00)

624. The Bennage-Bennetch Family History, 1732-1985 compiled and edited by Betty Jane (Bennetch) Wise and David Lee Wise

A family heirloom piece for the Bennetch family beginning with history of Immigrant Simon Bennage/Bennetch who came from France and settled in Berks Co., Pa., in 1732. Genealogy and photos of descendants include many surnames, such as: Brubacher, Hains, Snyder, Stump, and Wiest.

(229pp. hardcover. illus. Authors, 1985. $23.00)

1911. Bishop Jonas H. Martin: His Life and Genealogy by Raymond S. Martin and Elizabeth Martin

Jonas Martin (1839-1925) was a Mennonite bishop in Lancaster Co., Pa. Read about the church schism in 1893 when Jonas became leader of the conservative group opposed to Sunday schools and the English language. The genealogy section includes Jonas’s descendants as well as charts of his ancestors and the ancestors of his two wives. Surnames: Burkholder, Good, Hoover, Martin, Reiff, Weaver, Zimmerman, and more.

(269pp. illus. index. hardcover. Authors, 1985. $16.75)

626. Blough Family History by Marjorie Blocher Kinsey

A compilation of some of the descendants of Jacob Blough (1736-1811) and Christian Blough (1743-1777) who emigrated to Pa. in 1750, and settled in Somerset Co., Pa., in 1767 and 1788. Starting with the unpublished material of S. S. Blough (1868-1962), much material has been added, covering branches of the family he did not research. Material is included on the descendants of John J. Blough (1827-1901) family who settled near Waterloo, Ia., as well as others.

(265pp. hardcover. Author, 1989. $22.00)

2301. Blue Ridges, Green Valleys, and Graybills by A. Lois Norris Graybill

Collection of Graybill and related Swiss family history including the Krehbiel family in Zaziwil, Switzerland, where they fled from in 1671. Ancestors and descendants of John and Hannah (Borndraeger) Graybill are traced as they moved in 1870 from Lancaster Co., Pa., to Botetourt Co., Va. Surnames: Angle, Armentrout, Arm-strong, Barnhart, Bishop, Booze, Bowman, Brillhart, Bru-baker, Crumpecker, Ebersole, Eller, Eshelman, Farrell, Flora, Garman, Garst, Gish, Graber, Graybill, Horst, Kaufman, Nofsinger, Smith, Snader, Sutter, Terrell, Vogt, ...

(528pp. illus. index. hardcover. $35.00. Add $2.00 extra to postage bill.)

82. Bomberger, Lancaster County Roots, 1722-1986 edited by Barbara Nissley Miller

An illustrative family history on the descendants of Immigrant Christian Bomberger who left Eschelbronn, Germany, in 1722 and settled with his wife and eight children in Lancaster Co., Pa. Frequent surnames in index: Brubaker, Bucher, Hershey, Miller, Nissley, Nolt, Oberholtzer, Rohrer, and Weaver.

(232pp. index. Author, 1987. $18.00)

2193. A Branch of the Snaders: Descendants of Daniel H. Snader (1866-1899) and Mary Rissler (1868-1939) by Raymond Snader

A genealogical record of Daniel H. and Mary (Rissler) Snader, this book includes information about Daniel’s father and grandfather as well as his descendants born up until March 1999. Daniel and Mary Snader lived in Lancaster Co., Pa. Surnames indexed include Auker, Becker, Detwiler, Gehman, Good, Greenly, Martin, Sensenig, Weaver, etc.

(56pp. illus. index. Author, 1999. $6.00)

355. A Branch of the Zimmerman Offspring of Glause Zimmerman in Europe and His Children Who Came From Europe by Ezra and Maria Zimmerman, Ervin M. Zimmerman, and Enos N. Zimmerman

Records of twelve generations (over 12,000 families) covering 325 years of Zimmerman family history and genealogy truly make this an encyclopedia for not only this family. A sampling of related surnames include Burkholder, Eberly, Good, Hoover, Hurst, Martin, Nolt, Reiff, Sensenig, and Weaver.

(1,486+pp. index. Authors, 1988, 2nd edition. $40.00. Please add an additional $3.00 to postage bill.)

1860. Branches of the Beachy Tree by Ezra Beachy

Jonas S. Beachy (1860-1952) married Fannie Miller and had 12 children in Sherwood, Ohio, and Indiana. Includes their descendants as well as an ancestral chart of Jonas and Fannie that has names such as Beachy, Gnagy, Hostetler, Troyer, and Yoder.

(48pp. illus. Author, 1985. $5.00)

490. The Brenneman History by Albert Gerberich

Reprint of the well-known 1938 Brenneman history with two indexes (every-name index and geographic location index) is one of genealogy’s classics!

(1,217pp. hardcover. index. 1938, reprinted 1988. $56.00. Add an extra $2.00 to postage bill.)

2505. Brenneman-Keagy Roots and Branches by Helen Ummel Harness

Names the ancestors and descendants of Daniel Brenneman (1834-1919) and wife, Susannah Keagy (1839-1908). Surnames appear as: Beery, Burkholder, Funk, Huber, Gochnauer, Good, Miller, Schenk, Steiner, and others. Twenty-three ancestral lines have been traced to their Swiss Mennonite origins and one line to his Scotch-Irish ancestry. A narrative of each lineal ancestor tells the story of his life, activities, and migrations.

(288pp. illus. index. Author, 2001. $30.00)

1081. The Brubakers and Their Lands In East Hempfield Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Landis H. Brubaker

Read about Hans Brubaker, Jacob Brubaker, Hans Jacob Brubaker, Bishop Jacob Brubaker, Bishop John H. Brubaker, Andrew Brubaker, and others. See photos of homesteads and cemeteries and diagrams of tracts of land. Some land in Lancaster Co., Pa., had been in the Brubaker name in the same family for 264 years.

(20pp. illus. Brubaker Family Assn., 1993. $6.50)

1992. The Bucher Family, 1681-1997 by Gladys Bucher Sowers

Copies of original documents show proof of the Hans Bucher (1681-1762) family living at Wurtzershaus near Schwarzenburg, Switzerland. Genealogical records and other information is given on his son Benedict Bucher (1722-1787) and many of his descendants. Surnames found: Brubaker, Dohner, Fry, Gingrich, Heisey, Horst, Houck, Kettering, Mohler, Reist, Rockey, Royer, Ruth, Snyder, Wenger, Yundt, and Zimmerman.

(38+40+pp. illus. index. Author, 1997. $14.00)

358. By the Grace of God by Nancy Burkholder Hess

A “potpourri” of stories and records of the Burkholder and Heatwole families in their flight from Switzerland and Germany and in their coming to America. Here are colorful stories about their Civil War journeys through Pa. and life in Va.

(260pp. index. illus. Hess Book Co., 1979. $12.50)

1914. Carl and Christina Miller Family by Lillian L. Miller and Esther Mable Yoder

Family history and genealogy of the Müller family who came from Germany to America in 1852 where they joined the Amish church in Lancaster Co., Pa. A few years later, this young family moved to Wayne Co., Ohio, but eventually settled in Va. The genealogy section covers seven generations of descendants from Carl Miller (1818-1899) and Christina Aschinger (1825-1901). Surnames: Blankenship, Brown, Conner, Eyman, Friedt, Gish, Gouker, Grimm, Hahn, Hause, Harper, Kime, Marks, Mast, Millingdrip, Musser, Phillips, Shank, Showalter, Stroup, Stuff, Withrow, Yoder, and Zook.

(190pp. illus. hardcover. index. Authors, 1997. $19.95)

1698. Christian Fike and His Descendants by Merilyn B. Fike Morrow

This encyclopedic genealogy of Christian Fike concentrates on the families of sons John (1750-1829) m. Barbara Dellenbach, Christian Jr. (1761-1851) m. Christiana Livengood, and Jacob (ca1768-1841) m. 1) Eve Moyer and 2) Mary Barnhouse. Early generations: Arnold, Biser, Blough, Frantz, Frazee, Friend, Glover, Gnagey, Griffith, Guard, Hamstead, Lichty, Maust, Meyer/Myers, Miller, Schrock, Thomas, and Weimer. Other surnames: Biser, Blough, Frantz, Lichty, Martin, Maust, Miller, Myers, and Sisler.

(1,348pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 1996. $38.00 plus an extra $3.00 for shipping)

729. Christian Schmucker, A Colonial Pennsylvania Farmer by Jane L. S. Davidson

A biography in story form of Immigrant Christian Schmucker who came to America in 1752. The Schmucker history begins in Switzerland and is traced here with lots of background information as the family moved from Grindelwald, Switzerland, to the Alsace, and then on to America.

(106pp. illus. bibliog. Author, 1976. $8.35)

457. Christian Schmucker, Stalwart Pioneer by Silas J. Smucker

An excellent biography with updated information on Christian Schmucker, born in Grindelwald, Canton Bern, Switzerland, and arrived in Philadelphia Sept. 23, 1752. Contains background history of the area where he lived in Switzerland. Extensive footnotes provide an excellent basis for further research on Christian Schmucker and other Amish Mennonite families originating in that part of Switzerland.

(44pp. Author, 1986. $3.00)

1211. Christian Strickler Sherk: His Ancestry and Descendants by Morris N. Sherk

Christian Strickler Sherk, son of Immigrant Joseph and Susanna (Strickler) Schürch, was born in 1773. He married Martha Magdalena Rohrer and had ten children who married: Eby, Flory, Gochenauer, Greider, Hoffman, Mumma, Musselman, Nissley, and Schlott. Also European history of the Sherks.

(294pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 1994. $21.00)

2075. Clement Witmer Martin and Mary Zimmerman Martin, Ancestry and Descendants, 1858-1998 by Lester Hoover

Early history of the Martin family including European information and ancestry back to Immigrant Christian Martin complements the main part of this book giving the descendants of Clement and Mary (Zimmerman) Martin of Lancaster Co., Pa. Of their thirteen children, eight survived to marry: Gehman, Hoover, Horst, Martin, Shirk, Weaver, and Zimmerman.

(186pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 1998. $10.95)

1129. Corrections and Additions to Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler by Harvey Hostetler

Contains typographical errors, wrong information, and data returned too late to be included in the 1912 edition of Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler. Published a year after the book, this booklet was intended to be pasted in the back of each book. If you have a DJH (#96) book, you need this booklet to help clear up the confusion you may have encountered in tracing your lines.

(20pp. Jacob Hochstetler Fam. Assn., 1992. $1.75)

1540. The Daniel Beachy Family of Aurora, West Virginia: Their Lineage and Life Stories by M. Marie and Paul H. Yoder

Daniel Beachy (1820-1897) married Elizabeth Yoder and lived near Accident, Md.; later moving to Aurora, W. Va., where Daniel served as an Amish minister and bishop. They had fourteen children whose descendants married into families such as: Bender, Brenneman, Hershberger, Lichty, Miller, Orendorf, Stutzman, Swartzentruber, and Yoder. Read from their journals, diaries, letters, and hear the stories handed down through the generations.

(280pp. illus. index. Authors, 1995. $9.75)

717. Daniel J. Hochstetler and Barbara C. Miller and Their Descendants From 1842 to 1990 by Dan A. Hochstetler

A family history of DJH (#6155) family covering 1,380 families with 160 pages of Amish history. European background information on Hochstetlers and Millers from Canton Bern, Switzerland.

(660pp. hardcover. index. Author, 1990. $22.25)

90. Daniel Mullet Family History and Records, 1854-1984 by Ora A. and Fanny Graber

Family history and genealogy of the descendants of Daniel Mullet (1854-1923) and Susanna Yoder (1856-1934) of Nappanee, Ind. Their children married into the following families: Bontrager, Chupp, Graber, Hochstetter, Mast, Miller, Stutzman, and Yoder.

(78pp. illus. index. Authors, n.d. $8.25)

89. Daniel W. Martin Family History, 1691-1974 by Irene L. Martin

Ancestors and descendants of Daniel W. Martin (1826-1896) married to Magdalene Stauffer and Magdalena Auker of Lancaster Co., Pa. Their children married into the following families: Auker, Bowman, Fox, Oberholtzer, Sensenig, and Weaver.

(82pp. Author, 1975. $5.75)

1442. The David and Anna Miller Story

David Miller (1805-1889) married Ann(a) Longenecker and lived in Conoy Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. They had fourteen children. Index includes names such as Brubaker, Ebersole, Good, Keener, Kraybill, Longenecker, Miller, Nissley, Rutt, Stoner, Weaver, Yoder, Zimmerman, etc.

(430pp. illus. index. hardcover. 1979. $9.00)

2368. Deacon Henry S. Burkholder (1872-1920) by Russell B. Strite and James L. Strite

Henry Burkholder married Mary G. Horst and had seven children. They lived in Washington Co., Md. Ancestral charts for Henry and Mary include Lehman, Whisler, Sollenberger, Huber, and other lines. Index contains names such as Burkholder, Diller, Horst, Hunsecker, Martin, Strite, etc.

(48pp. index. Russell B. Strite, 2000. $14.50)

977. Descendants and Ancestors of Amos and Priscilla Stoltzfus Kauffman by Sandra R. Kauffman

This genealogy traces the ancestors and descendants of Amos S. Kauffman (1901-1992) married to Priscilla E. Stoltzfus (1905-1946) who were members of the Old Order Amish and lived near Ronks, Pa. Their children married Beiler, Buch, Overly, Stoltzfus, and Wilkenson. Also contains excerpts from a diary that Amos’s daughter, Mattie, kept.

(416pp. illus. Author, 1992. $40.00. Add an extra $2.00 to postage bill).

1212. Descendants and Ancestors of Johann Martin Borntraeger of Treysa, Province of Hesse, Germany; Althornbach, the Palatinate, Meyersdale and Johnstown, Pennsylvania

The early Bontrager families descended from 1767 Immigrant (Johann) Martin Borntraeger have been added here by Dan A. Hochstetler. Frequent names of descendants include Bontrager, Christner, Eash, Hostetler, Mast, Miller, Schmucker, Schrock, Yoder.

(291+pp. index. hardcover. 1993 repr. of 1923 ed. $22.50)

2538. The Descendants and Family History of Samuel and Lydia Gehman by Isaac W. Gehman

The author traces the Gehman family from its origin in Oberthal, Switzerland, to America in 1754 to Adamstown, Pa., quickly through three generations to Samuel (1871-1949) and Lydia and their descendants. With the history of Samuel and Lydia and accompanying photos, the story of the family grows for four more generations. Some frequent names in the index include Gehman, Hoover, Horning, Horst, Newswanger, Nolt, Sensenig, Weaver, and more.

(190pp. illus. index. Author, 2001. $10.00)

92. Descendants and History of Christian Fisher (1757-1838) edited by Katie Beiler

This third edition of the “Fisher Genealogy,” first published in 1957, and revised in 1972, has been updated to include all descendants up to 1987. There are 10,980 families listed and indexed.

(568pp. hardcover. Eby’s Quality Print, 1988. $32.00. Add an extra $2.00 to postage bill.)

2336. Descendants and History of Georg Petersheim Family compiled by Petersheim Descendants

Georg Petersheim came to America in 1810 and lived in Lancaster Co., Pa. Contains early European information as well as maps and copies of documents. Appendix has information on Miller, Stoltzfus, Good, Schwartzendruber, Ebersol, Roth families, etc. Index has surnames such as Esh, Fisher, Gascho, Gingerich, Kauffman, Miller, Petersheim, Smucker, Zook, etc.

(528+pp. illus. index. hardcover. Pequea Publishers, 1979. $11.75).

1213. The Descendants of Abiah and Lydia (Zook) Byler

Abiah Byler (1859-1928) married Lydia Zook and lived in Belleville, Pa. This book is a genealogy of their descendants, many of whom are from the following families: Byler, Peachey, Swartz, Yoder, and Zook. Ancestral charts for Abiah and Lydia are also included, as well as photos and biographical sketches.

(51+pp. index. illus. n.p., 1993. $11.50)

1326. Descendants of Amos Lapp and Mattie (Smucker) Lapp, 1857-1993 by Bennie C. Yoder and Susan A. Kinsinger

This family history covers the descendants of Old Order Amish Deacon Amos Lapp (1857-1932) married to Mattie Smucker (1860-1934). Their five children married into the following families: King, Lapp, Miller, and Stoltzfus.

(274pp. index. hardcover. Authors, 1993. $9.95)

359. Descendants of Amos M. and Bertha F. Nolt Redcay by Ruth M. Redcay

Amos Redcay (1880-1949) was a Mennonite farmer who lived near New Holland, Pa. This indexed genealogy contains information on dates, address, occupation, and church affiliation for each of Amos Redcay’s descendants.

(35pp. illus. Author, 1987. $5.00)

93. Descendants of Barbara Hochstedler and Christian Stutzman by Rev. Harvey Hostetler

Over 15,000 family units appear in this encyclopedia of Mennonite and Amish families, all descendants of Christian and Barbara (Hochstedler) Stutzman, first printed in 1938. Names, dates, residences, church affiliation, occupation, and children’s names and dates for most family units. The three indexes are useful, one an index of families by post offices.

(1,391pp. hardcover. Gospel Book Store, 1998 reprint. $40.50. Please add an extra $3.00 to postage bill.)

1542. Descendants of Bishop Jacob Eash, Born in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, A.D. 1774 by Levi Eash

Jacob Eash’s father, also the same name, arrived in Pa. in 1751 and located in Berks Co., Pa., and later moved to Dauphin Co., Pa. Jacob Eash was the first ordained Amish bishop in Somerset Co., Pa. He was m. to 1) Susanna Miller (d. 1842) and 2) Barbara (Miller) Schrock. Surnames: Ashe, Beachey, Blough, Bontrager, Foust, Goughnour, Helsel, Hershberger, Hostetler, Kauffman, Kropf, Lehman, Marner, Miller, Petersheim, Schrock, Stutzman, Troyer, Weaver, and Yoder.

(670pp. hardcover. Selby Pub., 1995 reprint of 1934 edition. $42.00)

2770. Descendants of Caspar and Rebecca (Barger) Strahl of Berks County, Pennsylvania by George W. Andrews

Subtitled “With Observations on Other Ancestral Quaker Families,” this genealogical collection concentrates on the Strahl family—Immigrant Caspar Strahl came to America in 1750 from Germany. Caspar married Rebecca Barger and their nine children were born in either Alsace Twp. or Robeson Twp., Berks Co. They were members of the Robeson Monthly Meeting (Quakers). Their children married into the following families: Barger, Burr, Lee, Tompkins, Williams, and Yocum.

(82pp. 2000. $8.00)

978. The Descendants of Christian J. and Magdalena (Hershberger) Hostetler by Larry L. Hostetler

Early Hochstetler history and family stories (230 pages) precede the main genealogical section of this encyclopedia of Hostetlers covering the descendants of C. J. Hostetler (1830-1925) and Magdalena (Hershberger) Hostetler (1835-1925) buried at Shelbyville, Ill. The most frequent surnames include: Baer, Baker, Birky, Blosser, Brown, Christner, Eash, Eigsti, Gingerich, Headings, Hostetler, Kenagy, Kropf, Lantz, Martin, Miller, Ropp, Schrock, Smucker, Swartzentruber, Troyer, Ulrich, Unzicker, Werner, Yoder, and Zook.

(640pp. index. hardcover. Author, 1992. $28.00. Add an extra $2.00 to postage bill.)

361. Descendants of Christian M. Sauder and Direct Ancestors, 1766-1988 compiled by Samuel and Laura Weaver

An interesting genealogy that in addition to Christian’s family gives the descendants of Barbara Good Sauder, Magdalena Martin Sauder, and Lizzie B. Weaver Sauder. It also contains a brief history of the Sauder family as well as information on Casper Sauder (1766-1816). Christian M. Sauder is buried in Lancaster Co., Pa. Frequent names: Burkholder, Hoover, Martin, Nolt, Weaver, and Zimmerman.

