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2441. Anabaptist Chronology (Chart) by Richard Cryer

Timeline from 1500 to 2000 showing the beginning of the Reformation, Anabaptists, Hutterites, Brethren, Quakers, various Mennonite groups, Amish, and more. Along the timeline appear references to Longenecker family members since Cryer is editor of the Longenecker Family Newsletter.

(laminated chart. 11" x 17". Compiler, 2000. $6.00)

1602. Anabaptist Currents: History in Conversation With the Present edited by Carl F. Bowman and Stephen L. Longenecker

Read what 22 Brethren and Mennonite scholars write about eleven topics. Each topic, or “conversation,” includes one historical essay and one that focuses toward the future. Topics include sin, salvation, scripture, worship, communion (including feet-washing), language and symbolism, nonconformity, membership, the ministry, yieldedness, and mission.

(319pp. Forum for Religious Studies, 1995. $16.95)

2745. Anabaptist Families From Langnau, Switzerland, 1749-1875 by Monty C. Peden

This unique collection of never-before-published data covers 232 Anabaptist families who were forced to leave Langnau, Switzerland, and settle in the Bishopric of Basel, Switzerland, where they lived for a number of generations. In 1791, these families requested and were permitted to retain their Heimat at Langnau where they and their descendants were recorded in an old church register. Family information includes birth dates for parents and children. There are also marriage dates, names of grandparents, places of residence, death dates, spouses of children, and spouses’ Heimat. In connecting the families, 39 family trees were constructed that represent 173 of the 232 families. Some of the families: Aeschlimann, Augsburger, Baum-gartner, Blaser, Burkhalter, Burki, Gerber, Hofer, Hofstetter, Kipfer, Leeman/Lehman, Moser, Neuenschwander, Rothlisberger, and Schwartz.

(126pp. index. Masthof Press, 2003. $14.99)

1812. Anabaptist History and Theology: An Intro-duction by C. Arnold Snyder

This is a survey of the latest scholarly literature which simultaneously provides an original and creative synthesis.

(434pp. illus. index. Pandora Press, 1995. $38.50)

16. Anabaptist Letters From 1635 to 1645: Translation From the Ausbund by John Kauffman

These forty letters were written by suffering Anabaptists from Switzerland to their sympathetic brethren in Holland. An interesting note is that they contain many typical Mennonite names as we have them in the U.S. today. A few names can be found in the Martyrs Mirror.

(29pp. Martha K. Coffman, 1994. $3.00)

354. Anabaptist-Mennonite Names In Switzerland by Isaac Zurcher and translated by Hannes Maria Aleman

Reprinted from the October 1988 Mennonite Quarterly review, this informative article will be of interest to many researchers. The index includes names such as Albrecht, Amstutz, Bausmann, Bucher, Fischer, Graf, Landis, Meyer, Steiner, Weber, and Zimmerman.

(35pp. MQR, 1988. $6.75)

1778. Anabaptist Timeline compiled by Verna Schlabach

Timeline begins in 1525 in Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, and Germany and continues through 1996. Years Significant to Anabaptist history are noted, including migrations and church beginnings for groups such as New/Old Order Amish, Apostolic Christian, Mennonite, Brethren in Christ, Evangelical Mennonite Church, General Conference, and Hutterites.
(illus. chart, 10 3/4" x 25". $4.95 plus $1.00 extra shipping)

2470. Anabaptist Visions for the New Millennium: A Search for Identity edited by Dale Schrag and James Juhnke

Papers presented at a symposium entitled An Anabaptist Vision For the New Millennium: A Search for Identity, held at Bethel College, June 15-18, 2000. Writers such as C. Arnold Snyder, Ray Gingerich, Ruth Suter, Marlene Kropf, John Rempel, Linford Stutzman, and others covers topics such as a search for identity, theology and church, engaging the world, new voices, worship, and mission and evangelism.

(237pp. Pandora Press, 2001. $23.00)

19. Becoming Anabaptist by J. Denny Weaver

The story of the beginning of the Anabaptist movement and how it is relevant to us today, this book traces the Swiss, South German Moravian, and Dutch Anabaptist movements. Weaver maintains that in spite of the geographical and theological diversity that existed from the beginning in the Anabaptist movement, an authentic theological legacy exists today.

(176pp. Herald Press, 1987. $14.99)

21. The Complete Works of Menno Simon

Translated from the original Dutch and then published in 1871 by John F. Funk, this encyclopedic volume was reprinted in 1983. Menno Simon(s) was the outstanding Anabaptist leader during the 16th century. His followers became known as Mennonites.

(740pp. hardcover. Pathway Pub., 1983. $17.50)

2585. Engaging Anabaptism edited by John D. Roth

Thirteen Protestant and Catholic scholars reflect on how their understandings of the Christian faith have been shaped by their encounter with the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition. Subtitled “Conversations with a Radical Tradition.”

(216pp. Herald Press, 2002. $19.99)

2660. From Anabaptist Seed by C.A. Snyder

Subtitled “The Historical Care of Anabaptist Identity,” this booklet clearly explains the most important beliefs of Anabaptism in a simple and concise manner.

(54pp. Pandora Press, 1999. $5.00)

2015. Handbook to the Anabaptist Hymnal by Clarence Y. Fretz

Contains interesting background information on every song in the Anabaptist Hymnal. The Anabaptists did not compose music for their hymns, but used well-known, singable melodies then in use. This explains why the life story of composers receives less attention than the life of writers of the hymn texts. Contains index of Authors, Translators and Verifiers, Composers and Sources, German Titles, and First Lines.

(115pp. Author, 1989. $7.95)

2755. Hans Landis; Swiss Anabaptist Martyr in Seventeenth Century Documents by James Lowry

Hans Landis, a rugged Anabaptist farmer living near Zurich, Switzerland, was executed for his faith in 1614. This book offers new information about the work, court-trials, and death of Hans Landis, as well as an insight into the religious, social, and political atmosphere of that time. His story is briefly given in the Martyr’s Mirror and in a martyr ballad in the Ausbund.

(248pp. illus. hardcover. $14.95)

2786. In God’s Image: A Global Anabaptist Family by Ray Dirks, compiler

Art, photos, and stories of shared faith from 17 countries broadly cover all major regions of the world where Anabaptists live today. The photos highlight the everyday life of faith, work, family, and friends. Together the art and photos portray the backbone of church and community, the ordinary people. This is a beautiful, full-color, coffee-table book.

(148pp. illus. Herald Press, 2003. $24.99)

2156. In the Whale’s Belly by James W. Lowry

The title of this book comes from a Christian prisoner’s description of the deep dungeon of a castle. Be challenged as you read selected stories that are retold from the Martyrs Mirror of men and women who stood firm in their faith despite intense persecution and even death. Most of the stories are from the time of the Reformation, and engravings also from that same time.

(130pp. illus. Christian Light Pub., 1981. $6.95)

2666. Keeper of Hearts by Dianne Christner

It is 1545, a dangerous time for Anabaptists, and Anna van Vissers despises Menno Simons and the other heretics who caused her father’s death! Caught in a storm of rebellion, Anna faces the choice of faith and love. Who will keep Anna’s heart? This is an intriguing story of romance and religious politics during a most difficult era.

(304pp. Herald Press, 2002. $14.99)

2022. Landis German Song compiled by Nadine D. Holder, and translated by Helen Bethel

A 46-stanza song was written centuries ago about the last Anabaptist martyr—Hans Landis—who was drowned in the Limmat River in Zürich, Switzerland. This song tells about Hans Landis who left four children and a 60-year-old widow behind when he was executed. The song is sung in German yet today by the Old Oder Amish. (words only)

(42pp. illus. Masthof Press, 1998. $4.95)

25. Martyrs Mirror by Thieleman J. van Braght

This well-known record of how Christians from the first century lived their faith is traced through the centuries up through the 16th century when the Anabaptist persecutions took place. Here are stories of men and women who died for their belief. A challenge!

(1,158pp. softcover, $37.50. hardcover, $45.00. Herald Press, 1938. Please add an extra $2.00 for postage.)

1881. The Martyrs Mirror Made Plain: How to Study and Profit From the Martyrs Mirror by James Lowry

At last, a guide to help you become familiar with Martyrs Mirror (see #25). Twelve chapters form a basic study guide. Includes two reading lists from the Martyrs Mirror with further studies on nonresistance and more.

(152pp. illus. index. Deutsche Buch., 1997. $5.95)

1644. Menno Simons Commemorative Fraktur by Roma J. Ruth

Full-color poster marks the 500th anniversary of Menno Simons’ birth at Pingjum in Friesland. Prominently featured is a 1552 quotation from Menno on Jesus Christ as the “Prince of Peace.” Traditional Pa. fraktur tulips and birds, with sketches of the church of Menno’s first priestly charge at Pingjum and the “cottage” of his old age near Lubeck, Germany, embellish the design. The border contains Menno’s favorite scripture—1 Corinthians 3:11—in Dutch, German, English, and Spanish.

(15" x 18". Historical Committee of the Mennonite Church, 1996. mailed rolled. $25.00 plus additional $1.00 for shipping)

1645. Menno Simons Commemorative Fraktur Notecards by Roma J. Ruth

Notecards featuring a portion of the commemorative poster (#1644) marking the anniversary of Menno Simons’ birth in 1496.