(128pp. Author, 1988. $6.50)

2551. Descendants of Christian Shirk: Tanner and Preacher of Shirktown by Sarah Elizabeth Shirk

Christian Shirk (1796-1870) married in 1827 to Elizabeth Hoffman (1805-1862) and lived in Lancaster Co., Pa. He was ordained a minister at Churchtown Mennonite in 1837. They had ten children. Frequent names in the index include Bauman, Baxter, Bechtel, Beiler, Bewley, Bingeman, Binkley, Bowman, Brubacher, Burkholder, Clemmer, Cressman, Diem, Eberly, Good, Haines, Hoover, Hornberger, Horst, Hunsberger, Kraft, Martin, Mast, Messner, Nolt, Oberholtzer, Reiff, Ringler, Sensenig, Shantz, Sherk/Shirk, Stoltzfus, Sweigart, Weaver, Wise, Witmer, and Zimmerman.

(539pp. index. hardcover. 2001. $30.00)

2337. The Descendants of Daniel Lehman by Daniel R. Lehman

A family history of Daniel Lehman (1776-1847), a native of Mt. Joy Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., who settled in Greene Twp., Franklin Co., Pa., in 1796, was ordained a minister at the Chambersburg Mennonite Church in 1832, and is buried in the Lehman Family Cemetery on his farm. Frequent surnames: Burkholder, Ebersole, Horst, Lehman, Martin, Shetter, Wadel, etc.

(429pp. index. illus. hardcover. Author, 1983. $19.95)

1491. Descendants of David J. and Magdalena Hochstetler by Daniel E. Hochstetler

This third and updated edition of over 2,000 families descended from David J. and Magdalena Hochstetler contains family history, maps, photos, cemetery listings, and family data. Both David and Magdalena descend from the 1738 Immigrant Jacob Hochstetler had 10 children and 70 grandchildren.

(512pp. index. hardcover. Author, 1995. $19.50)

731. Descendants of David Renno Smoker and Lydia Stoltzfus Smoker, Lancaster County, Penn-sylvania edited by Jane L. S. Davidson

Some European history on the Schmucker family appears in this genealogy, but most of the book traces the family of David Renno Smoker who was a gt-gt-grandson of Immigrant Christian Schmucker. A biography of Immigrant Christian, John Schmucker, Daniel Smucker, Joshua Smucker, and David Renno Smoker are unique with personal signatures.

(57pp. index. Author, 1978. $6.00)

492. Descendants of Eli and Nathan Chupp by Mrs. E. Hochstetler and Mrs. Dan Chupp

Twenty-one pages of updated information are included in this reprint of the Chupp family. Eli and Nathan Chupp were the sons of Frederick Chupp who immigrated with his parents from Germany in 1809 at age twelve. They settled in Allegheny Co., Pa.

(131pp. ca1950, reprinted 1989. $13.50)

2529. Descendants of Emanuel J. Schrock and Catherine J. Troyer, 1864-2000 by Paul A. Keim

Emanuel (1868-1947) was a well-known Amish bishop in Holmes Co., Ohio, where most of his descendants reside today. A large fold-out genealogy chart, a birthday calendar of everyone in the book, history, and stories are included. Frequent surnames: Beachy, Hershberger, Keim, Miller, Schrock, Troyer, and Yoder.

(264pp. hardcover. index. Author, 2001. $25.00)

1742. Descendants of Francis B. and Magdalena Musser Weaver, 1835-1996 by Lester M. Hoover

Francis and Magdalena Weaver had six children. This book includes all their descendants with a brief history of each generation since 1640. Also contains biographical sketches, family reunion pictures, and notes of the Weaver family. Names include Boll, Bowman, Gingrich, Good, Heller, Horst, Landis, Leaman, Martin, Newswanger, Shirk, Stauffer, etc.

(160pp. illus. index. Author, 1996. $11.95)

2592. Descendants of Frank W. Hurst, 1863-2000 compiled by several of Frank W. Hurst’s descen-dants and their spouses

Contains a brief history of the ancestors of Frank Hurst, starting with Joseph Hurst (b. ca1710) of Mauer, Germany, through five generations. Frank W. Hurst (1863-1940) married three times and had eight children. He was an ordained minister in the Weaverland Conference of the Mennonite Church in Lancaster Co., Pa. His descendants have shared their memories of him in this book. The genealogy section contains frequent surnames such as Burkholder, Hoover, Horning, Horst, Hurst, Martin, Nolt, Sensenig, Weaver, and Zimmerman.

(266pp. illus. index. hardcover. Carl L. Martin, 2002. $12.75)

2586. The Descendants of Hans Lauer/Lower by Jack Akerboom

After more than fifteen years of research, this family can now trace their origins back to about 1600 in Germany. The immigrants arrived in 1737. Most descendants are covered up to today. Major surnames in the every-name index: Batdorf, Butdorf, Dieffenbach, Fisher, Holstein, Iricck, Kaser, Knoop, Lauer, Lower, Miller, Smith, Snyder, Spangler, and others.

(808pp. index. hardcover. Author, 2002. $35.00. Add an additional $2.00 to postage bill.)

1176. The Descendants of Henry E. and Sarah Ann Rhoads by Melvin H. Rhoads, Paul L. Rhoads, and Elizabeth L. Yarnall

This genealogy begins with Immigrants George and Anna Maria Roth and gives the Roth/Rhoads chronology beginning in 1740. The index includes surnames: Brown, Freese, Herb, Hoffman, Levengood, Mauger, McCann, Miller, Rhoads/Roth, Sassman, and Specht.

(105+pp. illus. hardcover. index. 1993. $30.00)

1543. The Descendants of Henry Gibbel compiled by Ira W. Gibbel

Henry Gibbel was born in 1717 in Germany and died in 1789 in Lancaster Co., Pa. Henry and his wife Christina had five sons: Christopher, Jacob, John, Abraham, and Henry. Their descendants married into families such as Behm, Bender, Bollinger, Connelly, Eby, Haller, Hossler, Huhn, Hummer, Kiefer, Kinsey, Longenecker, Royer, Schank, Smith, Stoneroad, Stroh, Teller, Wenger, Widder, Wolf, etc.

(598pp. index. hardcover. 1995. $38.00. Add an extra $2.00 to postage bill.)

362. The Descendants of Jacob and Susan Ulrich, 1817-1986 by Lloyd G. Ulrich

Jacob and Susan emigrated from Switzerland to Elizabeth Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. This book contains information on the descendants of all nine children to the present with their birth and death dates and, whenever possible, the place of burial. Surnames: Becker, Bender, Clay, Dissinger, Ditzler, Engle, Hollinger, Kauffman, Landis, Ober, Roth, Ruhl, Shearer, Shenk, Snyder, Steffy, Stoner, Wagner, and Zimmerman.

(334pp. index. illus. hardcover. Author, 1986. $8.50)

493. Descendants of Jacob D. Mast From Years 1832-1952 by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Otto

A record of 317 families descending from Jacob D. Mast of Mt. Hope, Ohio, this book with a complete index covers a period of 200 years. Jacob D. Mast (1832-1875) is the great-grandson of Jacob Maust, 1737 Swiss immigrant who settled in Berks Co., Pa.

(79pp. Selby, 1952, reprinted 1989. $9.00)

95. Descendants of Jacob Good by Rufus Good

Traces 1732 Immigrant Jacob Good’s descendants through his two sons: Peter who lived in Cumberland Co., Pa., and Jacob who lived in the Shenandoah Valley, Va. Jacob, at the age of twenty, first settled near Weaverland, Pa., and later moved to Bowmansville, Pa. This is an update of A Lineage of Jacob Good and His Brother Christian Good.

(314pp. Author, 1987. $10.00)

96. Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler, the Immigrant of 1736 by Rev. Harvey Hostetler

Over 9,000 family units are listed in this volume of Immigrant Jacob Hochstetler’s descendants, concentrating on sons John, Joseph, and Christian. Names, dates, residences, church affiliations, occupations, and children’s names and dates are given for most family units. First published in 1911.

(1,191pp. hardcover. Gospel Book Store, 1988. $33.75. Please add an extra $2.00 to postage.)

656. The Descendants of Jacob Hostetter of Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Volume I: David K. Hostetter by Morris D. Hostetter

The Descendants of Jacob Hostetter concerns a previously unresearched branch of the Hostetter family which established itself in Franklin Co., Pa., between 1790 and 1795. This first volume covers the descendants of Jacob Hostetter’s grandson, David K. Hostetter; includes four generations of his Hostetter ancestry back to Oswald Hostetter, the immigrant of 1732. The appendices give David K. Hostetter’s Fike, Stauffer, Kreider, and Brechbill ancestry.

(335pp. index. hardcover. Author, 1989. $30.00)

572. Descendants of Jacob J. Yoder by Mrs. Dan A. Hostetler

A reprint of the Jacob J. Yoder and Rebecca Blank Kauffman Yoder family history which traces the family from Somerset Co., Pa., to Holmes Co., Ohio, in 1826, and then to Johnson Co., Iowa, in 1854.

(105pp. Author, 1951, reprinted 1989. $11.00)

1381. Descendants of Jacob Markley of Skippack, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Jacob Markley married 1) Barbara Dodderer and m. 2) Barbara Kausch. He had 13 children and died in 1784. Jacob’s descendants include persons named Benner, Boyer, Hunsicker, Markley, Nyce, Schwenk, Zieber, and others. Originally published by the Markley Freundschaft in 1884, now edited and indexed.

(47pp. index. Adams Apple Press, 1991. $6.50)

850. Descendants of Jacob Swartzentruber by Alvin L. and Edna (Miller) Maust

Jacob Swartzentruber was born in 1833 in Waldeck, Germany, and was buried near Grantsville, Md., in 1881. A reproduction of his will appears in the first part of the book along with family stories of grandparents, farming, reunions, circle letters, etc. The second section is a record of Jacob’s descendants with frequent surnames such as Beachy, Eash, Kauffman, Maust, Miller, Swartzentruber, and Yoder.

(175pp. index. Authors, 1990. $5.00)

2566. The Descendants of James Carrell and Sarah Dungan: 1690-1928 by Ezra Patterson Carrell

James Carrell emigrated to America ca1690-95 from Ireland. This book contains a brief synopsis of Carrell’s possible ancestors along with a telling of their early days in Richboro, Pa. Among the numerous descendants are: Brown, Cornell, Foulke, Gamble, Hough, Johnson, McCarty, Williams, as well as the many Carrells.

(708pp. index. hardcover. illus. originally printed in 1928. $75.00. Add an additional $3.00 to postage bill.)

2567. Descendants of James Carrell and Sarah Dungan His Wife: Volume II

A continuation of the first volume (#2566), here you will find additions and new information for Generations Three through Thirteen. Also contains the Carrell coat of arms with an explanation, as well as photos of the Carrell family homestead in Bucks Co., Pa. Frequent names of descendants include AcMoody, Barnes, Brenchley, Brown, Cornell, Culbert, Day, Gilbert, Hart, Higley, Johnson, Krier, Moyer, Smith, Thompson, Williams, etc.

(1,223pp. index. illus. hardcover. The Carrell Family Assn., 2001. $75.00. Add an additional $3.00 to postage bill.)

2338. The Descendants of Joh Matthias and Susanna Barbara (Lauer) Theiss, Deiss, Tice, Dice by Jack Akerboom

Traces the family origins of the Theiss/Deiss/Tice/Dice family back to 1600 in Germany, their immigration to America in 1730, and the descendants of eight children to the present day. The two-volume set contains over 50,000 names—all fully indexed. Surnames: Allen, Baeshore, Behney, Bennett, Bland, Bodkin, Bowers, Cap-linger, Colaw, Dahmer, Dice, Dolly, Gerberich, Good, Hammer, Harman, Harper, Hedrick, Homa, Judy, Kile, Kilmer, Kimble, Kisamore, Lambert, Line, Lough, Mallowo, Miller, Nelson, Roberson, Ruddle, Sholly, Shuey, Sites, Smith, Thompson, Tice, Wagoner, Walmer, Warner.

(1,648pp. 2 vols. hardcover. index. illus. Author, 2000. $70.00 plus $5.00 extra shipping)

1263. Descendants of Johannes and Catharine Thomas of Frederick County, Maryland by George. Andrews

This family history touches a number of families, including: Aasen, Arnold, Beard, Betts, Cole, Funk, Johnson, McKee, Meyer, Newcomer, Reese, Slee, Swihart, Tombaugh, Toms/Thomas, Thompson, and Wertenberger. Other families: Baker, Bosserman, Clinger, Driver, Eier, Fawcett, Leib, and Snyder.

(42pp. Author, 1994. $9.00)

2114. Trautman Troutman Family, 1598-1998 by Eric H. Troutman

This encyclopedic history of the Trautman/Troutman family begins with Michael Trautmann, son of Sebastian and Catherina Trautmann about 1598. The Trautmanns lived at Schriesheim, near Heidelberg, Germany. About 150 years later, two of Sebastian’s gt-grandsons, Hieronimus and Johannes Trautmann, came to America. This book is their story. Surnames: Anspach, Becker, Beidler, Blatt, Boyer, Dundore, Filbert, Forry, Foster, Gassert, Gerhard, Groff, Killmer, Kintzer, Knoll, Kurr, Leiss, Manbeck, Oxenreider, Reedy, Schoener, Snyder, Spannuth, Stober, Strauss, Wagner, Wertman, Wilhelm, Winter, and Zeller.

(885pp. illus. index. Author, 1998. $50.00. Add an extra $3.00 to postage bill.)

1655. Descendants of John and Anna Myers Brubaker, 1750-1995 by Marwin E. Brubaker and Margaret Brubaker Eller

A cross-referenced, indexed genealogy of the family of John Brubaker (ca1750-ca1825) and his wife Anna Myers. Their first six children were born in Lancaster Co., Pa., while the last two were born in Franklin Co., Va. Information on Brubakers in Europe and their immigration to America. Frequent surnames include Bowman, Brubaker, Johnson, King, Moore, Smith, Stern, Wolf(e), etc.

(808+pp. index. hardcover. Author, 1996. $39.95. Add an extra $3.00 to postage bill.)

2047. Descendants of John and Susanna (Ulrich) Deeter by Gayle Edwin Spitler Honeyman and Linda Kay Stephens McDaniel

This biographical and genealogical account of the family of John and Susanna (Ulrich) Deeter, Brethren pioneers of Morrison’s Cove, Bedford Co., Pa., had children who migrated to the Miami Valley of Ohio. Children were Susannah Rench, Elizabeth Kensinger, John, Daniel, Abraham, Barbara Teeter, Hannah Burns, Catharine, and Samuel. This book covers nine generations including the female lines of descent.

(782pp. hardcover. index. Author, 1998. $50.00. Add an extra $3.00 to postage bill.)

581. The Descendants of John Eby Hershey and Anna Mellinger Hershey edited by Noah L. Hershey

This family history also features the Hershey origins in Europe, their settling in America, a variety of family memories, maps, and thirty-six photos. Part Two lists the descendants of John Eby (1830-1906) and Anna (Mellinger) Hershey who lived in Paradise Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa.

(133pp. hardcover. Author, 1989. $30.00)

1814. Descendants of John Hawkshaw of Louisburgh, County Mayo, Ireland, Through His Second Son, James Hawkshaw (1795-1848) by Evelyn Hawkshaw Rogers

The only known definitive book on the Hawkshaw family that began in mid-seventeenth century Ireland. Also identifies resources in Ireland to aid family historians in tracing their ancestors.

(145pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 1996. $36.00)

979. Descendants of Jonas Maust by Evan and Ada Maust

Jonas Maust, a descendant of Jacob Mast, was born in 1830 in Keim, Pa., and died in 1916 at Salisbury, Pa. He married Barbara Miller. Frequent names include Beitzel, Bender, Gnagey, Maust, Miller, and Yoder.

(198pp. index. hardcover. Authors, 1992. $12.00)

2078. Descendants of Joseph Shirk—Inventor- Surveyor (1820-1902)—and Esther Horning compiled by Sarah Elizabeth Shirk

Updates the information provided in The Family Record of Joseph Shirk and his wife Esther Horning Shirk, compiled by Noah M. Shirk in 1966. There are approximately 9,400 descendants of Joseph and Esther, including eight generations. This book has been assembled by generation, with the index in alphabetical order by the last name of each descendant was given at birth and includes surnames such as Brubacher, Buckwalter, Burkholder, Eberly, Eby, Fox, Good, High, Hoover, Horning, Horst, Leid, Leinbach, Martin, Newswanger, Nolt, Oberholtzer, Ramer, Reiff, Rissler, Sauder, Sensenig, Shirk, Snyder, Stauffer, Weaver, etc.

(708pp. hardcover. index. Author, 1998. $18.00 plus $1.00 extra shipping)

1214. Descendants of Moses E. Yoder by Ruth S. Yoder

Moses E. Yoder was born in 1846 in Juniata Co., Pa. In 1880 he and his family moved to Nebraska. In 1904, he returned to Pa., this time locating in Mifflin Co. Five of Moses Yoder’s eight children were members of the Nebraska Amish Church.

(111pp. index. Author, 1993. $8.50)

1327. The Descendants of Peter and Sophia (Lauer) Ruth by Jack Akerboom and Anna Ruth Salzman

This encyclopedia of family history on the Ruth family is a collection of thousands of names representing years of research. Early history of both the Ruth and Lauer/Lower family is traced to Germany. The Peter Ruth/Roodt family arrived in Pa. in 1733. In 1761, Peter Ruth of Cumru Twp., Berks Co., Pa., was naturalized declaring he had observed communion at Hain’s Church in Berks Co., Pa. Children married: Epler, Hain, Krick, Moser, and Schell.

(1,004pp. hardcover. Akerboom, 1994. $35.00. Add an extra $3.00 to postage bill.)

99. Descendants of Peter M. Newswanger and Lydia Burkhart by Donald Newswanger

Maps, charts, and photos document this family history of Peter and Lydia (Burkhart) Newswanger’s descendants. Peter (1866-1900) is the son of Peter Newswanger (1829-1899), descendant of Immigrant Emanuel Newswanger who settled in Lancaster Co., Pa., in the 1750s. Early history of the Newswanger family dates back to Switzerland in 1357.

(42pp. Author, 1986. $5.00)

2195. The Descendants of Philip Steele (1758-1827) and His Wife Susannah Ochs (1767-1854) compiled by Patricia K. Johnson

Beginning with highlights about immigrant George Steele, this book records the descendants of Philip Steele (b. ca1758 in Somerset Co., Pa.) through the ninth generation. Frequent surnames include Brown, Clark, Dreibelbis, Hostetler, Keim, Reinhardt, Stewart, etc.

(290pp. index. hardcover. Author, 1998. $36.00)

1815. Descendants of Samuel G. Sauder and Elizabeth Eaby compiled by Mabel Sauder Weaver and R. Clair Weaver

Samuel Sauder (1842-1925) married Elizabeth Eaby, had six children, and lived in Lancaster Co., Pa. Their descendants have surnames such as Martin, Sauder, Sensenig, etc. A brief history of the Casper Sauder family in Lancaster Co., Pa., is included here.

(62pp. illus. Authors, 1982. $6.75)

1410. The Descendants of Samuel L. and Catherine (Yoder) Plank by J. Donald Plank

Samuel L. Plank (1821-1900), a great-grandson of Immigrant Melchior Plank, m. Catherine Yoder and lived in Pa. This book covers the first three generations and then includes all known descendants of Samuel and Catherine (Yoder) Plank. Surnames are Amberg, Esh, Garrett, Hartzler, Hendricks, Lehman, Payne, Peachey, Plank, Yoder, and Zook.