(4 notecards/envelopes. illus. Historical Committee of the Mennonite Church, 1996. $3.00)

1973. Menno Simons: “Confession” and the New Birth translated and edited by Irvin B. Horst

A powerful introduction to Menno Simons, a major Anabaptist leader and possibly the greatest figure of the Dutch Reformation. This readable volume makes vital Anabaptist sources available not only for scholarly examination but also for congregational study and for personal reflection.

(53pp. hardcover with dust jacket. Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, 1996. $9.95)

1673. Menno Simons: Places, Portraits, and Progeny

This handsome volume traces the footsteps of Menno Simons (visual chronicle of his life, 1496-1561); covers the many faces of Menno (over 80 different paintings); and a visual history of the first 200 years of the Dutch Mennonites and their changing positions in society. Vivid martyr scenes are followed by rare paintings that ridicule Menno and the Mennonites.

(168pp. color illus. hardcover with jacket, 1996. $45.00)

677. Mirror of the Martyrs by Robert S. Kreider and John S. Oyer

Some four centuries ago, thousands of Christians died because they dared to refuse to join the state church in medieval Europe. These believers, known as Anabaptists, died public, terrible deaths as martyrs. Many of those scenes were etched on copper plates by Jan Luyken, a Dutch artist who worked in the late 1660s. Thirty of those etchings are reproduced here accompanied by courageous stories in a readable style.

(96pp. illus. Good Books, 1990. $9.95)

1465. Praying With the Anabaptists: The Secret of Bearing Fruit by Marlene Kropf and Eddy Hall

Prayer and a close relationship with God are central to a fruitful Christian life. This book offers 15 meditations and guided prayer exercises that provide directions for deepening a life of prayer for individuals or small groups. Each meditation includes a selected biblical text with reflection, words from the early Anabaptists, a hymn, martyr’s prayer, and a guided prayer.

(176pp. Faith and Life Press, 1994. $12.99)

1845. Profiles of Anabaptist Women: Sixteenth-Century Reforming Pioneers by C. Arnold Snyder and Linda A. Huebert Hecht, Editors

Provides lively, well-researched profiles of the courageous women who chose to risk persecution and martyrdom to pursue this unsanctioned religion—a religion that, unlike the established religions of the day, initially offered them opportunity and encouragement to proselytize. Derived from 16th-century government record and court testimonies, hymns, and poems, these profiles provide a panorama of life and faith experiences of women from Switzerland, Germany, Holland, and Austria.

(438pp. illus. Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press, 1996. $28.95)

2466. The Radicals (video)

An unbelievable story of the beginning of the Anabaptists—the story of Michael and Margaretha Sattler and the beginnings of the Anabaptist movement in 16th-century Europe. Michael was a monk and Margaretha a nun. Their brief marriage was ended when Michael was burned at the stake and Margaretha was drowned in May 1527 due to a faith that stood up to the most frightening atrocities. Challenges your own faith!

(Gateway Films, 1989. $24.99)

2729. Reading the Anabaptist Bible ed. by C. Arnold Snyder and Galen Peters

Reflections for every day of the year, these daily Bible readings are drawn from the passages selected by Swiss Anabaptists in their published collection of 1540. Paired with Anabaptist testimonies, this is a unique devotional source!

(416pp. Herald Press, 2003. $29.00)

2032. The Secret of the Strength: What Would the Anabaptists Tell This Generation? by Peter Hoover

The “secret of the kingdom of God” is stunningly simple. With two words Christ revealed it to His friends who came to a sudden knowledge of the will of God, the whole Bible, and the right way to live. The purpose of this book is to help many more to comprehend the same by studying the 16th-century European Anabaptists.

(300pp. Benchmark Press, 1998. $9.00)

644. The Swiss Anabaptists: A Brief Summary of Their History and Beliefs

An excellent method for studying Anabaptist history at home or in the classroom. Each chapter contains questions for discussion and for further study, vocabulary words, bibliography, and sources. Maps of Switzerland, Bern, and the Alsace are also included.

(121pp. Eastern Menn. Pub., 1990. $6.50)

2462. “They Harry the Good People Out of the Land”: Essays on the Persecution, Survival, and Flourishing of Anabaptists and Mennonites by John S. Oyer, edited by John D. Roth

These essays represent a lifetime of research and reflection, ranging from topics in 16th-century Anabaptism (historiography, recantation, hymnody, congregational life, martyrdom), to Amish history and theology, to autobiographical reflections on life in a Civilian Public Service camp during World War II.

(331pp. index. Mennonite Hist. Soc., 2000. $12.00)

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