(154pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 1994. $18.50)

2233. Descendants of Samuel S. Eash and Susan J. Miller compiled by Ora E. Eash

This book contains the genealogical records of the family of Samuel S. Eash (1864-1945) and Susan J. Miller (1863-1949). A pedigree chart of Samuel’s ancestors is also included going back to the mid-1700s. Surnames in the index include Beachy, Bontrager, Borkholder, Christner, Fry/Frye, Helmuth, Kauffman, Mast, Otto, Schlabach, Schmucker, Troyer, Whetstone, Yoder, and others.

(76pp. index. Author, 1994. $11.95)

2417. The Descendants of Solomon J. and Sarah “Sadie” Mast Kauffman by Elmo Kauffman

The Kauffman genealogy begins in Canton Bern, Switzerland, with an Amish preacher, Isaac Kauffman (b. 1653), who landed in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1737 and settled in the new Amish settlement in Bern Township, Berks Co. Bishop Jacob Mast, who was the great-grandfather of Sadie Mast, settled in the same Amish settlement as the Kauffmans. Solomon Kauffman and Sadie Mast were married in 1891 and lived the rest of their lives near Benton, Ohio.

(53pp. illus. index. Carlisle Printing, 1999. $8.50)

805. Descendants of Valentin and Christina Becker of Warwick Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by George W. Andrews

Valentin and Christina (Hess) Becker emigrated from Germany to Pa. in 1729 on the same ship that Alexander Mack, Sr., brought his congregation of Dunkers to America. This book traces male Becker/Baker lines and lists children of the females.

(59pp. Author, 1991. $8.50)

2552. Dewalt Novinger’s Legacy: The Novinger Family in the United States From 1737 To 2001 by James G. Novinger

More than 7,500 names and dates of Novingers along with their spouses and children were compiled over the past twenty-four years. Descendants covered in this book are of Dewalt (1737-1826) and Mary (Woodside) Novinger of now Dauphin Co., Pa. Frequent surnames in the index include Anderson, Arbuthnot, Babb, Baer, Barron, Becker, Beil, Bordner, Bowman, Boyer, Brown, Cain, Carnagey, Clark, Cook, Daniels, Davis, Feidt, Forney, Funk, Good, Green, Hills, Hoffman, Holzman, Hoy, Johnson, Jones, Keefer, Koppenheffer, Lebo, McCracken, Miller, Myers, Niece, Novinger, Romberger, Smith, ...

(462pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 2001. $35.00)

2369. Douts Family History of Mt. Nebo, Penn-sylvania: 1700-2000 by Rebecca W. Miller

Henry Douts (1857-1915) married Annie Hackman and they raised eleven children in Mt. Nebo, Lancaster Co., Pa. Frequent names in the index include Douts, Hedricks, Miller, Railing, Trimble, Winters, etc.

(184pp. illus. hardcover. index. Author, 2000. $40.00)

1746. An Ebersole Story: The Ancestry and Descendants of Abraham D. Ebersole (1822-1892) and Anna Rutt (1827-1904) by Robert S. Kreider, David J. Rempel Smucker, and Roy H. Umble

Abraham and Anna Ebersole had nine children and lived in Lancaster Co., Pa., and Whiteside Co., Ill. Abraham was ordained to the ministry for Science Ridge Mennonite Church, Sterling, Ill. Contains obituaries; Ebersole reunion statistics; Aebersolds of Emmental, Switz., and the family’s immigration to Pa.

(114pp. spiral. illus. Ebersole Family Assoc., 1996. $20.00)

1956. Echoes From the Weaverland Valley: Ancestry and Descendants of Benjamin B. Weaver by Lamar W. Leinbach and Lydia H. Leinbach

Chapter one of this book gives a brief account of the origins of the Weaver/Weber family, while chapter two covers the history of the John B. Weaver (1887-1967) family. John was the son of Benjamin B. and Mary Ann (Lichty) Weaver. He married Lydia High and raised eight children in Earl Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. Descendants married into the following families: Burkholder, Herr, Hoover, Hurst, Leinbach, Martin, Rutt, Sensenig, Shirk, and Weaver.

(117pp. illus. index. Authors, 1997. $16.00)

2445. Echternach Family History Report: Our German Ancestors and American Descendants compiled by Samuel E. Wenger

Features fourteen generations of Echternachs who settled in Lancaster Co., Pa., during the late 18th and early 19th centuries and also includes information about their European ancestors and other related material. Names like Echternach, Espenschied, Kern, Schaubach, Wirth, and others appear in German villages such as Siefersheim, Wonsheim, and Gumbsheim, and ironically several of the family names appear once again on American soil in Strasburg, Lancaster Co., records where they were reported as German immigrants during the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

(412pp. illus. index. spiral. Author, 2001. $35.00)

2268. Elam W. Sensenig Family History 1901-1999 compiled by D. M. Sensenig

Four generations of the descendants of Elam (Weaver) Sensenig, 1901-1971, and Lizzie (Eberly) Zimmerman, 1898-1972, are compiled here with brief descriptions of the Sensenig and Zimmerman ancestries. Frequent surnames in the index include Burkholder, Hoover, Leinbach, Martin, Newswanger, Nolt, Shirk, and Weaver.

(118pp. index. Author, 1999. $14.00)

2475. Eld. Jeremiah H. Garst and His Descendants by Floyd R. and Kathryn G. Mason

Prepared for the July 2000 reunion and celebration of the 1750 immigration of Dewald Gerst, Sr. Jeremiah Henry Garst (1845-1897) m. 1) Nancy Grisso and m. 2) Lucy Davis. They had six children and lived in Roanoke Co., Va. Index includes names such as Beard, Garst, Kinzie, Murray, Showalter, Snuffer, Thompson, ...

(27pp. hardcover. illus. index. Authors, 2000. $25.00)

2476. Eld. Samuel Garber and Elizabeth Miller of Augusta Co., Virginia by Floyd R. and Kathryn G. Mason

Samuel Garber (ca1756-1817) m. Elizabeth Miller and had 14 children. Samuel was born in York Co., Pa., but later lived in Va. Descendants have such names as Bacon, Bowman, Brubaker, Coffman, Garber, Lair, Sherfy, Smith, etc.

(162pp. index. illus. hardcover. Authors, 2000. $41.75)

100. The Emile & Susanna (Ebersol) Arthaud Family (1765-1987) by Dr. John Bradley Arthaud

Emile (1806-1887) and Susanna Arthaud, both born in France, first lived in Ontario, Canada, before moving to Indiana and then later to Iowa. Researchers interested in the Ebersol, Neuhauser, Blank/Plank, Lebold, and Schwartzentruber families will find some new European data. Susanna was the daughter of Christian and Susanna (Neuhauser) Ebersol who were married in 1812 in Imling, France. Early French records are mentioned throughout the appendices.

(104pp. index. Author, 1987. $25.00)

2372. Eschbach-Eshbach-Eschbaugh-Aeschbacher by Edwin Eshbach

Christian Eschbach (1737-1809) is the progenitor of the Berks-Montgomery Co., Pa., Eschbach/Eshbach family. He settled in what is now Barto, Pa. His father was 1737 Immigrant Peter Eschbacher/Aeschbacher. Christian’s brother Johann is thought to be the ancestor of the Lancaster Co. Eschbach/Eshbach family. The early Eschbachs were Mennonite. This book also includes research relating to the Northumberland, Lehigh, and Blair Cos. families, as well as the Ashbaugh family. Index includes names such as Aeschbacher, Ashbaugh, Brenner, Eschbach and variants, Foust, Geissbuhler, Hallman, Kegrise, Koch, Kolb/Kulp, Longacre, Miller, Moyer, O’Neil, Rauch, Stahl, and Yoder.

(268pp. index. illus. Author, 2000. $18.00)

1493. The F. Christian and Anna Eleanora (Zafft) Ortmann Family History, 1800-1902 by Marnette D. (Ortman) Hofer

Four Ortmann brothers who settled in Poland came with other Swiss Volhynian Mennonites migrating out of Russia in 1874 to settle in South Dakota. Family histories are included with photos of intermarriages (among others) with the following South Dakota and Kansas families: Schrag, Graber, Mueller, Goering, Preheim, Senner, Kaufman, and Stucky.

(466pp. illus. index. hardcover. Pine Hill, 1993. $50.00 plus an extra $1.00 for shipping)

2080. Family History and Genealogy of Pioneer Jacob (1698-1771) Beiler-Boiler-Byler by Allen R. Beiler

Three hundred years of Beiler/Boiler/Byler history and genealogy abound in this encyclopedic collection of over 13,000 names compiled over a period of nine years. Immigrants Jacob and Veronica Beiler and their five children arrived in Pa. in 1737. Their five children and Jacob’s other children to his second marriage, Elizabeth Kallen, m.: Esterloe, Fisher, Kauffman, Kisch, and Yoder.

(680pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 1998. $39.95. Add an extra $2.00 to postage bill.)

733. Family History of Christian Burkholder, 1746-1990 by Paul Z. Burkholder

Christian Burkholder (1746-1809) married Anna Groff, granddaughter of Pioneer Hans Groff, and lived near Farmersville, Lancaster Co., Pa. Christian came to America in 1754 and later was ordained minister. Frequent surnames: Hoover, Horst, Martin, Nolt, Reiff, Sensenig, Shirk, Weaver, Wenger, and Zimmerman.

(537pp. hardcover. index. Compiler, 1990. $15.95)

494. Family History of Christian Schmucker and Catherine Christner by Mrs. George Hoover

This reprint covers the descendants of Christian Schmucker, born in 1856 in Howard Co., Ind. Christian was the grandson of John and Mary (Klopfenstine) Schmucker, 1823 immigrant.

(40pp. 1957, reprinted 1989. $7.50)

1443. Family History of Daniel E. and Fannie (Borntrager) Nissley Descendants by Verna Yoder

Daniel (1871-1938) married Fannie Borntrager and had seven children. In addition to this family’s genealogy, the book also includes excerpts from the Sugarcreek Budget regarding Haven and Hutchinson, Kansas, as well as obituaries. Frequent surnames of descendants are Bontrager, Mast, Nissley, and Yoder.

(128pp. index. Author, 1993. $10.00)

1020. Family History of Joni Miller and His Descendants by Emanuel J. Miller

The genealogy of Joni J. (1824-1913) and Susanna (Hostetler) Miller’s fourteen children was published in 1942. Now it has been reprinted with ten pages of additional history of the Millers from Switzerland that has not previously been printed. The early history begins with 1742 Immigrant Christian Miller. The index includes frequent names such as Bontrager, Chupp, Lambright, Miller, Schrock, and Yoder.

(123pp. index. Dan A. Hochstetler, 1992. $8.50)

1820. Family History of Nathaniel Z. Martin, 1841-1992 by Richard B. Martin and Elva Hunt Martin

Nathaniel Martin (1841-1923) married Maria M. Sauder and had seven children who lived in Lancaster Co., Pa. Their descendants have names such as Burkholder, Hoover, Martin, Sauder, Shirk, and Weaver. A brief history of the early Martin family in Lancaster Co. plus the wills of Abraham Martin (1765-1847) and Henry S. Martin (1807-1875) are included here.

(288pp. index. illus. Elva Martin, 1993. $20.00)

2375. Family History of Noah B. Weaver and Wives by Paul M. Weaver

Noah Weaver (1894-1984) m. 1) Lena S. Martin and m. 2) Annie W. Sauder. They had eleven children and lived in Lancaster Co., Pa. Book lists their descendants and includes brief ancestry of their Sauder, Sensenig, Martin, Weaver, and Burkholder lines.

(46pp. illus. Author, 2000. $11.00)

101. Family History of Noah P. Miller and Mary M. Swartzentruber by Jacob M. Miller

A family history of Noah P. Miller (1858-1918) and Mary Swartzentruber’s descendants, this book includes names (all indexed), dates, residences, church affiliations, etc. Noah P. Miller is a descendant of Peter Miller (1756-1818) and Mary Stutzman.

(243pp. hardcover. Author, 1987. $10.75)

2081. The Family of Elam Esch Mast and Rebecca Maude Kurtz by Dot Moss

Elam Mast (1891-1973) and Rebecca Kurtz (1891-1969) lived their lives near Morgantown, Pa., where they had ten children, who married into the following families: Bollinger, Brown, Jones, Lausch, Martin, Mast, Redcay, Stoltzfus, Weaver.

(66pp. illus. Author, 1998. $12.50)

1821. Family of Harry E. Sauder, 1870-1969 by R. Clair Weaver

This is the record of the descendants of Harry E. Sauder and Mary Catherine Erb who were married in 1895. They had 14 children and lived in Lancaster Co., Pa. Also includes lines back to Casper Sauder and Nicholas Erb.

(23pp. Author, 1970. $2.00)

1613. The Family of John Ecker and Elizabeth Engel Ecker by Virginia and Newton Poling

John Ecker, Sr., was born in 1747 in Chester Co., Pa. He and Elizabeth moved ca1800 to Frederick Co., Md. Because of their relationship to the Crumbacher family (Elizabeth’s mother was a Crumbacher), they settled near Windsor and reared a family of seven children there. Frequent surnames in index include Demuth, Ecker, Miller, Naill, Strine, Williar, etc.

(53pp. index. illus. Authors, 1995. $16.75)

1783. The Family of Samuel Gross (1749-1831) of Manchester in York County, Pennsylvania by George Paul Gross

This history of an early farm family starts with the arrival in America of Samuel’s father, Theobald Gross, and is developed through three major branches and one secondary branch, for Samuel’s four sons, and through shorter branches for daughters at every generation level. The index contains over 3,000 entries, including names such as Hake, Hoke, Luckenbaugh, Metzger, Miller, Smith, Smyser, and Wilt.

(134pp. hardcover. illus. index. Author, 1996. $26.00)

1957. Family Record of Abraham J. Speicher and Catherine B. (Yoder) Speicher and Their Descendants, 1882-1996 by Mary E. Laughman

Abraham J. Speicher (1882-1952) was born in Neb., the son of Christian and Barbara (Yoder) Speicher. He had nine children whose descendants have names such as Hostetler, Speicher, Yoder, and Zook.

(71pp. index. illus. Author, 1996. $7.95)

1444. Family Record of Amos Jay Miller and Barbara D. (Bontrager) Miller by Verna Yoder

Amos (1876-1960) and Barbara (1878-1962) had seven children. Surnames of their descendants include Beechy, Lehman, Miller, Nissley, Yoder, etc.

(56pp. index. Author, 1990. $6.00)

102. The Family Record of Daniel J. Schmucker and His Descendants by Owen E. Borkholder

Genealogy covering some 1,000 families, all descendants of Daniel J. Schmucker, the son of Jacob and Magdalena (Yoder) Schmucker, and grandson of John and Mary (Klopfenstein) Schmucker. Includes family history details and stories never before published. Following the detailed European background, the family of Daniel J. Schmucker is given with children marrying the following families: Borkholder/Burkholder, Hersh-berger, Hochstetler, Makemson, Schrock, and Yoder.

(320pp. Author, 1987. $15.50)

898. Family Record of Jacob B. Reist and Mary Peifer Reist of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania compiled by Mrs. Mary R. Rohrer and Mrs. Roy E. Sauder

Jacob Brubacher Reist (1844-1933), a descendant of Peter and Anaclore Boyer Reist, married Mary Peifer in 1865 and raised their family of ten children near Manheim, Pa. The daughters married into these families: Buckwalter, Garber, Landis, Mummau, Hershey, Metzler, Stoner, and Witmer.

(118pp. hardcover. illus. Authors, 1979. $6.00)

1867. Family Record of Jonas S. Beachy and Fannie Miller by Ezra Beachy

Jonas S. (1860-1952) and Fannie (Miller) Beachy were members of the Old Order Amish Church. They lived in Ohio, Texas, Ind., Iowa, Ill., and Mich. Their twelve children and descendants carry surnames such as Beachy, Bontrager, Gingerich, Miller, Yoder,....

(177+pp. illus. Author. $5.00)

2749. Family Record of Joseph and Elizabeth Horning by Lester G. Weber

This is a detailed listing of the descendants of Joseph Gehman Horning (1855-1931) and Elizabeth Good Horning (1852-1937) buried in the Bowmansville Mennonite Cemetery in Lancaster Co., Pa. Their ten children married into the following families: Bowman, Gehman, Good, Musser, Sauder, Shelly, and Weber.

(hardcover. Author, 2003. $20.00)

1086. The Family Record of Joseph Y. Kurtz and Descendants by Julia A. Miller and Tura M. Hostetler

Over 200 families—all descendants of Joseph Y. Kurtz (1860-1931) married to Lizzie S. Yoder (1863-1900)—are listed in this book. Although most of the book is names and dates, a major section titled “Reliving Bygone Happenings” is a wonderful collection of stories written by family members reminiscing of their parents and grandparents. It is stories like these that help make our ancestors “real people.”

(70pp. two indexes. Authors, 1993. $7.50)

367. Family Record of Moses and Lavina Horning by Lester G. Weber

Moses Musser Horning (1830-1906), a descendant of Bentz Horning, married Lavina Musser Gehman and lived at Bowmansville, Pa. Information on their ancestral lines and their descendants is included as well as church denominations for each descendant. Frequent names in the index are Fox, Horst, Martin, Musser, Nolt, Sensenig, and Zimmerman.

(608pp. hardcover. Author, 1988. $18.00)

1180. Family Record of Solomon S. Beachy and Susie J. (Miller) Beachy, 1855-1993 by Norma Beachy

The Beachy ancestry of Solomon S. Beachy is traced back to Immigrant Peter Bitsche followed by stories and memories related to the 352 families descended from Solomon and Susie Beachy.

(203pp. Author, 1993. $13.35)

1702. Family Tree of John Annas Miller: Six Gen-eration Family History by Henry C. Miller

John Annas Miller (b. 1752) was the son of Indian John Miller who was shot through the hand during the 1757 Hockstetler Massacre. He married Veronica C. Yoder and they had nine children. This book contains only the names of their descendants, no dates. (75pp. Author, 1992)

Also sold with this book is Genealogy Index Family History of John Annas or Indian Miller and Our Ancestors by the same author. Names are arranged according to surnames which include Mast, Miller, Schlabach, Troyer, Yoder, etc. (150pp. hardcover. Author, 1994)

(set of two volumes: $14.00)

2340. The Five Sisters: Our Sechrist Heritage, 1705-1999 by Mary E. Rutt

The five sisters were daughters of Amos (1844-1909) and Sara Elizabeth (Craley) Sechrist who raised their seven children in York Co., Pa. This book lists both their descendants as well as Sechrist ancestry. Frequent names in the index include Burkholder, Gehman, Hursh, Hurst, Martin, Nolt, Rutt, Sensenig, Stauffer, Weaver, Wenger, Zimmerman, etc.

(560pp. illus. index. hardcover. Walter Shaub, 2000. $39.95)

2751. The Four Goff Brothers of Western Virginia by Phillip G. Goff and Roy L. Lockhart

Four Goff brothers, James, John Turton, Thomas, and Salathiel Goff forged into the western Virginia frontier in the 1770s into what is now Loudoun Co., Va., and Hardy Co., W.Va. Descendants today are disbursed across the U.S. with concentrations in W.Va., Ken., Ind., Iowa, Mo., Ohio, Ill., Kans., Tex., Neb., Md., and Pa., and married into the following families: Bolyard, Boyles, Bush, Denny, Hardman, Heck, Moats, Riddle, Springston, Stockwell, Sudduth, and Swetnam. Over 250 Goff grandchildren were born between 1792 and 1861.

(401pp. illus. hardcover. Authors, 2003. $30.00)

2050. The Frederick Young Family edited by Marialice Myers Hollinger

Beginning with the immigrant family Pierre and Madeline Armingeon, this book traces nine generations of descendants of their third son, Godfrey, born July 8, 1749. Godfrey, known as Fredersick Young, lived and died in Lancaster Co., Pa. Many of the early descendants made their homes in eastern Ohio. Each descendant is numbered to aid in tracing their ancestry and many include biographies, addresses, and phone numbers. Pictures and charts are included as well as an index with names such as Brumbaugh, Bucher, DeLong, Ebie, Kurtz, Myers, Smith, Snyder, Williams, Young, etc.

(304pp. hardcover. index. illus. Author, 1998. $64.00)

2309. Fretz Family History, Vol. IV by Franklin Fretz

Volume IV of this Fretz Family History does not duplicate the first three volumes but rather adds to them with additional Fretz history, reunions, lots of photos, map of Fretz landmarks tour, and 8,000+ additional Fretz descendants in the genealogy section.

(672pp. index. illus. Fretz Family Assoc., 2000. $30.00. Add an extra $1.00 to postage bill.)

1333. From Troubled Times by Howard E. Krehbiel

This grandfather’s story tells the true story of Swiss and German families who were forced to leave their homeland because of their faith. This story is based on letters (some given word for word) and other documents based in 1792 and describes his own grandfather to his grandchildren. The grandfather was Peter Krehbiel I who was forced to leave Switzerland by 1671 and who settled at Weierhof in the Palatinate (Germany) in 1682.

(54pp. illus. Masthof Press, 1994. $6.50)

2643. The Gayman/Gehman/Gahman Family With Emphasis on the Daniel Gayman and Anna Landis Family Who Settled in Cumberland County, Penn-sylvania by Richard L. Miller

Daniel Gayman (ca1771-1849) m. Anna Landis (1774-1848) lived in Lancaster Co., Pa., before purchasing a 130-acre farm in 1806 in Frankford Twp., Cumberland Co., Pa. Daniel’s ancestry is traced back to two Gehman immigrants who were first cousins. Overviews of other major Gayman/Gehman families are also included. Most frequent surnames in this book: Baer, Bowers, Bricker, Hawbaker, Hissong, Heckendorn, Hoover, Landis, Lehman, Meyers, Miller, Myers, Ocker, Rotz, Shope, Stouffer, Thursh, Wenger, and Wingert.

(801pp. hardcover. illus. index. Author, 2002. $40.00 plus an extra $2.00 for shipping.)

2084. Gehman Family Directory, Part I: The Descendants of Abraham and Elizabeth (Bechtel) Gehman by Paul F. Gehman

This first part of the Gehman Family Directory traces the male descendants of Abraham (b. ca1737) and Elizabeth (Bechtel) Gehman, the oldest son of Hereford Twp., Berks Co., Pa., Pioneer Christian Gehman. Other surnames listed in the index include Derstine/Dirstine, Freed, Moyer, Rice, Swartley, Yoder.

(118pp. index. illus. hardcover. Author, 1998. $16.00)

2376. Gehman Family Directory, Part II: The Descendants of Johannes “Hannes” (John) and Anna Stauffer Gehman by Paul F. Gehman

Contains information on the Gehmans in the U.S. and Switzerland today; the Canadian Gehmans; the Bally Gehman; Berks Co., Pa., Pioneer Christian Gehman (d. 1772); and the descendants of Johannes “Hannes” (John) and Anna Stauffer Gehman. Frequent surnames: Bergey, Cassel, Freed, Gehman, Hoffman, Keller, Landis, Lapp, Longacre, Miller, Moyer, Oberholtzer, Stauffer, Updegrove, and Yoder.

(118pp. index. illus. hardcover. Author, 2000. $19.95)

2625. Gehman Family Directory, Part III: The Descendants of Jacob and Anna Maria (Fretz) Gehman by Paul F. Gehman

Focusing on the Macungie, Lehigh Co., Pa. Gehman families, this book covers the descendants of Jacob Gehman (1753-1811) and Anna Maria Fretz (1761-1842) who resided near Seisholtzville, Hereford Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Jacob Gehman was the third son of Christian Gehman who arrived in America in 1732. Frequent surnames among their descendants: Butterweck, Dierolf, Fretz, Gehman, Hassler, Heist, Hilbert, Hippenstiel, Johnson, Koch, Lambert, Luckenbach, Miller, Rapp, Renninger, Rosenberger, Schantz, Schultz, Smith, Snyder, Taylor, Wilke, and Ziegler.

(102pp. hardcover. Author, 2002. $23.00)

609. A Genealogical History of the Cassel Family in America Being the Descendants of Julius Kassel or Yelles Cassel of Kriesheim, Baden, Germany by Daniel Kolb Cassel

A renowned Mennonite preacher in the Palatinate, Yelles or Julius Cassel was born before 1618 and died ca1681. His son Johannes settled at Germantown, Pa., in 1686. This book gives his descendants and also contains biographies of prominent descendants worldwide.

(465pp. hardcover. index. Selby Pub., 1989, reprint of 1896 edition. $30.00)

1416. A Genealogical History of the Detweiler, Detwiler Family by Elizabeth A. Smith

Part I of the history of the Detweilers in Montgomery Co., Pa., covers the four generations of descendants of Hans and Susanna Detweiler. Part II covers the descendants of the thirteen children of Johannes and Anna (Reiff) Detweiler who had names such as Cassel, Conner, Kolb, Landes, Longacre, etc.

(774pp. index. illus. hardcover. Fam. Hist. Pub., 1993. $40.00. Add an extra $3.00 to postage bill.)

2185. The Genealogical History of the Stoltzfus Family in America, 1717-1972 by Wilmer D. Swope

This booklet contains interesting family facts of the Jonathon and Lydia (Esh) Stoltzfus family of Buffalo Valley, Pa.

(55pp. illus. 1972. $6.50)

1386. Genealogical Record of Reverend Hans Herr and His Direct Lineal Descendants by Theodore Herr

Reprint of the 1908 edition with a 15-page appendix of “Corrections and Supplemental Data to the Families of the Herr Brothers and Their Children to No. 38,” by Dr. Philip E. Bedient, plus an up-to-date survey of sources of conflicting information. A short historical introduction on the Herr family precedes the major body of the book covering Herr descendants for ten generations to 1908. Early family names: Bachman, Bowman, Brackbill, Brenneman, Brubaker, Carpenter, Eshleman, Funk, Good, Groff, Hershey, Hess, Kauffman, Martin, Miller, Neff, Rohrer, Shenk, and Weaver. Index to the Genealogical Record of Reverend Hans Herr and His Direct Lineal Descendants (#1346) sells for $12.50.

(800pp. hardcover. LMHS, 1994. $40.00. Add an extra $1.00 to postage bill.)

2051. A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Christian and Hans Meyer and Other Pioneers . . . (“Moyer Family History”) by Rev. A. J. Fretz

Christian Meyer settled in Montgomery Co., Pa., and died ca1751. He and his wife Barbara had six children. Frequent surnames in the index include Clymer, Detwiler, Fretz, Funk, Hunsberger, Meyer, Moyer, Myers, Shelly, and Wismer.

(639pp. index. hardcover. illus. Fretz Family Assoc., 1998 reprint of 1896 ed. $30.00)

1182. A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Henry Stauffer and Other Stauffer Pioneers by Rev. A. J. Fretz

Historical and biographical sketches and illustrated with portraits. Some of the allied family lines include Fretz, Haldeman, Kratz, Stover, Strawn, Troemner, Walton, Yost, etc.

(371pp. illus. hardcover. 1993 repr. of 1899 ed. $37.00)

2571. Genealogy and More: The Family Story of Christian Zimmerman Martin (1893-1961) and Alva Mabel Myer (1892-1942) by Grace Elizabeth Garber Martin

The first nine pages list the seven generations of C. Z. Martin’s Martin ancestral line. He and his wife raised ten children in Lancaster Co., Pa. Read about his life as a minister at the Columbia Mennonite Mission. Frequent names in the index include Herr, Martin, Smucker, Weaver, Zimmerman, etc.

(63pp. illus. index. Author, 2001. $10.00)

104. The Genealogy of Henry and Froenika Neuschwanger Who Arrived in North America From Germany in 1846 by Weldon D. and Barbara L. Neuschwanger

Organized through the sixth generation, this book contains family group sheets, documents, obituaries, pictures, etc. Also included are the descendants of Abraham and Elizabeth (Doney) Shellenberger, Diener, Ebersole, Graybill, Lapp, Miller, Yoder, Zook.

(580pp. Author, 1988. $25.00. Add an extra $1.00 to postage bill.)

1142. Genealogy Record of David M. Mast & Elizabeth K. Stoltzfus by Virginia M. Hertzler

This Mast family history was compiled by a descendant of David Miller Mast (1868-1947) married to Elizabeth K. Stoltzfus. All of their descendants’ names, birth and death dates, spouse’s name, church, occupation, parents’ names, and other tidbits are here for the following surnames: Good, Graybill, Hertzler, Horning, King, Kniss, Longenecker, Martin, Otto, Rohrer, Sensenig, Stoltzfus, Swartley, Weaver, Yoder.

(41pp. Author, 1993. $6.25)

1826. George C. Deeter, Sturdy Pioneer, Whitley County, Indiana; Descendant of Abraham and Elizabeth Shively Deeter of “Dry Barrons” Morrisons Cove, Bedford County, Pennsylvania by George W. Deeter

The author is a grandson of George C. Deeter (1850-1922) and here records a memorable record of this Deeter family. George, the son of Daniel and Anna (Bollinger) Deeter, grew up in Darke Co., Ohio, and moved to Whitley Co., Ind., as an early pioneer.

(62pp. illus. Author, 1997. $14.95)

105. George F. Roupp Freündschaft by Paul E. Roupp

George F. Roupp (1853-1920) emigrated from Germany in 1855, along with his widowed mother and six brothers and sisters. In 1878 they moved from Pa. to Turner Co., Dakota Territory, where George was the first house schoolteacher for the German Russian Mennonites. In 1891 the Roupps moved to McPherson Co., Kan., and in 1898, to Harvey Co., Kan.

(151pp. index. illus. Author, 1986. $20.75)

1920. George Sendel, Sr., and His Descendants by George F. Sandel

This large genealogy and history of the Sendel/Sandel family begins with George Sendel, Sr. (1788-1869) m. to Elizabeth Fenstermacher who raised sixteen children in Montour Co., Pa. Charts, anecdotes derived from correspondence and diaries, vital statistics, vocations, education, church membership,...are listed.

(909pp. illus. hardcover. index. Author, 1997. $39.50. Add an extra $3.00 to postage bill.)

1418. The Glattfelders in America: The Descendants of Two Brothers, Johan Peter and Casper Glattfelder; and Their Uncle, Hans Heinrich; and Others by Don and Jeanine Hartman

This genealogy begins with Felix Glattfelder, Sr. (1632-1709) of Switzerland. Frequent names in index: Clodfelder/Clodfelter, Eyster, Folckommer, Gladfelter, Hamme, Hovis, Koontz, and Shoaf.

(498pp. index. hardcover. Family Hart, 1993. $45.00. Add an extra $2.00 to postage bill.)

1754. Glaube, Hoffnung, und Liebe—Faith, Hope, and Love by Gary Good

A true story of faith, hope, and love that truly abounds in this illustrated history of the following families, all with roots in the small town of Eich, Germany: Fox/Fuchs, Mink/Münk, Reich, Rüßler/Rissler, and Seibel. It is appropriate that this book is published now—150 years after the founding of the Pike Mennonite Church in Lancaster Co., Pa.

(166pp. illus. index. Masthof Press, 1996. $9.95)

1337. Goldner Ancestors by Richard D. and Kathryn A. Hott

The Guldner/Goldner family is traced in this family history as they settled in 1743 on the south side of the Blue Mountains in Lehigh Co., Pa., and as they move to Northampton and Carbon Cos. in Pa. and then westward. The eight Goldner children of Immigrant Hans Jacob Goldner (1710-1777-81) married into the following Pa. families: Gingel, Herter, Kunkel, Lorentz, Seip.

(193pp. index. hardcover. Author, 1983. $25.00)

2422. The Greiders of the Chiques Valley: Ancestors and Descendants of Michael Greider (c. 1755-1802), Martin Greider (c. 1761-1822), John Greider (c. 1764-1830), and Jacob Greider (c. 1766-1802) of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Donald M. Grider

This history begins with Immigrant Michael Greider who occupied land near the present-day city of Lancaster, Pa., ca1722/23 and whose descendants settled in what became East and West Hempfield and Rapho Twps. The spelling of the surname Greider was changed in some families to Grider, Kreider, or Kreiter. Related names include Baer, Brubacher, Charles, Harnish, Herr, Landis, Musser, Nissley, Snavely, Stauffer, etc.

(565pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 2000. $50.00. Add an extra $2.00 to postage bill.)

2663. The Groff Book, Volume 1 by Clyde L. Groff, Walter B. Groff, and Jane Evans Best

This is primarily the story of two people named Groff (all spellings) who were a part of the history of what is now Lancaster County, Pa., during its first hundred years. It includes their ancestors, descendants, and the people they married. There were seven Hans Groffs who lived and died prior to 1760 in what is now Lancaster County, which is really difficult to convince researchers that their line is not necessarily the line of Hans Groff of Earl-1746. Many of the relationships are, of necessity, based on the circumstantial evidence and should be considered as clues, not proof. Volume II (Item #1828) is also available at $30.00 (see below).

(433pp. index. illus. hardcover. Groff History Assoc., 1985. $65.00)

1828. The Groff Book, Volume 2: A Continuing Saga by Jane Evans Best

This second volume connects as accurately as possible the first five generations of Pennsylvania Groff families in The Groff Book: Volume 1: A Good Life in a New Land to the generations of these families who lived in Europe before coming to North America, and also to generations of these families living today. Briefly outlines six related families including Bär, Gutt, Herr, and Meyer. The first three generations have been repeated in Volume 2, and the fourth and fifth generations are included where there were additions or corrections, or to provide continuity to the present.

(278pp. index. illus. hardcover. Groff Hist. Assoc., 1997. $30.00)

1222. The Growing Generation of Jacob M. Miller, 1869-1992 by Ella J. Miller

Jacob Miller’s father left Somerset Co., Pa., for LaGrange Co., Ind., ca1864. Here are ancestral charts for Jacob and his wife, Polly Troyer, who had six children. Surnames of their descendants, predominantly Amish, include Lehman, Mast, Miller, and Yoder.

(76pp. index. Author, 1993. $8.25)

1785. The Hablützel/Ablitzer Connection: Ancestors and Descendants by Kent E. Richard

The Hablützel family is an old Anabaptist family of Swiss origin. Simon Hablützel (ca1711/2-1782) and his family were members of the Montbeliard Amish church. Anabaptist descendants in the first part of the book carry family names such as Amstutz, Basinger, Neuen-schwander, and Steiner (of Bluffton/Kidron, Ohio), as well as Gering, Graber, and Kaufman (Kans. and S. Dak.). Part II contains the family of Charles Ablitzer (1825-1879) of commune; Sainte-Suzanne, Dept. Doubs, France.

(78pp. index. illus. Author, 1996. $16.00)

2738. Hammerstädt/Hamstead Descendants by Norma Hamstead Obier

This exhaustive family history illustrated with a variety of old family photos begins with Johannes Hammerstädt of Kurhessen, Germany. The book covers many of the descendants of his son, Johannes (1775-1837) m. Maria Elisabeth Seim. Common surnames include: Arbogast, Burgess, Cosner, Cunnington, Evans, Fike, Hammerstädt, Hamstead, Hesse, Johnson, Judy, Martin, Muntzing, Williams, and Woods.

(362pp. illus. hardcover. Author, 2003. $30.00)

88. The Hans Crumbacker Family, 1733-1800 by Virginia S. Poling and Newton L. Poling

The story of the German Baptist Brethren Crumbacker family from 1733 when Hans Crumbacker landed in Philadelphia, Pa., to about 1800. Five of his children moved to Frederick Co., Md., and two stayed in Chester Co., Pa. Revised edition of 1988 book.

(32pp. Authors, 1996. $16.75)

2054. Hans George Fulk and Jacob Seiler Family Workbook by John H. Stangarone, Sr., and Stewart R. Saylor

This genealogy in outline format traces the four Somerset Co., Pa., siblings that married Saylor siblings between 1814 and 1818. The workbook format is designed to assist the reader in diagramming family relationships. Surnames: Livengood, Maust, Miller, and Smith.

(241pp. index. Author, 1997. $20.00)

1706. The Henckel-Teter (Dieter) Connection by Kenneth F. Moist

This genealogy and family history shows the close relationship of the Henckel and Teter families in early America. Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel emigrated to America in 1717 and died in 1728 near Germantown. Early history on this family and descendants is covered, followed by data on the Johann Georg Dieter family. They arrived in Pa. in 1727.

(154pp. illus. index. Author, 1996. $14.95)

1023. Henrich and Maria Clemmer of Franconia, Pennsylvania by Abram L. Clemmer and edited by Arlan Clemmer and Jorene Clemmer

Henrich Clemmer arrived in Pa. in 1730 and settled in Franconia where he was instrumental in the beginning of the Franconia Mennonite Church. He had nine children and this book traces his descendants to about 1925. Some 7,000 names are included.

(472pp. hardcover. index. Author, 1992. $35.00)

2574. Henry and Ella Stoner Groff Family by Paul E. Groff

Lavishly illustrated, this history is about the family of Henry Snavely Groff (1885-1958) who married Ella Snyder Stoner. They lived near Ephrata, Lancaster Co., Pa., and were buried at Metzler Mennonite Cem. With much storytelling, the author relates this couple’s ancestors as well as their descendants. Frequent names in the index include Groff, Landis, Martin, Sauder, Stoner, Wenger, Zimmerman.

(92pp. illus. index. Author, 2001. $14.95)

1223. Henry and Susanna Rudisill Hursh, Their Ancestors and Descendants

Many stories, documents, remembrances, and letters from descendants of Henry and Susanna (Rudisill) Hursh accompany the dates and names of this genealogy of their descendants. Henry was a son of Peter Hursh who came to Pa. in 1731 with his brothers, Joseph and Michael, and his mother, Barbara.

(161pp. illus. hardcover. Hursh/Horst/Hurst Family Organization, 1994. $30.00)

2509. Henry U. and Lydia Zook Blank Family History

Henry U. Blank (1859-1929) married Lydia Zook and raised seven children in Lancaster Co., Pa. Historical articles, documents, and maps supplement this genealogy. Stories about family members are scattered throughout. The genealogy section includes addresses, occupations, and churches. Information also on Cocalico John Blank and Dr. Hans Blank.

(79pp. illus. hardcover. 2001. $11.25)

2691. Herber-Hallman Roots and Branches by Helen Ummel Harness

Although concentrating on Herber and Hallman families, this book also traces connecting families to ancestors—a wonderful source for anyone with the following surnames in their ancestry: Becker, Bergey, Bürki, Clemens, Clemmer, Detweiler, Gotwals, Hallman, Harley, Herber, Hiestand, Hunsberger, Meyer, Reiff, Sellen, and Tyson.

(225pp. illus. index. Author, 2003. $28.00)

611. Hershey Family History compiled by Henry Hershey

This contains genealogical information on the descendants of third-generation Jacob Hershey (1742-1825) who lived in Dauphin Co., Pa., and later moved to Lancaster Co., Pa. A brief biographical sketch of Andrew Hershey (1702-1792) includes a copy of his will. Brackbill, Groff, Kreider, Ranck, Weaver, and other surnames can be found.

(291pp. hardcover. Selby Pub., 1989 reprint of 1929 edition $26.00)

1456. Hershey, Huber, Hoover, Lyle, Floyd, Park, Gregerson 1680-1986 by Merle W. Gregerson

The author’s mother, Winifred Fern Ensign, was adopted and did not learn of her natural parents until 1940. At that time, she pursued her natural line and found the information in this booklet. It follows the Hershey family from Andrew Hershey (b. 1702 in Appenzell, Switzerland), who came to America in 1719, until the 1900s. In addition to vital data are selected biographical sketches of individual family members, including the migration of Christian Hershey of Lancaster, Pa., and the Kurtz, Breneman, Hoover, and Eby families to Iowa.

(20pp. Author, 1987. $5.50)

422. The Hertzler-Hartzler Family History by Silas Hertzler

A welcomed reprint, this standard Amish and Mennonite genealogy traces 8,757 families descended from 1703 Immigrant Jacob Hertzler of Berks Co., Pa.

(773pp. hardcover. Selby Pub., 1989 reprint of 1952 edition. $45.00)

1343. Higgins Ancestors by Richard D. and Kathryn A. Hott

John Higgins lived in Scioto Co., Ohio, and Wells Co., Ind. The Ditzler family is traced to Adams Co., Pa., the Brickley family to Berks and Perry Cos., Pa., and to Immigrant Thones Kunder/Conard/Kunders who came to Germantown, Pa., in 1683. Also the Chalfont, Hafflich, Haverstock, and Wolfcale families.

(228pp. index. hardcover. Author, 1985. $25.00)

2275. History and Descendants of Eli A. Troyer and Mary M. Miller 1868-1997 by David E. Miller

The descendants of Eli Troyer (1868-1938) and Mary Miller (1872-1947) of Apple Creek, Ohio, are recorded here with brief histories of the Troyer ancestry dating to Immigrant Michael Troyer and Mary Miller’s ancestry. Frequent surnames are Byler, Gingerich, Hershberger, Nisley, Swartzentruber, Wengerd, Yoder, Zook, and others.

(234pp. hardcover. index. Carlisle Pr., 1998. $14.00)

108. History and Descendants of Josiah Martin and Sarah Clemmer

Illustrated genealogy of Josiah Martin (1845-1918) who lived in Waterloo Co., Ont., and later in Osceola Co., Ia., and South Haven, Mich. Includes two chapters on David Martin, 1727 immigrant to Lancaster Co., Pa., written by Ira D. Landis and Ezra Martin.

(75pp. 1988. $6.00)

1619. History and Descendants of the William H. and Lydia G. Weaver Family by Anna Weaver Reed and Virginia Weaver Martin

William Weaver (1874-1930) married Lydia Good (1877-1973) and they raised eight children. William was a schoolteacher and his family lived north of Churchtown, Lancaster Co., Pa. Read about their ancestors: Benjamin W. Weaver, Michael Witwer, Henry Weber. Descendants have surnames such as Gehman, Martin, Newswanger, Reed, Weaver, etc.

(141pp. illus. Authors, 1995. $9.00)

374. History and Genealogy of Jacob M. Horst and Magdalena Weaver by Carolyn Horst Brubaker

Contains an informative section on the European background and immigration of the Horst family by Clarke E. Hess. Ancestral history begins with Joseph Horst (1723-1804), the European immigrant, and also contains ancestral charts for Jacob and Magdalena Horst. The genealogy contains all known descendants of Jacob and Magdalena Horst.

(143pp. hardcover. Author, 1985. $15.75)

375. History and Genealogy of the Brubaker, Brubacher, Brewbaker Family in America, Vol. I by Phares Brubaker Gibble

The “first” book every Brubaker descendant and researcher should add to his library, this book is an encyclopedia of all the main branches of Brubakers for several generations. An index is also available under Index to History and Genealogy of the Brubaker, Brubacher,...(#718).

(93pp. Eastern Pa. Brubakers, 1979 reprint. $13.50)

462. History of Abram D. Heatwole of Rocky Hollow by Sandra G. Heatwole

An interesting account of Abram D. and Lydia Heatwole and their descendants of Shenandoah Valley, Va. The Heatwoles are traced back to 1615 in Germany.

(109pp. illus. Author, 1988. $35.00)

1344. History of the Annual Reunions of the Hertzler-Hartzler Family by Leon E. Hertzler

The Hertzler-Hartzler Family Reunion met for 70 years from 1924-1994 with three years off over WWII. This illustrated history depicts many of the Reunion’s activities; all the leaders’ names; a separate chapter on “The Northkill Amish Burial Ground at the Hertzler Homestead, Hamburg, Pa.,” where Immigrant Jacob Hertzler (first Amish-Mennonite bishop in America) is buried; and two songs written by J. W. Yoder.

(38pp. illus. Masthof Press, 1994. $5.00)

495. History of the Descendants of Abraham Beery by Joseph H. Wenger

This reprint covers Abraham Beery’s descendants through six generations. Abraham was born in 1718 and emigrated in 1736 from Switzerland to Pa.

(328pp. hardcover. 1905, reprinted 1989. $30.00)

491. A History of the Descendants of Abraham Breneman by Charles D. Breneman

This reprint covers Abraham Breneman’s descendants through seven generations. Abraham Breneman was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., in 1744, and settled near Edom, Rockingham Co., Va., about 1770.

(566pp. hardcover. index. 1939, repr. 1992. $38.00)

1146. History of the Freed Family by Isaac G. Freed

This 1919 history of the Freed family is now republished with a helpful every-name index. Paul, John, and Paul Freed, Jr., arrived in Philadelphia, Pa., ca1727. Frequent names include Bergey, Freed, Landis, Moyer, Smith, Stover, and Yoder.

(159pp. Adams Apple Press, 1991. $20.00)

463. History of the John High Family of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Levi High

John High (1769-1823) and Elizabeth Brown (1767-1855) married and had twelve children. The Highs came from Switzerland to Clement, Chester Co., Pa., and then moved to Sorelhorse. Eight generations of their descendants include surnames: Eberly, Martin, Newswanger, Weaver, and Zimmerman.

(211pp. index. spiral. Author, 1996. $12.00)

1095. History of the Lambert Family From Jugenheim in Rheinhessen by Christene Lambert Bertram

The purpose of this book was to make available Lambert family information from the records of the Evangelical Church in Jugenheim in Rheinhessen, West Germany, from 1700 to 1829. Other records are also included. Frequent names found in the book are Baker/Becker, Beydler, Diel, Grabill, Hall, Larrick, Smith, Trout, Wendel, and Yager.

(248pp. index. hardcover. Author, 1993. $34.00)

2055. Hochstetler, Update Vol. I by John R. Showalter

This volume updates and corrects Rev. Harvey Hostetler’s two famous family histories: Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler (#96) and Descendants of Barbara Hochstedler and Christian Stutzman (#93). It is ideally used in conjunction with them. More than 10,000 families or individuals from the original books are updated with the help of 100 researchers. It is fully cited with over 10,000 footnotes, and the index contains entries for each spouse and named child (over 22,000 entries), but not for parents of spouses. Over 3,000 Miller and 2,000 Yoder entries.

(1,350pp. hardcover. index. Author, 1998. $29.00. Please add an additional $2.00 to postage bill.)

2665. A Homeland Tour of Valentine, Peter, and Daniel Espenschied and Their Forefathers by Samuel E. Wenger

With some early European history, the Espenshade family emphasized here settled in Dauphin Co., Pa. Valentine (Felty) and Elizabeth Espenshade and their descendants appear in Part I. Part II covers the descendants of Peter and Daniel Esbenshade who settled in Strasburg, Pa. Surnames: Brubaker, Eby, Herr, Lantz, Leaman, LeFevre, Weaver, and Winters.

(140pp. Author, 2002. $15.00)

1283. Hoover—Three Generations From Washington County, Maryland, to Rockingham County, Virginia by Joanne and Kenneth Hoover

The John Hoover covered in this book was one of the first Mennonites to settle near Ringgold in Washington Co., Md. His home was a place of worship for those who formed what was to later become Stouffer’s Mennonite Church. The book concludes with his grandson Christian who built the Newcomer Chapel of the United Brethren in Christ Church in Bridgewater, Va. Early data from primary sources regarding their land transactions make this monograph useful for anyone with ancestry in these areas as well as families of Gehr, Grossnickle, Harbaugh, Harsham, Hoffman, Mentzer, Shank, Spessard, Sprenkel, Stauffer, Stotler, Tomes, Welty, ...

(30pp. illus. Authors, 1994. $10.00)

911. The Huber-Hoover Family History by Harry M. Hoover

Anyone with Huber or Hoover ancestry can probably trace their roots to Immigrant Hans Huber who is thought to have arrived in Lancaster Co., Pa., in 1710. Hans Hoober, as he signed his will, died in 1750 and is buried at Groffdale, Pa. Many of his descendants (some traced through eleven generations) are listed in this reprint of the 1928 edition. Frequent surnames: Basehoar, Bear, Bowman, Brackbill, Brubaker, Burkholder, Bushong, Eby, Horst, Martin, Myers, Sensenig, Wenger, and Zimmerman.

(335pp. illus. hardcover. Masthof Press, 1992 reprint of 1928 edition. $14.00)

1059. The Huber-Hoover Family History Index compiled by Jerri Lynn Burket

This every-name index was compiled from Harry M. Hoover’s The Huber-Hoover Family History printed in 1928 and reprinted in 1992. This will certainly make the names in this book so much more accessible. See #911 above.

(96pp. hardcover. Masthof Press, 1993. $9.95)

1663. The Hunsbergers by George Hunsberger

Mennonite brothers Hans, Jacob, and Ulrich Hunsperger settled in Franconia, Montgomery Co., Pa., in 1721. Another unrelated immigrant, Peter Hansberger, settled in Dauphin Co., Pa., in 1727. Covers Hunsberger families whose ancestors cannot be traced to the four known immigrants. Two volumes plus an index of 58,000 names.

(1,779pp. illus. hardcover. 3 vols. Gateway Press, 1995. $112.00 plus an additional $3.00 for shipping)

109. I Shall Pass Through This World But Once: A Genealogy of the Enos M. Yoder Family by Alice Schlabach and Martha Schlabach

Enos M. Yoder (1883-1966) married Anna Beachy as his second wife. Anna did a splendid job of writing circle letters and keeping records. Her diary begins in 1925 and continues to 1978.

(251pp. Pilgrim Publishers, 1986. $11.75)

2056. Iams of America: Landed Gentry of Mary- land: Patriots, Pioneers, and Successful Americans edited by Ralph D. Reynolds, M.D.

A complete family genealogy of the 17th-century landed gentry of Maryland, William Eyoms, is known to also have his name spelled as Iam and Ijams. Many more variations have also appeared through the generations with “Iams” as the most popular, likely due to the popularity of the Iams Pet Food.

(581+pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 1998. $39.95)

2743. Index of Unnumbered Persons in Rev. Harvey Hostetler’s Descendants of Barbara Hochstedler and Christian Stutzman by John R. Showalter

Invaluable tool to those researching the descendants of Barbara Hochstedler and Christian Stutzman. In the original work, families were given numbers, although thousands of children and unmarried adults were never numbered nor indexed. This index covers those individuals not previously published.

(310pp. Author, 2003. $11.00)

110. Index to Bishop Jacob Hertzler and His Family by Ken J. Heeter

Every-name index of Paul V. Hostetler’s book, Bishop Jacob Hertzler and His Family, published 1976.

(6pp. Indexed in 1986. $3.00)

718. Index to History and Genealogy of the Brubaker, Brubacher, Brewbaker Family in America, Vol. I compiled by Ruth S. Becker

Every-name index of Phares Brubaker Gibble’s History and Genealogy of the Brubaker, Brubacher, Brewbaker Family in America, Vol. I, reprinted 1979.

(22pp. East. Pa. Brubaker Assoc., 1978. $6.75)

1346. Index to the Genealogical Records of Reverend Hans Herr and His Direct Lineal Descendants by Theodore W. Herr

The so-called “Herr Book” by Theodore W. Herr first printed in 1908 on 791 pages now has a completely new every-name index which is almost three times the size of the index in the first edition. The index in the first edition listed only blood descendants of Rev. Hans Herr (1639-1725). All spouses’ names and their parents’ names (where listed) are indexed.

(125pp. hardcover. Masthof Press, 1994. $12.50)

111. Index to The Three Zug (Zook) Brothers of 1742 and Their Male Descendants to 1850 by Ken J. Heeter

Every-name index of Paul V. Hostetler’s book, The Three Zug (Zook) Brothers of 1742, published in 1982. This index also contains the 1768 Amish almsbook which is included in Hostetler’s volume.

(12pp. Indexed in 1984. $3.00)

1964. Jacob A. Martin, His Ancestors and De-scendants by Paul H. Martin

This Martin genealogy begins with Christian Martin (1669-1762) and covers the author’s visit to Eriswil, Switzerland, where the Martins lived before emigrating to the Kraichgau in Germany and later coming to America. The author traces his Martin ancestry as they lived in Europe and then emigrated to Pa. where they settled in Lancaster Co. and Franklin Co. Surnames: Clemmer, Comer, Eby, Frey, Hackman, Horst, Martin, Moyers, and Stoltzfus.

(67pp. illus. Masthof Press, 1997. $9.95)

2057. Jacob and Justina: Pilgrims—The Odyssey of a Family by Carl E. Hansen

The author shares a touching story of his maternal grandparents, Jacob and Justina Friesen, through the sufferings of war and famine in Russia to their hard toil in forcing a living out of the dust bowl soil of western Canada during the “dirty thirties.” Jacob Friesen (1898-1985) and Justina Warkentin (1896-1967) had fourteen children who intermarried with Biehn, Broadfoot, Derbecker, Derstine, Dyck, Grove, Hansen, Roth, Visser, and Weber.

(202pp. illus. index. Author, 1998. $13.95)

2583. Jacob J. Dyck Am Trakt to America; Sixty Years of Silence by D. Frederick Dyck and Alice Sitler Dyck

Published in two parts, the first part gives the history and genealogy of the descendants of Jacob J. Dyck and Marie G. Harder. Jacob J. Dyck was born in 1881 in Russia and left in 1907 for Kansas. Claassen and Harder family history is also included. Part II tells what happened to those persons who remained in Russia—stories of contacts made after sixty years of silence; stories of slave labor camps; old photos of families, homes, and churches. Maps and graphs enhance the history of each family. There are even color photos of family heirlooms, some brought from West Prussia.

(390pp. illus. 2000. $35.00)

2715. The Jacob S. Kurtz Family by Lydia Kurtz Baer

Family history and genealogy of Jacob S. Kurtz (1868-1923) married to Lydia Mast (1870-1961). Includes ancestors and descendants. Common surnames: Mast, Kauffman, Smoker, and Beiler.

(67pp. illus. index. Park View Press, 1981. $2.00)

2090. Jacob Siemens Family Since 1685 by Elma Schemenauer

This book explores the ancestry of Jacob Siemens, born in 1862 in the Mennonite settlement of Chortitza, Ukraine. Early Mennonite surnames included are: Bergman, Dyck, Enns, Friesen, Janzen, Neufeld, Sawatzky, and more. Altogether there are about 800 people in the book.

(200pp. illus. index. Farland Pr., 1998. $27.75)

113. Jansen/Johnson Family of Chester County by Athena Johnson Bogart

This history of the Johnson family begins with Immigrant Claus Jansen (1658-1745) married to Catherine Conrad. One of their thirteen children married Christopher Dock’s daughter. Each generation is traced to Abraham Johnson (1779-1856) where more detailed info. is given on each family to the present. Abraham Johnson married Anna Hunsicker and had six children who married Ashenfelter, Bechtel, Johnson, and Weikel.

(49pp. Author, 1985. $12.50)

1506. The Jeremiah H. Piper (1856-1928) Family by Kathryn M. Piper Witmer and Richard L. Miller

The Pipers from Franklin Co., Pa., married into the following families: Baker, Calderilla, Morrison, Myers, Richardson, Shearer, White, Wingert, Witmer, and Yundt.

(58pp. illus. index. Authors, 1995. $16.00)

667. Joachim Nagel and His Descendants by Marion Nagle Rhoads and Janet Snyder Welsh

This Nagel family history contains data on over 2,550 descendants of Joachim and Catharine (Geiss) Nagel who emigrated from Germany in 1749. The family settled in present Berks Co., Pa. Much more than just names and dates, there is also biographical information on each family, especially for the earlier generations. Nineteen Nagel ancestral charts.

(295pp. index. hardcover. Authors, 1990. $30.00)

2278. The Joe and Phoebe Roth Gascho Story by Joseph A. Gascho

The first part of this book contains the story of Joe and Phoebe Gascho, married in 1998 in Milford, Neb., and their seven children. The Gascho ancestors came to the midwest (Ill.) from Germany in the mid-1800s. More than 30 pictures and illustrations add to this unique family history. Surnames indexed include Birkey, Eigsti, King, Lauber, Unzicerk, Wagner, and Zimmerman.

(95pp. illus. index. Gascho Books, 1995. $10.00)

1924. Joel B. Miller History by The Joel B. Miller Reunion Committee

Includes “The Miller Story” by Alta Elizabeth Schrock and “The Joel B. Miller (1811-85) and Catherine Brenneman (1813-70) Genealogy” by Ada Maust. Joel Miller was an Amish bishop who lived at Grantsville, Md. His descendants have surnames: Beachy, Beitzel, Bender, Brenneman, Eichorn, Fisher, Hershberger, Hostetler, Kinsinger, Martin, Maust, Miller, Orendorf, Peachey, Schrock, Shetler, Stutzman, Swartzendruber, Tice, Warfel, Weaver, Yoder, Zook.

(514pp. illus. index. hardcover. J. Miller, 1997. $20.00)

2091. Johann Jacob Klahr of Grossbundenbach, Germany, and Berks County, Pennsylvania, and Some of His Descendants by Rex O. Matthews

This family history on the Klahr/Klar family who were Swiss immigrants provides European background, but emphasizes 1752 Immigrant Johann Jacob Klahr who settled in Berks Co., Pa., where he first purchased land in 1756. Some surnames include: Bashore, Beck, Becker, Hughes, Klahr, Klinger, Lengle, Miller, Moyer, Myers, Peiffer, Sausser, and Shouse.

(208pp. index. hardcover. Author, 1998. $10.00)

79. And Johannes Begat Christian, The Descendants of Johannes and Christian Frey of Franklin County, Pennsylvania by Constance Cordell

An interesting family history with lots of photos (many of them old) that gives the story of the Freys, concentrating on the descendants of Christian Frey, Sr. (1785-1873), son of Johannes and Anna (Kendig) Frey, who moved to Franklin Co., Pa., in the 1790s. Christian Frey, Sr., first married Maria Oberholzer and second Anna Martin Schwartz. Their children married into the Ebersole, Lehman, and Long families.

(155pp. illus. index. Author, 1985. $10.00)

377. John Burkhart Family History, 1747-1985 by Raymond N. Ulrich

Family history of immigrant Jacob Burkhart (1747-1821) m. Mary Hershey with children married: Copas, Detweiler, Good, High, Leaman, and Sauder.

(565+pp. hardcover. index. Author, 1985. $18.00)

1390. John Crumbacker, Son of Hans Crumbacker and Eve Filler Crumbacker of Loudon County, Virginia, and Their Descendants by Virginia and Newton Poling

The first in a series of books about the children of Hans Crumbacker of Chester Co., Pa., who moved to Frederick Co., Md., in the 1760s-1770s. John and Eve Crumbacker moved to Loudon Co., Va., ca1786. Their children moved to Ohio, Ill., Nebr., and Iowa.

(94+pp. illus. Authors, 1994. $18.00)

632. John Rohrer Stauffer (Sept. 3, 1844-May 27, 1929) Direct Lineage and Descendants, 1579-1989 by M. Irene Stauffer

This family history traces the descendants of John Rohrer Stauffer and Margaret S. Landis. John is the ninth generation of Stauffers traced back to Christian Stauffer (b. ca1579) of Ibersheim, Germany. All descendants are listed with much family data, stories, and photos. Ten sets of twins are pictured here.

(96pp. index. illus. Author, 1990. $12.50)

2092. Joseph and Elizabeth: A Sourcebook: The Lives and Ancestry of Joseph Shellenberger Shoemaker (1854-1936) and Elizabeth Sechrist Brubaker (1856-1931) by Robert Kreider, Jakob Miller, and Eileen Roth

From 1895 to 1925 Joseph Shoemaker was a major leader in the Mennonite Church as bishop, conference moderator, writer, mission board secretary, chair of the publication board, hymn writer, evangelist, and perhaps the most widely traveled Mennonite leader of his day. Shoemaker, Shellenberger, and Brubaker families as well as Joseph’s family.

(145pp. illus. Shoemaker Fam. Assoc., 1998. $30.00)

1625. A Journal of Bygone Years: History of the Huyards by David E. Huyard

Amishman David Huyard (1907-1989) tells the story of his family, beginning with his great-grandfather Samuel Huyett of Lancaster Co., Pa. Samuel’s grandson, David’s father, Isaac Huyard, grew up in the Lutheran faith and worked in an Amish community. He married Mary Zook in 1891.

(51pp. illus. Grace Press, 1995. $4.00)

115. Kanagy Roots and a Branch by Ezra J. Kanagy

A family history of Immigrant Hans Gnagy/Kanagy (1720-1772) and his descendants, this book also includes previously unpublished material compiled by the late Samuel Kanagy, as well as the long out-of-print family history of John H. and Gertrude Yoder Kanagy printed in 1964. Along with a history of this area in Mifflin Co., Pa., one can also read detailed family stories on many of the earlier generations.

(94pp. index. Author, 1987. $10.00)

1508. Kaufman-Kauffman: The House of Maid-encreek by Frank Llewellyn Kaufman and Odette J. Mordant Kaufman

Anne Kaufman arrived in America ca1700 with her sons Jacob and David. Anne and Jacob bought land in Germantown, Pa., while David settled in Oley Twp., Berks Co., Pa. David’s second son Johannes married Susannah Barnet of Maidencreek Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Includes family names such as Dunkel, Ernst, Hawkins, Hottenstein, Kling, Schnure, Sell, Stahl, and Wolfe.

(567pp. hardcover. Gateway Press, 1992. $46.00. Add an extra $2.00 to postage bill.)

1509. Kaufman-Kauffman: The House of Oley by Frank Llewellyn Kaufman and Odette J. Mordant Kaufman

Anne Kaufman arrived in America ca1700 with her sons Jacob and David. Jacob settled in Germantown, Pa., while David married Veronica Hoch and settled in Oley Twp., Berks Co., Pa. David and Veronica had six children. The descendants are traced to the present day. Surnames: Foust, Miller, Sanders, Scott, Smith, Snyder, Steuart, Stover, Tice, Truitt, and Voneida.

(1,204pp. hardcover. Gateway Press, 1994. $88.00. Add an extra $3.00 to postage bill.)

1925. Kemmerer Past to Present: The History and Genealogy of Heinrich Kemmerer (1740-1801) by Narona Kemmerer Gebert

The history begins with Frederick Kemmerer settling in Lehigh Co., Pa. His son Heinrich married Anna Maria Rischell and had ten children. Index includes names such as Apple, Bachman, Backenstoe, Benner, Butz, Druckenmiller, Gerhart, Grant, Housel, Kemmerer, Kline, Miller, Moyer, Reichard, Ritter, Roth, Schantz, Schell, Stauffer, Troxel, Whitmire, etc.

(534pp. hardcover. index. illus. Author, 1997. $29.50 plus $1.00 extra shipping)

116. King Family History by H. Harold Hartzler

This two-volume encyclopedia of King and related families begins with Immigrant Samuel Koenig married to Anna Yoder. It then continues to cover a few of their descendants and their family up to 1984. The two indexes are a valuable asset.

(1,441pp. Author, 1984. $35.00. Please add an extra $3.00 to postage bill.)

117. Knit Together in Love, Moses Schlabach (1859-1932) and Lydia Yoder (1868-1959), Their Ancestry and Their Descendants by John M. Slabaugh

This is much more than a family history on Moses Schlabach’s descendants. It’s also a collection of thirty-one essays written on each of Moses and Lydia’s ancestors: Blank, Detweiler, Hershberger, Hochstetler, Jotter, Kauffman, Miller, Mishler, Schlabach, Swartzendruber, Troyer, and Yoder. Moses Schlabach’s children married into the following families: Lauver, Martin, Miller, Sommers, Swartzendruber, Troyer, and Yoder.

(170pp. Author, 1987. $11.75)

2383. Koffroth Family History by Willis Adrian Koffroth

Gerhart Koffroth (1707-1796) left Kaffroth, Germany, for America in 1731. He and his wife raised their eleven children in Lancaster Co., Pa. Besides Coffroad/Koffroth variations, the index contains names such as Brown, Fellenbaum, King, Lowry, Miller, Parmer, Smith, Thompson, Whitaker, Zook, etc.

(494pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 2000. $35.00)

2315. Kohl (Cole) Family History by Sue (Kohl) Soulliard

Based on the descendants of George Kohl—the German immigrant who settled in Cumru Twp., Berks Co., Pa., in the 1700s—this book contains stories, maps, tavern petitions, taufscheins, genealogies, and over 100 photographs. Many of these families remained in Pa., while others moved west to Iowa, Ill., Kans., and other midwest states. A section titled “Related Families” covers the Messner, Roth, Sheeler, Soulliard, ... families.

(244pp. illus. hardcover. Author, 2000. $39.95)

Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants: A Collection of Family Information; A Series of Surname Publications compiled by Iris Carter Jones

These publications feature the original German/Dutch immigrants who settled southeastern Pa. (Germantown area). William Penn’s land grant in the New World brought many Mennonites and Quakers. Along with Penn’s English and Welsh Quakers, he made land available to dissenters from Europe. The first to arrive in 1683 were aboard the Concord. These thirteen families included Luckens and Tysons (Doors).

1351. Vol. I, #1, Luckens-Luken(s)-Lukin(s) (40pp. $8.00)

2205. The Kurtz Family Sojourn: A Brief History and Genealogy of Pioneer Abraham Kurtz and His Descendants, ca1720-1998 by Harold R. Kurtz

Surnames of Lancaster Co., Pa., families in addition to the Kurtz family covered: Brubaker, Burkholder, Eberly, Ebersole, Fox, Glick, Good, High, Hoover/Huber, Horning, Horst/Hursh/Hurst, Martin, Miller, Musser, Nolt, Oberholtzer, Reiff, Sensenig, Shirk, Showalter, Weaver, Wenger, Wise, Zeiset, Zimmerman.

(373pp. illus. hardcover. Author, 1999. $17.95)

380. The Lauver Legacy of Life and Love by John Mark Slabaugh

A book on the Lauver family, this time on the author’s parents, Jacob and Emma (Graybill) Lauver, including all of their descendants and ancestors. A sampling of their Mennonite ancestors which have historical information on each include Bar, Bowman, Dohner, Graf, Hauser, Hostetter, Huber, Kolb, Light, Nash, Oberholtzer, Shelly, Steiner, and Wanner.

(180pp. index. Author, 1989. $11.75)

1229. The Lehman Families of Langnau, Switzerland by David L. Habegger

This book focuses on seven early Lehman families from Langnau, Switzerland: Ulrich Leemann, Peter Leemann, Hans Leemann, Michael Lehman m. Anna Boegly, Hansen Leeman, Christen Lehmann m. Barbara Blaser, and Hansen Lehmann married A. Mosimann. Many Swiss Mennonite families named Lehman began arriving in Ohio and Ind. about 1819.

(42pp. index. Masthof Press, 1994. $5.50)

1877. Leiby Genealogy and History, 1565-1996: The Ancestors and Descendants of Daniel L. and Mary Steigerwalt Leiby

The ancestor of the Leiby family in America is Friedrich Leiby who arrived in 1733. He and his family settled in Oley, Berks Co., Pa. Frequent names in the index include Bachert, Bensinger, Breiner, Gerber, Heisler, Hunsicker, Killian, Klingaman, Krell, Leiby, Merkel, Payne, Reed, Scheitrum, Schock, and Zimmerman.

(213pp. illus. index. hardcover. 1996. $25.00)

1150. Leid Family History, 1821-1993 by Lewis M. Leid and Aaron W. Leid

This family history with stories, names, dates, pictures, maps, and an index is the story of Andrew and Mary (Eby) Leid’s descendants. Andrew Leid (1821-1900) and Mary Eby (d. 1853) had two children: Samuel and John. Andrew had three more children with his second wife Sarah Frank: Andrew, Milton, and Adam. Frequent surnames found in the book include Brubaker, Burkholder, Fox, Hoover, Kilmer, Leid, Martin, Newswanger, Nolt, Weaver, and Zimmerman.

(118pp. illus. index. Authors, 1993. $14.00)

119. The Lengacher-Steury Family History by Joseph Stoll

A family history on the Lengacher and Steury families, including the story of their immigration and settlement in Allen and Daviess Counties. Most of the book covers the descendants of Johannes and Anna (Knecht) Lengacher.

(550pp. hardcover. Author, 1988. $41.25)

2282. The Leonard and Addie Grove Garber Family by Hope Kauffman Lind and Joseph A. Gascho

The first part contains the actual story of Leonard and Addie, married in 1893, and their descendants. They raised their family in Minn., but many of their ancestors hailed from Lancaster Co., Pa. The second part contains ahnentafel listings of their ancestors back to the 1490s with surnames such as: Bar/Bare, Bomberger, Eshleman, Funk, Graf/Groff, Hershey/Hirshi, Hosteter/Hoffstetter, Kendig/Kundig, Rohrer, Schneider/Snyder, Steiner, and Swartz.

(240pp. illus. index. Gascho Books, 1999. $20.00)

1969. Levi G. and Anna B. Witmer Ancestors and Descendants, 1834-1997 by Lester M. Weaver and Joyce M. Martin

This book traces the family of John and Maria (Schallenberger) Witmer of Bern, Switzerland. Great-grandson Levi Gehman Witmer and his wife Anna (Brubaker) lived in the Ephrata/Akron area of Lancaster Co., Pa. Among their thirteen children was Esaias, minister at Metzler and Groffdale Mennonite Churches. Family names include Brubaker, Burkholder, Good, Groff, Hernley, Hollinger, Horst, Landis, Martin, Stauffer, Wanner, Wenger, and Zimmerman.

(220pp. illus. hardcover. Authors, 1997. $35.00)

120. Little Foxes, The Volpel/Felpel Family in America by Anna Mary (Nolt) Long

A family history of the Felpel/Volpel family beginning with Immigrant Christian William Felpel (1835-1908) who arrived in America in 1872. Settling in Lancaster Co., Pa., the children who married joined the following families: Bromell, McClaraghan, Snader, and Stauffer.

(113pp. index. illus. Masthof Press, 1982. $10.00)

1460. Litzenberger and Litzenberg: Origins of the Names and the Families by Homer Laurence Litzenberg III

The compilation of 28 years of research produced an encyclopedia of information on this family traced to Europe—history back to the year 1120, but emphasizing the descendants of Stephan Litzenberg of Lützelburg, Germany. Stephan’s descendant Simon Litzenberg fled from Germany to Pa. ca1740. Other Litzenberger immigrants are covered including the Russian Litzenbergers.

(1,023pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 1995. $55.00. Add an extra $3.00 to postage bill.)

915. A Long Long Tree by Anna Mary Long

Five chapters focus on the Branner, Harpine, Garber, Miller, and Long families, with much of their early history in Va. The first generation of Longs listed are John Long (1761-1838) and his wife Frances Miller. Frequent names in the index: Chandler, Fansler, Long, Messick, Strawderman, Weatherholtz, Wine, and Wise.

(202pp. illus. index. Author, 1991. $25.00)

1189. Love God and Your Neighbor—The Life and Ministry of Christian Engel by Steven R. Estes

Christian Engel has been best remembered as a semi-legendary figure who organized the first Amish congregation west of Ohio and the first German-speaking congregation in Ill. This book also covers Engel’s Mennonite neighbors in Ill. There is no index, but frequent surnames include: Bally, Belsley, Burky, Camp, Donner, Engel, Garber, Kennell, Nafziger, Roggy, Ruvenacht, Schertz, Smith, Strubhar, Stuckey, Sweitzer, Thorpe, Unzicker, and Virkler.

(139pp. IMHGS, 1993. $10.00)

2125. A Lowenberg Genealogy: Descendants of Abraham Löwenberg (1737-1785) by Howard E. Krehbiel

Abraham Löwenberg, a baker in the village of Göllheim, Germany, is the ancestor of hundreds of descendants in America today. Surnames: Baer, Barth, Bechtel, Becker, Bergdolt, Beutler, Clemenson, Detweiler, Doescher, Ellison, Galle, Gingerich, Goering, Hammett, Handrich, Harper, Hege, Honadel, Jantzi, Kauffman, Krehbiel, Lichti, Löwenberg, Maust, Meyer, Staufer, Troyer, Weber, and Zimmer.

(269pp. illus. hardcover. Author, 1997. $25.00)

1879. Marks/Schnader Connection, Berks and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: An Ancestral Study by Harold E. Marks

This Marks/Merki ancestral study is a collection of research documents from 1580 to the present day. The early research was provided by Dr. Ulrich Pfister, Stadtarchives, Zurich, Switzerland. The Merkis along with the names of the Dutch Reformed Colony who came to Philadelphia in 1735 are listed. The Schnader (Schneider) ancestry is documented with their departure from the Rhineland in 1729 to present day.

(138pp. index. illus. Author, 1996. $10.00)

2423. Martin: A Mennonite Family Tree, The First Five Generations by Darvin L. Martin

The story of the descendants of Christian and Ells Martin, Swiss-German settlers to Lancaster Co., Pa., 1732. It is a first draft release, in the first step toward a goal of collecting and distributing data on the Martin family in a much larger, more detailed and comprehensive genealogy in the future. This book includes biographical information about the early settlers, not just names and dates. Survey maps and original documents.

(263pp. index. spiral. Hist. Impressions, 2000. $20.00)

588. Martin H. Heller Family History by Marvin and Betty Ann Landis

A family record of the descendants of Martin H. Heller (1863-1942) and Katie Burkholder (1965-1945), but also giving the Heller family history beginning in Europe in 1617. The Buchen, Burkholder, and Heller families are traced back to the immigrants.

(97pp. Author, 1989. $8.50)

382. Mast Family History by C. Z. Mast

This hardcover, illustrated family history not only traces the descendants of 1750 Immigrant Jacob Mast (1738-1808) of Berks Co., Pa., but also traces Blank, Johns, Miller, Smucker, Stoltzfus, and Zug immigrants for several generations. This book is one of the first Amish-Mennonite genealogies published in the U.S. with footnotes identifying many other Amish-Mennonites. The old photos, most unavailable today in original form, offer insight into life at the turn of the century.

(825pp. MFH, 1989 reprint of 1911 edition. $35.00)

431. Matthias Miller and His Seventeen Children by Floyd R. Mason

This first edition of a Miller family history is a working copy. Matthias Miller (1743) m. 1) Susanna Catherine Mueller; 2) Catherine Aullenbach; 3) Mary Elizabeth; and 4) Anna Maria Moyer-Shaffer. His immigrant parents were Jacob and Catherine Miller.

(33pp. Compiler, 1986. $6.00)

821. A Memorial History of Peter Bitsche by Samuel M. Peachey

This genealogy traces the descendants of Peter Bitsche from 1767 to 1892. Immigrant Peter came to America from Switzerland in 1767 and had one daughter and three sons: Moses, Abraham, Peter, and Anna. He died in Somerset Co., Pa. Frequent names are Beachey, Hershberger, Livengood, Miller, Peachey, and Yoder. This reprint is the third edition.

(205pp. index. Andrew J. A. Miller, 1982. $6.75)

2318. Mennonite Family History Surname Index VI

Family names (surnames) with names and addresses of researchers (Mennonite Family History subscribers) studying these families. This is a good way to find out who else is researching the same families you are so you can correspond and share. E-mail addresses are provided along with the mailing address (if available).

(46pp. Masthof Press, 2000. $6.50)

2737. Mennonite Family History Surname Index VII

Family names (surnames) with names and addresses of researchers (Mennonite Family History subscribers) studying these families. E-mail addresses are provided along with the mailing address (if available).

(35pp. Masthof Press, 2003. $5.00)

636. The Merkey Family of Bethel and Tulpehocken Townships by Sandra Kauffman

This book traces the descendants of Hans David Merkey through his son John Merkey who married Hannah Heckman. Hans David settled in Bethel Twp., Berks Co., after arriving in Philadelphia in 1736. Related families include: Balsbaugh, Ebling, Frantz, Gibble, Kline, Ziegler.

(288pp. hardcover. index. Author, 1990. $30.00)

433. Michael Miller of 1692 and Many of His Descendants by Floyd R. Mason

This first edition was printed to invite feedback and new information in order that a larger volume could be printed in the future. Michael Miller married Susanna Agnes Bechtel. You’ll find 500 descendants with a guide to many other books that give names and other info on a million-plus of Michael’s descendants.

(25pp. index. Compiler, 1986. $5.00)

1298. The Michel Richard Family; Graber, Richard, Riche, Widmer Ancestors and Descendants by Kent E. Richard

This genealogy and family history will be appreciated by many Graber, Richard, Riche, and Widmer descendants. Ancestral lines are traced to France and Switzerland, some back to the 1600s. Frequent surnames are: Conrad, Eicher, Fahrni, Frey, Gerig, Graber, Hochstetler, Kauffmann, Klopfenstein, Kraibuhl, Lugbill, Ramseyer, Richard, Riche, Roth, Schindler, Schlunegger, Schmucker, Steiner, Stoll, Weiss, and Widmer. Part II covers the descendants of Michel (1787-1863) and Magdalena Richard.

(144pp. illus. index. Author, 1994. $14.75)

122. Miller Family History, Descendants of Solomon S. Miller and (1) Mary Hershberger, and (2) Barbara Christner, 1828-1981 by Oscar R. Miller

Solomon is a brother to the Eli and Isaac in book #123. A historical introduction to the Miller family by J. Virgil Miller is included. The family is of Amish descent. Descendants live in Ohio, Indiana, etc.

(87pp. index. Author, 1981. $7.50)

123. Miller Family History: Two Volumes in One Book: Descendants of Eli S. Miller and Marie Kauffman; Descendants of Isaac S. Miller and (1) Rachel Troyer and (2) Fannie Erb, 1821-1981 by Oscar R. Miller

Of Amish descent, the family is scattered, with many in Ohio and Indiana, but others as far west as Washington and California, as well as quite a few in Canada. Introduction by Virgil Miller.

(126pp. index. Author, 1981. $7.50)

590. Monroe K. Garman’s Descendants, 1856-1989 by Erla M. Martin

A genealogy on the author’s Great-grandfather Monroe K. Garman, tracing his descendants for five generations. Two photographs show the homesteads of Monroe and his wives.

(107pp. hardcover. index. Author, 1989. $9.25)

124. Mosemann Family Directory by John H. and Ruth Mosemann

A most commendable compilation of family history on nearly 3,000 descendants of Jacob Mosemann (1795-1876) and Magdalena Frey (1802-1868), 1852 immigrants from Germany who settled in Lancaster Co., Pa.

(161pp. hardcover. Gateway Press, 1987. $15.00)

1556. The Moses H. Yoder Family History by Ernest and Willa Yoder

Moses H. Yoder was the youngest son of Christian “Kiefer Christ” and Esther (Hertzler) Yoder of Mifflin Co., Pa. Moses m. 1) Barbara Kauffman and 2) Elizabeth Slabaugh. Their children married into the following families: Bontrager, Butz, Hershberger, Marhofer, Miller, Schmidt, and Shenk.

(340pp. illus. index. Authors, 1995. $38.00)

1235. The Moyer Family, 1790-1993: Descendants of Phares R. Moyer and Cora M. (Hottenstein) Moyer by Earl and Dona Moyer

Phares Moyer (1884-1953) and his wife had seven children and lived in Lancaster Co., Pa. This book, the 50th anniversary edition, begins with Phares’s great-grandparents, John and Elizabeth Moyer.

(61pp. illus. index. Compilers, 1993 reprint of 1978 edition. $10.00)

2348. My Yoder Roots Run Deep by Ruth F. Yoder Baker

Part One is the descendants of Samuel K. (1832-1900) and Leah Yoder. Part Two is the descendants of Jonathan N. (1832-1901) and Leah Yoder. Part Three is the descendants of Eli Z. (1849-1927) and Susanna Yoder. Their Yoder ancestry goes back to Christian Yoder (1700-1775). These families lived in Mifflin Co., Pa. Their descendants have surnames such as Byler, Hostetler, Kanagy, Peachey, Stoltzfus, Yoder.

(286pp. index. illus. hardcover. Author, 1999. $25.00)

918. The Neff-Näf Family: A History of the Descendants of Henry Neff, Manor Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by William A. Neff

A genealogy of Henry and Barbara Neff of Hempfield and Manor Twps., Lancaster Co., Pa., and their descendants, this book corrects many earlier historical assumptions. More than 2,700 individuals are listed, dating back to the early 1700s with excellent European coverage. Two fold-out maps identify and locate the original Neff land patents from the Penns.

(480pp. illus. index. hardcover. Neff & Assoc., 1991. $38.00)

2064. New Buds on a Brubaker Branch: An Update for Descendants of William Henry Brubaker, 1854-1928 by Dale L. Brubaker

William Henry Brubaker was the son of Henry K. Brubaker and lived in Freeport, Ill. He m. 1) Mary Belle McKibben and m. 2) Alice (Miller) Bamberger. Read about his ancestors as well as his descendants. Surnames: Brubaker, Cartwright, Denlinger, Herrier, Kreider, McKibben, Samuelson, Sawyer, Shoemaker, Waller.

(280+pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 1997. $30.00)

469. The Nice Family History: Descendants of Bishop John T. Nice (1858-1931) and Elizabeth (Dutcher) Nice (1864-1950) of Morrison, Illinois by Hazel Nice Hassan

Begins by briefly recounting that the “te Neues” family had lived near Krefeld, Germany, at Lürrip since at least 1296. Includes a short history of Hans Neuss and his family who lived at Germantown, Pa. Recounts the migration of John Tyson Nice’s parents from Franconia, Montgomery Co., Pa., to Medina Co., Ohio, to Whiteside Co., Ill. Chapter concerning the Dutcher family of John Nice’s wife.

(120pp. illus. index. Author, 1983. $10.75)

711. Novy-Garwood Family Record and Connections by Dr. Frederick George Novy and Marguerite Novy Lambert

Over 8,000 names are traced in this hardcover family history covering the following primary names, many of whom are traced to their immigrant ancestor: Bartlett, Bishop, Bruner, Bull, Callender, Colver, Criley, Davenport, Detwiler, Garwood, McGown, and Sypherd. This is a compilation of a father and daughter’s research dating back to the late 1800s.

(412pp. hardcover. Masthof Press, 1990. $37.00)

2162. Oberholtzer and Nash Family Histories by Rev. A. J. Fretz

This is a 1985 reprint of A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Martin Oberholtzer and A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of William Nash of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. A general index is included for both family lines. Frequent surnames include Durstine, Fetz, Leatherman, Meyers, Moyer, Mumma, and Overholt.

(348pp. illus. index. Westmoreland-Fayette Historical Soc., 1985 reprint. $30.00)

1415. The Oberholtzer Book: A Foundation Book of Oberholtzer Immigrants and Unestablished Lines edited and compiled by Barbara B. Ford

This encyclopedia of Oberholtzer/Overholser/Overholt immigrants’ families and the first four or five generations of most, include families who settled in Pa. in Adams, Bedford, Berks, Bucks, Chester, Juniata, Lancaster, Lebanon, and Montgomery Cos.; in Ohio in Columbiana, Fairfield, Northampton, and Preble Cos.; in Va. in Giles and Rockingham Cos.; and in Ont. and Upper Canada.

(424pp. illus. hardcover. Overholser Family Assoc., 1995. $29.50)

2724. Only A Twig; A Branch of the Zugs/Zooks From Pennsylvania by Lois Ann Zook

European history of the Zugs/Zooks is given in this genealogy and family history, but most of the book concentrates on Immigrant Moritz Zug’s descendants; specifically the descendants of Moritz’s grandson, Abraham Zook (1780-1853). Common surnames include: Beeghly, Beiler, Bigelow, Blough, Byler, Christensen, Detwiler, Esh, Fisher, Fry, Hertzler, Hooley, Kauffman, King, Kurtz, Lantz, Martin, Mast, Miller, Overholt, Peachey, Plank, Sharp, Smucker, Stoltzfus, Troyer, Weaver, and Yoder.

(211pp. illus. reprint of 1979 ed. $10.00)

1558. The Other Hertzler-Hartzlers by Emanuel Cassel Hertzler

Many Hertzler and Hartzler families were not listed in Hertzler Genealogy…, 1885, or The Hertzler-Hartzler Family History, 1952 (#422). Here the history of the “other” Hertzlers is presented: names, dates, employment, church, community organization memberships, address, if deceased, date of departing and place of burial—for the descendant and spouse. The immigrant for this group was Johannes Hertzler who came to America in 1750 and settled in Lancaster Co., Pa. Surnames: Breneman, Brubaker, Eby, Funck, Herr, Hershey, Kreider, Newcomer, Paules, Sherrick, Strickler, Weaver, and more.

(608pp. index. hardcov. Masthof Press, 1995. $24.50. Please add $2.00 extra to postage bill.)

1628. Our Children’s Heritage—The Families Click/Hess/Miller/Graybill/Edgecomb/Provo/Leaman; Volume I: Click, Hess, Miller, Miller Ancestors by Maurice A. Click and Lois (Graybill) Click

Volume I of this well-researched family history traces the ancestry of Charles Andrew Click and Frances Rebecca Miller for fifteen generations from Virginia to Maryland, Pennsylvania, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Most common surnames include Ahlbaugh, Arnold, Burner, Click/Glick, Flory, Garber, Groff/Grove, Hess, Miller, Sanger, Snowberger, Stauffer, and Wine. The appendix includes ancestor charts for Bodkin, Cupp, Diaz, Gaither, Graybill, Guiton, Howdyshell, Long, Rexrode, Senger, Wiggins, Wright, and Wuesthoff.

(232pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 1995. $29.95)

2095. Our Pennsylvania German Families by Edna (Joan) B. Chelson

The story of Pennsylvania ancestors against the backdrop of European and American history is found in these 600 pages filled with information on families who settled primarily in Berks Co., Pa. Family names: Baer, Boyer, Faust, Glicker, Gring, Grub, Hemmig, Hetrich, Hettinger, Hill, Himmelberger, Kemmerer, Leininger, Long, Schauer, Waldschmidt, Wenrich, and more.

(600+pp. maps, photos, index. hardcover. Author, 1998. $35.00. Please add an additional $2.00 to postage bill.)

1238. Our Spangenberg/Spangenburg Heritage by Oren Edward Spangenburg and Robert Maurice Spangenburg

A history of the Spangenberg/Spangenburg family as they left Germany. In 1753, John August Spangen-berg, a nephew of August Gottlieb Spangenberg, the founder of the Moravian Church in America, arrived at Philadelphia, Pa. European history precedes the genealogy of Spangenberg’s descendants. Surnames: Beers, Kizer, Neighbor, Reilly, Shaffer, Spangenberg, and Swingle.

(247pp. illus. index. hardcover. O. E. Spangenburg, 1993. $40.00)

2627. Partenheimer, Parthemer, Parthemore Family History—1545-2002 by Walter L. Jebens and Udo P. Krauthausen

This family has been traced to one common ancestor born ca1545 in Germany. Over 6,000 numbered descendants, spanning 17 generations can be traced to today. One large branch immigrated to America in 1744 and initially settled in Lancaster and Dauphin Cos. of Pa. In the 1800s, other branches came from Germany and settled in Pa.; Mass.; Ind.; Mo.; and Wisc. A personalized section on the methodology for developing this family history with insights regarding the content, descendant numbering, and format of the book, will be of interest to others researching family history.

(480pp. index. hardcover. Author, 2002. $49.00. Add extra $1.50 for postage)

1357. Passionate Possessions of Faith by Robert G. Guenther

The travels and experiences of the Jacob Guenther family and his descendants in Switzerland, Moravia, the Netherlands, Prussia-Germany, Poland, Russia, and N. and S. America, this book contains the origin of the family’s paternal and maternal names; ancestral migrations in Europe and America; genealogy listing of names, dates, occupations, residences.

(320pp. index. hardcover. Author, 1994. $44.00)

2671. The Path of Faith: A 300-Year Heritage; The Shenk Family, New Danville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by John S. Shenk, II

Three hundred years of the land, property, and family histories surrounding the New Danville Mennonite Church in Lancaster Co., Pa., comprise this book illustrated with color photos. The Shenk and Stoner families are central with other surnames: Brenneman, Burkholder, Charles, Dombach, Groff, Harnish, Haverstick, Herr, Hess, Huber, Kendig, Kreider, Landis, Lefever, Martin, Mellinger, Miller, Myers, Reinhart, Snavely, Stehman, and Thomas.

(576pp. illus. index. hardcover. $49.95)

1808. A Pellman Family History: LeRoy S. and Elizabeth Lauver Pellman and Their Children, Ancestors, and Descendants by Hubert R. Pellman

A central Pa. family of eight, born between 1918 and 1935, collaborate on a family history reaching back to their European ancestry (mostly German, Swiss, and Dutch). A wonderful example of a formal genealogy balanced with anecdotes and narratives in a larger social context. Frequent surnames include Graybill, Lauver, Pellman, Redekop, Saner, Yoder, and Zendt.

(284pp. illus. hardcover. Author, 1996. $24.00)

2514. Peter Bögli-Elisabeth Amstutz: Ancestors and Descendants, 1776-2000 by Kent E. Richard

Part I traces the Bögle/Beugli, etc., family and the Amstutz family back to Canton Bern, Switzerland. Part II lists nearly 5,500 known descendants of Peter Bögli and Elisabeth Amstutz. This family has spread from Moron, Switzerland, to many countries of the world. Includes 186 photos, maps, and index. Frequent names in index include Amstutz, Bögli, Gerber, Haueter, Hofstetter, Lehman, Liechty, Martin, Neuenschwander, Nussbaum, Sommer, and Zuercher.

(410pp. illus. index. Author, 2001. $25.00)

1519. The Peter Good Family Book, 1530-1995 by Dale K. and Verlene Vaughn Weber

Begins with Andreas Gutt (b. 1530) of Switzerland. Peter Good (1837-1910) was a descendant of 1717 Immigrant Jacob Good who settled in Lancaster Co., Pa. Peter married Rebecca Myers and they lived in Franklin Co., Pa., and moved to Kansas and Iowa. Includes allied families of Deemy, Gelsinger, Meyers/Myers, Plum, and Summers.

(93pp. illus. index. Authors, 1995. $19.50)

1563. Peter Jacob & Katharina (Sudermann) Willms: Their Ancestors, Lives and Descendants by Peter A. Willms

Peter Jacob Willms (1879-1945) and his wife Katharina were born in the Molotschna Mennonite Colony in Ukraine, Russia, and had eleven children. In 1926 they and their children traveled to Latvia, England, Canada. Read of their life in Russia, their hardships, experiences with war—stories handed down and memories shared by their grandchildren. Surnames: Toews, Cornelson, Neufeld, Hildebrand, Martens.

(69pp. illus. 1995. $15.00)

824. The Peter Leibundgutt Journal by Lois Ann Mast

Amishman Peter Leibundgutt/Livengood (d. 1826) kept a financial journal of personal and business transactions between 1758 and 1824. A weaver, Peter is thought to be the first Amishman to go by Conestoga wagon across the Allegheny Mountains to settle in what is now Elk Lick, Somerset Co., Pa. The journal is transcribed here along with an introduction, a listing of Peter’s descendants for three generations (Beachy, Breneisen, Fike, Forney, Haag, Hardman, Kepple, Miller, Saylor, and Yoder), an every-name index.

(118pp. illus. index. M.F.H., 1991. $9.00)

1520. The Philip Brown Family of Tulpehocken Valley by Shirley M. Brown, Jeremy Lutz, and William Shuey

This is a compilation and history of the descendants of Immigrant Johan Philip Braun/Brown who settled in Tulpehocken Township, Berks Co., Pa. Contains a 19,000 every-name index, birth and death dates, baptisms, and marriages for all family members and spouses. Related names: Artz, Bashore, Bender, Deck, Emerich, Fidler, Fisher, Gassert, Glick, Heffner, Hoffman, Hower, Klick, Lutz, Miller, Moyer, Schaeffer, Snyder, Staudt, Tice, Wagner, Walborn, Wolf, Yoder,…

(722pp. illus. Author, 1995. $48.50. Add an extra $3.00 to postage bill.)

2515. Pilgrimage of Faith: The Journey of an Anabaptist Family

This video is a slide show, produced in 1992 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the first Amish Yoders in America. Produced by Virgil E. Yoder.

(45 minutes. $20.00)

712. Pitchforks and Pitchpipes: A Portrait of a Lancaster County Mennonite Family by Esther Mae Longenecker Hiestand

A unique memory book of stories given by forty-four first-cousins, the grandchildren of Christian Garber Longenecker and Lavina Royer Bender, and the gt-gt-gt-gt-gt-grandchildren of Ulrich Longenecker who was the first Longenecker to come to America from Switzerland. These Longenecker cousins are farmers, teachers, preachers, and college professors, who express their creativity in words, and handiwork.

(498pp. hardcover. illus. 1990. $35.00. Add an extra $2.00 to postage bill.)

1769. A Portrait of Our Ancestors—Vol. II, Troxell by Irene Baker

This history and genealogy of the descendants of Abraham Drachsel/Troxel (b. ca1717 in Germany) centers around what is today Lebanon Co., Pa. Other families covered in this book first printed in 1988 include Beal, Brightbill, Ensworth, Hoffman, Joray, Jury, Keck, Krider, Long, Parrish, Shisler, Umholtz.

(380pp. illus. hardcover. Selby Pub., 1996. $42.00)

2726. The Posterity of Jacob and Mary (Funk) Driver (1800-1996) by Clerice Fisher

This family history book covers the Driver and Funk families back eight generations to the immigrant ancestors. These families primarily lived in Rockingham County, Va., before moving to Allen County, Ohio, in 1852. Surnames include: Bailey, Beck, Carroll, Caryer, Fisher, Flora, Garrett, Grover, Haugh, Hitchcock, James, Jolliff, Layman, Miller, McDowell, Rakestraw, Rumble, Smith, White, Wood, Zehrbach and many more.

(800pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 2003. $50.00)

127. Reiff Families in America by Harry E. Reiff

This impressive-looking volume lists descendants of Jacob Reiff (1698-1782), son of Immigrant Hans George Reiff who came to America before 1720. Jacob and Anna Maria Reiff had three children: George Reiff III m. Elizabeth Hendricks, Jacob Reiff m. Catharine Schneider, and Catharine (Reiff?). A brief description of the two major 18th-century family groups, a list of other 18th-century Reiff immigrants, and a short section on possible European origins.

(557pp. hardcover. Gateway Press, 1986. $35.00)

474. Reiff Family History, 1735-1982 by Eli E. Reiff, Jr. and Amos H. Reiff

Reiffs, Horsts, Wengers, and other familiar Lancaster Co., Pa., surnames appear here tracing the family of Jonas Reiff m. Anna/Nancy Horst.

(328pp. hardcover. index. Pequea, 1982. $13.00)

2633. Reiff to Riffe Family in America, Vol. II by Fred J. Riffe

This encyclopedia of Reiffs lists the ancestors and descendants of three Mennonite Reiff brothers: Hans, John Jacob, and Abraham thought to have been born in 17th century Germany or Switzerland. Emigrating to Pa. in the early 1700s, this book traces families from 1500 through 2002.

(600pp. index. hardcover. Author, 2002. $40.00)

128. Revealed Life of Nicholas Stoltzfus (out of the Archives of Zweibrücken) by Ernest Drumm

A colorful booklet on the Stoltzfus family, this collection concentrates on 1766 Immigrant Nicholas Stoltzfus, who settled in Berks Co., Pa.

(24pp. Levi Stoltzfus. $3.00)

2427. Roeders in the Hosensack Valley of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania by Dorothy Nace Tharpe

The families of the three sons of Johannes Roeder who moved into the Hosensack Valley, Lehigh Co., in 1787 are featured here in a wide range of subjects: German migration, maps, Samuel Roeder’s baptismal certificate, his descendants, death and funeral customs, churches where they worshipped, signatures, etc. Surnames: Antrim, Beidler, Boyer, Derr, Guldin, Harlacher, Krauss, Krull, Long, Stauffer, and Young.

(64pp. illus. Author, 2000. $25.00)

1035. Roots and Branches of the Herrfort/Herford Family by Jo Ann Herrfort

A pictorial history and genealogy of the John and Magdalena (Erb) Herford family and the Andrew and Barbara (Wagler) Herrfort family, with roots in Alsace, France, who immigrated in the 1850s to Ontario. Frequent surnames include Albrecht, Bedford, Bishop, Furlong, Herrfort, Jantzi, Kuepfer, Ramseyer, Schlabach, Streicher, Yousey, and Zehr.

(335pp. illus. index. Author, 1992. $25.00)

1000. The Roots and Descendants of Mast and Mary Stoltzfus by Lester S. Yoder

Mast Stoltzfus (1869-1950) and Mary (Beiler) Stoltzfus of Elverson, Pa., had twelve children who married into the following families: Fisher, Glick, Landis, Mast, Petersheim, Stoltzfus, Weaver, and Yoder.

(148pp. index. illus. Lester S. Yoder, 1981. $6.00)

129. Roots: Continuing Generations: John Risser Hess, 1828-1897 by Paul Ervin Roupp

A history of the Hess family beginning with the Hesses in Switzerland in the 1500s to 1712. Immigrant Hans Hess of Lancaster Co., Pa., to Rev. John R. Hess and his descendants to today.

(232pp. illus. Author, 1980. $20.00)

1365. The Rosenberger Family of Montgomery County by Edward Mathews

Historical and genealogical sketches on the Rosenberger/Rosenberry family of Montgomery Co., Pa., is a compilation of all Mathews’ research on the Rosenbergers and early residents of Hatfield Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa.

(56pp. illus. index. Adams Apple Press, 1994 reprint of 1892 edition. $15.00)

642. The Sangrey Family History: The Descendants of Mary and John Sangrey, 1788-1838 by Abram Warfel Sangrey

Many related Lancaster Co., Pa., families can be found in this well-illustrated Sangrey family history including Breneman, Brubaker, Conrad, Ebersole, Gerlach, Good, Hess, Kolb, Martin, Miller, Mylin, Oberholtzer, Shenk, and Tyson.

(175pp. illus. index. Author, 1989. $24.75)

1676. Schäublin and Thommen Emigrants from the Canton of Basel, Switzerland by George W. Andrews

Two Schäublin/Shively families and two Thommen families from Switzerland are covered, including several earlier generations in America. They primarily settled in Lancaster Co., Pa., and Frederick Co., Md. Wonderful European resource data!

(47pp. illus. Author, 1996. $9.95)

2134. Schowalter Heritage, Series 1—Vol. 1, Christian Schowalter, Pleasant View, Martindale, Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Pam Brown

This Showalter book (first of a series) highlights the descendants of Christian Showalter and sons Jacob and John from Earl Township, Lancaster Co., Pa. Each subsequent book will focus on an immigrant, whether the individual was an adult or child at time of immigration. Surnames found in Series 1, Volume 1, include Good, Groff, Kurtz, Martin, Oberholtzer, and Sensenig.

(122pp. spiral. index. Showalter Her., 1998. $35.00)

2293. Schowalter Heritage, Series 2, Vol. 1, Schowalter Families of Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by Pam Brown

Christian and Barbara (Shirk) Showalter are highlighted with an introduction to Christian’s life in Cocalico Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., and his migration to Letterkenny Twp., Franklin Co., Pa. Surnames include Gerhart, Houlen, McCloud, Schlabach, Shirk, Whisler, Whitmore. An introduction to the descendants of Johannes and Christena Schowalder (Cocalico Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa.) provides an insight of the life and times of Johannes and Christena. Surnames include Ammon, Eberly, Gensemer, Hirneisen, Keske (Caskey), Reinhold, and Wenrich.

(118pp. spiral. index. Author, 1999. $35.00)

1242. Schweizer Familien Lehmann...1569-1850, Lehmann im Saarpfalz-Kreis, 1720-1990 by Artur Lehmann

This genealogy is actually two volumes in one compiled by a genealogist in Germany. It focuses on the Swiss/Saar Palatinate Lehmann, Anken, and related families, and contains information on the Lehmann family in the Swiss Amtsbezirk Signau with major related surnames Hofer, Lüthi, Moser, Salzmann, Schneider, Stauffer, Steiner, Weber, Zaugg, etc., from 1569-1850. It also covers family members who migrated to the Saar Palatinate with names such as Eschmann, Hock, Krebs, Leibrock, Rüfenacht, Schleppi, Wagner, and more, 1720-present. Contains 33 Swiss and German maps.

(348pp. hardcover. illus. Author, 1990. $66.00)

2034. Shank Family Record by Floyd R. Mason

Christian Shank lived in Germany. Michael Shank and Mary came to and lived in Lancaster Co., Pa. Michael Jr. and Adam are carried forward eleven generations. Very limited as only a few lines are followed.

(24pp. Author, 1992. $6.95)

447. Sherk-Shirk Freundschaft 1732-1982 by Lyle Sherk

This book follows the journey of Casper Schirch/Sherk from Rotterdam to his eventual purchase of land in present Lebanon Co., Pa. It portrays the difficulties faced by Mennonites in Europe in this era and earlier (1732). Sherk follows the lineal descent of the children who remained in Lebanon Co., Pa., but also those who went elsewhere to Indiana, Ohio, Canada, etc., giving more emphasis on those who stayed in Pa.

(102pp. illus. index. Author, 1982. $20.00)

1896. The Shertzer Family From Michelfeld by Noah Brubaker and Richard Shertzer

Philipp Schertzer, the progenitor of the Shertzer line covered in this book, settled in Manor Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., on what later became Lots 20 and 24 in the borough of Millersville. Early families intermarried with this family include Breneman, Eshelman, Funk, Henry, Herr, Hershey, Haugendobler, Miller, Newcomer, Schock, Wertz, and Young.

(106pp. illus. index. Masthof Press, 1997. $10.95)

1409. The Shetter Family Tree by Lois Ann Mast

The genealogy and family history of the Johannes Schetter (1761-1815) family, this Franklin Co., Pa., Mennonite family is traced from Johannes m. to Anna Stouffer. All descendants of Isaac L. Shetter (1844-1926) and Barbara B. Huber (1839-1922) are given. Surnames: Brubaker, Burkholder, Byers, Ebersole, Halteman, Horst, Lehman, Martin, Patterson, Shank, Shetter, Sollenberger, Wadel, and Yeager.

(105pp. illus. index. Masthof Press, 1994. $9.95)

2430. Shirks On Fraktur by Russell and Corinne Earnest

This booklet lists data on the Shirk family found on a variety of fraktur; also: Horst, Scherck, and Weber.

(19pp. Russell D. Earnest Associates, 2000. $10.00)

1199. Simon L. and Lydia E. Yoder: 20th Century Pilgrimage by Elmer S. Yoder

This illustrated biography is on the first minister of the Beachy Amish Churches. Simon lived in Somerset Co., Pa.; Kempsville, Va.; and Montezuma, Ga.

(315pp. illus. Diakonia Min., 1993. $15.00)

1160. The Smith’s of Molley’s Fancy in Maryland by Virginia Poling and Newton Poling

William Smith purchased a farm in Frederick Co., Md., in 1787 and had four children. This story is written to present the Smith family, primarily that of the two sons, Solomon and Jacob Smith. Descendants moved to Ohio, Ind., Iowa, while some stayed in Md.

(50pp. index. illus. Author, revised 1992. $8.00)

477. Stambaugh and Allied Families by Helen Stambaugh

The Stambaugh genealogy begins with their emigration to Pennsylvania in 1709 and continues into the 12th generation. Included in the book are all or portions of 18 documents dating from 1755, 50 photographs of ancestors, and entire wills and letters which establish the relationship of the families descending from the five sons and one daughter of the emigrating ancestor. Index includes names such as Baker, Bowman, Brenneman, Brillhart, Graybill, Hildebrand, Hoover, Miller, Myers, Rohrbaugh, Smith, Strausbaugh.

(500pp. hardcover. Author, 1987. $46.00)

1776. Stauffer Family History

Two books are bound here in one. Part one is the “Stauffer Genealogy of America and History of the Descendants of Jacob Stauffer” by Ezra N. Stauffer, printed in 1917. Jacob Stauffer, b. ca1765, and his wife Elizabeth had three children and lived in Earl Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. Part two, an update, was printed in 1982 by Willis W. Stauffer. Both parts are indexed and contain names such as Bauman, Fox, Good, Martin, Nolt, Sensenig, Stauffer, Weaver, Witmer, and Zimmerman.

(901pp. hardcover. $14.50 plus $1.00 add’l for shipping)

1849. Stoltzfus Cemetery by John J. Lapp

About two miles northwest of New Holland, Pa., lies an Amish cemetery started in 1831 with nearly 200 burials. This book lists all burials with additional information appearing in footnotes. The deed for the cemetery and an every-name index are also included.

(21pp. index. Author, 1997. $5.95)

1039. Stoltzfus-Nafzinger Family History by John J. Lapp

This family history traces one line of Immigrant Nicholas Stoltzfus’s descendants through his son, Christian Stoltzfus, m. 1) Catherine Gerber and 2) Elizabeth King. The Nafzinger connection comes in through Nicholas’s grandson, John, who m. 1) Elizabeth Umble and 2) Elizabeth Nafzinger, dau. of Peter and Jacobina (Swartzentruber) Nafzinger.

(98pp. illus. index. Author, 1992. $13.35)

1244. Stoner Brethren: A History of John Stoner (ca1705-1769) and His Descendants by Richard R. Weber

Record of the Brethren John Stoner family, concentrating on Pa. and Md. descendants. John lived in Pa. and Md. with him and his children leaving an astonishing trail of documents to establish their presence in Colonial America. Frequent names in the index: Arnold, Bonebrake, Funk, Garber, Long, Miller, Oller, Plaine, Royer, Smith, and Stoner.

(638pp. index. hardcover. Author, 1993. $55.00)

131. The Story of Solomon and Lydia Smith Miller and Their Children by Newton and Virginia Poling

From Westminster, Md., to Seneca Co., Ohio, and later to Allen Co., Ohio, this Miller family of 17 was among the first in the early colonization efforts of the Brethren. Intermarried with the Clicks, Drivers, Earlys, Garbers, Kauffmans, Kigers, Leedys, and Wines, this book was compiled by a great-granddaughter of Solomon Miller. Solomon Miller was the son of Abraham and Elizabeth (Crumpacker) Miller who in 1792 settled in Frederick Co., Md.

(168pp. illus. Authors, 1988. $18.50)

1369. The Strassburger Family and Allied Families of Pennsylvania by Ralph Beaver Strassburger

A number of copies of this genealogy have just surfaced. Chapters in this large book cover the following surnames: Bauer, Clemens, Dotterer, Hartzell, Kern, Kolb, Landis, Lederach, Markley, Schneider, Schwenk, Shoemaker, Stout, Strassburger, Yeager, and Ziegler.

(520pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 1922. $95.00 plus an additional $1.00 for postage)

957. Summers-Sommers: A Family History, 1735-1990 by B. N. Troyer

This family history begins with John Summers (b. ca1735) m. Catherine. They had two sons, Christian (b. 1778) and Peter (1761-1836). Names, dates, and spouses’ parents are listed for more than 1,300 families with the most frequent surnames: Bontrager, Byler, Detweiler, Hartzler, Kauffman, King, Miller, Schrock, Sommers, Stoltzfus, Summers, Troyer, Yoder, and Zook.

(65pp. index. Author, 1992. $18.00)

795. Those Who Followed After . . . Jacob and Catharine (Blough) Wingard by Mary P. Graybill

Stories, pictures, and genealogy of Jacob and Catharine (Blough) Wingard and their descendants in the Johnstown flood, how Christy Miller kept her kitchen and garden, Catharine Wingard’s favorite quilt, the Wingard family Bible record, and the Wingard roots back to Hans Wänger of Alsace. Surnames include Blough, Brubaker, Frederick, Graybill, Grove, Hummel, Kauffman, Lauver, Miller, Page, Swartz, Weaver, Wenger/Wingard, and Zimmerman.

(117pp. illus. index. Author, 1991. $18.00)

1902. The Trautman/Troutman Family History, Volume II by Steve E. Troutman

Concerns the Troutman emigrants who left Germany in the 18th century and settled in Pa. and N. Car. Photos show European and Pa. dwellings. Family names include Bush, Clark, Hartter, Meyer, Tschopp, etc. Includes information from Volume I (out of print) such as all the Troutman descendants and most of the information on the Mahantongo Valley Trautman branch.

(606pp. index. illus. hardcover. Author, 1997. $59.00. Add an extra $2.00 to postage bill.)

2219. Ummel-Lambert Roots and Branches by Helen Ummel Harness

This family history of John Ummel (1861-1942) and Ella Lambert (1874-1951) of Elkhart Co., Ind., contains their ancestors and descendants. Besides Ummel and Lambert the ancestral lines traced include Brumbaugh, Coughman, Gehman, Musselman, Nafziger, and Unangst. A narrative of every ancestor in the direct line describes his life, migrations, activities.

(184pp. index. Author, 1999. $15.00)

686. The Verclers of Illinois With Roots in Switzerland and France 1750 to 1990 by Joanne Vercler Niswander

The Verclers of central Illinois (Livingston and McLean Counties) stem from Rudolph Würgler, an Anabaptist Amish-Mennonite family from Switzerland to Lorraine, France, and then to the U.S. Pictures include homes and family members on both sides of the ocean. Narrative and genealogy charts are given for ten generations of Verclers.

(236pp. Author, 1990. $30.00)

2358. The Wächt/Wecht/Weight/Waite Family History by Vickie Elaine Waite Trostle

With introductory material on the Wecht family in Europe concentrating on Immigrant Adam Wecht who came to America in 1754, this book is illustrated with photographs and documents. Adam and Eve Wacht had six children. The author descends from the first child, John Casper Wacht, baptized at the Mertz Church, Berks Co., Pa. Some of the more frequent surnames in the index include Anders, Applegate, Beck, Brocious, Brown, Buck, Carper, Deml, Fisher, Goodman, Jones, Kline, Lewis, Mattern, McKee, Miller, Stover, Wacht, Waite, Wecht, Weight, and Whitaker.

(116pp. Author, 2000. $32.00)

1990. A Weaver’s Source Book: Uphome with Jonas and Emma by Mary Lou Weaver Houser with Carolyn Ehst Groff

Spanning 500 years and 15 generations, this story of Jonas Abram Weaver and his people reveals the defining moments of one Swiss-Anabaptist family line. The Wäber/Weber/Weaver lineage winds amidst 430 photos from Switzerland to Pa. to Va., and back to Pa.

(303pp. illus. Author, 1997. $29.95)

1576. Weber or Weaver Family History by Ezra N. Stauffer and Others

Hannas/John Weber who died in 1721 in Switzerland, left three sons—George, Jacob, and Henry—who came to America settling in Berks Co., Pa. In 1718, these brothers moved to Lancaster Co. in the Weaverland area of Pa. Surnames: Detwiler, Good, Horst, Imhoff, Martin, Ramer, Reed, Shank, Shaum, Witmer, and Yoder.

(180pp. hardcover. Selby Publishing, 1995 reprint of 1953 edition. $22.00)

132. The Wenger Book by Samuel S. Wenger

This is the encyclopedia of Lancaster Co., Pa., Mennonite families because of the some twenty-five Wenger progenitors. The largest, that of Christian Wenger, 1727 immigrant, may have well over a quarter million descendants. Many other non-Wenger immigrants are also outlined. A real gold mine! Included is a copy of The Wenger Book Index by Jay V. Wenger.

(1,248pp. & 480pp. illus. Pa. German Heritage History, Inc., 1978. 2 vols., $49.50. Please add an additional $3.00 to postage bill.)

1425. Westward Ho! On the Trail of Elias and Annie Auker Reist and Their Descendants by Larry D. Spicer

Elias Reist (1863-1957) and Annie Auker (1864-1926) had eight children and lived in Iowa and Mich. This book also contains early Reist family history, beginning in 1690 with Hans and Barbara Ryser Reist and the “Canadian Connection” and the “Iowa Experiment.” Frequent surnames: Buschert, Dettweiler, Reinbold, Reist, Spicer, and Stauffer.

(69pp. index. illus. Author, n.d. $10.00)

2522. Where Have All the Roeses Gone? by Marion Roes

A 2000 update of the book Descendants of John and Polly Yoder Roes, 1821-1976. Includes information about John’s parents and grandparents as well as his descendants. John was born in France in 1821, married Polly Yoder (of Somerset, Pa.), and settled in Ontario. Surnames: Albrecht, Erb, Gerber, Rose/Rees/Ries/Riss variations, Roggie, Ropp, Widrick, Zehr, etc.

(151pp. illus. index. Author, 2001. $21.75)

687. Who Begot Thee? Descendants of Jacob Brubaker of Snyder County, Pa. by Lois Ann Zook

This reprint of the 1976 edition (with corrections) begins with Immigrant Abraham Brubacher and covers the descendants of Abraham’s grandson, Jacob Hess Brubacher, who lived in what is now Snyder Co., Pa. Surnames: Aucker, Brubaker, Eberly, Graybill, Hendricks, Hoover, Hummel, Kurtz, Landis, Lapp, Martin, Miller, Newswanger, Nolt, Oberholtzer, Ramer, Sensenig, Shellenberger, Stauffer, Wanner, Weaver, Zimmerman.

(302pp. illus. Author, 1990 repr. of 1976 ed. $12.50)

133. The William and Lucinda Landes Family of Montgomery County, Ohio by Alva D. Landes

William Landes (1850-1923) and Lucinda Smith (1856-1942) were married in 1875 and had nine children whose families are traced in this book. Surnames: Aukerman, Buechly, Deeter, Flory, Garber, Hess, and Miller.

(83pp. Author, 1987. $6.75)

1007. The William H. and Mary P. Lehman Family by James O. Lehman

This is a pictorial history and genealogy of Will and Mary Lehman’s family of the Sonnenberg-Kidron, Ohio, community. William Henry Lehman (1866-1949) and Mary P. Lehman (1868-1927) had children who married Bixler, Hartzler, Lehman, and Zuercher.

(106pp. illus. index. Author, 1992. $15.00)

2220. William H. Flohr Family History by Carl R. Flohr

History and genealogy of the Flohr family beginning with Valentine Flohr (b. 1726) of Dover, York Co., Pa., with many illustrations. The book concludes with photos of the 75th Flohr Reunion held July 26, 1998. Frequent surnames included are: Blickenstaff, Burkholder, Diehl, Flohr, Hess, Hill, Lidie, Ridenour, Schildt, and Wise, among others.

(608pp. illus. hardcover. Author, 1998. $50.00)

2328. The Wine Family in America; Section IV by Dennis H. Wine and Donald N. Link

This large reference volume on the Wine family in America covers the descendants of Daniel Wine (1777-1863) of Shenandoah Co., Va. He had earlier lived in Frederick Co., Md., and before that in Lancaster Co., Pa. European background on the Wine family is also shared. Surnames: Berry, Bowman, Brooks, Brown, Campbell, Cupp, Eavers, Fitzgerald, Furr, Garber, Garst, Good, Griffin, Harris, Hilbert, Jones, Kiblinger, Landes, Link, Long, Miller, Myers, Reeves, Reid, Senger, Sheets, Showalter, Smith, Stover, Whisler, White, Williams, Wine, and Wood.

(1,010pp. index. illus. hardcover. Donald N. Link, 2000. $39.95, plus an extra $2.00 for shipping)

1991. Wurtenberg to Warwick: The Wittel Family of Lancaster County by Kim Y. Wittel

Three thousand Wittel/Wittle descendants are scattered throughout the U.S. today. This genealogy traces brothers Jacob and Michael Wittel and their families who settled in Lancaster Co., Pa. Surnames: Bashore, Brandt, Bretz, Brosey, Garber, Geib, Greiner, Hartman, Horst, Snyder, Spangler, Weachter.

(142pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 1997. $19.50)

1731. Yoder History, 1700-1970, and Family Record of Abraham A. Yoder and Lydia Miller, 1871-1993 by Christian T. Yoder

Abraham (1871-1961) and Lydia Yoder had twelve children and lived in N.D. Besides the genealogy of their descendants, the book includes memories, and Yoder ancestors. Frequent names in index include Bontrager, Mast, Miller, Schrock, Troyer, and Yoder.

(344pp. hardcover. index. Author, 1995. $25.50)

1577. Yoder Newsletter (Issues 1 through 25); A Compilation of the First Twenty-five Issues With a Complete “Every Name” Index edited by Chris Yoder

Contains information on Yoder reunions, history of Yoders in Europe, obituaries, biographical sketches, human interest stories, newspaper clippings, photos, maps, and more. Each issue (1983-1995) is packed with stories. Other surnames found in the index include Angstadt, Bontrager, Hertzler, Hochstetler, Kauffman, Miller, Stutzman, etc.

(illus. hardcover. Yoder Newsletter, 1995. $30.00)

2495. Zehr History and Genealogy by Arletha Yoder

This Zehr history begins in Switzerland, continues in France, and is followed to Croghan, N. Y., where many Amish and Mennonite families settled. Old and more recent photos are scattered throughout the book. Many dramatic Zehr family accounts are given to supplement the genealogical data. The author’s grandfather came from France in 1850 and settled in Lewis Co., N. Y.

(364pp. index. illus. Author, 2001. $26.00)

645. Ziegler Family Record by Jessie Ziegler

A revised edition of the 1906 Ziegler Family Record, this book includes new information, an informative historical section with maps, wills, deeds, and over ninety early photos. It covers the descendants of Philip Ziegler (1734-1803), 1746 immigrant, with a 13,000-name index; additions by Floyd R. Mason.

(672pp. hardcover. index. Author, 1990. $50.00)

134. Zug/Zuck/Zouck/Zook Genealogy by Harry Zook

This book includes the male lines for at least five generations beginning with all Swiss-German Zaugg-Zug immigrants who arrived prior to 1800.

(428pp. Gateway Press, Inc., 1983. $25.00)

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