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We are pleased to offer the following books for your enjoyment. Books may be ordered through the mail or in person at the Masthof Bookstore located at the above address just south of Morgantown, Pa. Shipping costs are $3.25 for the first book and $.75 for each additional book. Pennsylvania residents should add sales tax, please. Books may also be ordered through E-mail by providing a credit card number, expiration date, and the name on the credit card. - J. Lemar and Lois Ann Mast, Owners

Agricultural Schedules and Federal Census Schedules, 1850-1880, Brecknock Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by James E. Frey

Life in Lancaster Co., Pa., between 1850 and 1880 comes alive through the pages of these census schedules. Detailed statistics cover how many "milch" cows, working oxen, bushels of wheat and Indian corn, pounds of tobacco, bales of ginned cotton, value of orchard products, pounds of butter and beeswax, gallons of wine, dozens of eggs, total farm acreage, dollar value of farm livestock, amount paid for wages....

(132pp. maps. index. 1997. ISBN 1-883294-53-3. $12.50)


American Axes by Henry J. Kauffman

This illustrated story of American axes written by one of the leading collectors and authorities in the field, identifies the great variety of North American axes dating from the Colonial period to the present. Detailed drawings and diagrams of the construction and production of the basic types of axes, such as the American felling or chopping axe and the two styles of hewing axe-the goosewing and broadaxe-are shown. It also includes a roster of all known American axe manufacturers since the 18th century, a glossary, and notes on the care of axes.

(152pp. index. illus. 1994. ISBN 1-883294-12-6. $12.95 plus $3.00 shipping)


American Copper & Brass by Henry J. Kauffman

Teakettles, cooking kettles, pots and pans, warming pans, saucepans, coffee pots, stills, butter churns, mugs, ladles, skimmers, measures, funnels, basins, pumps, glue pots, weathercocks-all items made of copper-are featured in this new reprint. Then there are items made of brass: andirons, bells, gun parts, molds for casting pewter, door knockers, skillets, tomahawks, lancets, jagging irons, buttons, sundials, clocks, and door locks.

(288pp. illus. hardcover. 1995. ISBN 1-883294-22-3. $18.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


The American Fireplace by Henry J. Kauffman

A pictorial essay on fireplaces from the 17th century through the 20th century, also covering iron fireplaces, chimney doctors, chimney sweeps, andirons, fireplace accessories, and even fireplace cookery with recipes to use in a fireplace.

(352pp. illus. index. 1996. ISBN 1-883294-34-7. $18.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


The American Gunsmith by Henry J. Kauffman

A pictorial book on American gunsmithing from 1750 to 1850, the century when most of the guns in American were made by hund. Chapters cover the apprentice, making the barrel, the gun shop, and a sample inventory and account book of a gunsmith.

(29pp. illus. 1998. ISBN 1-883294-69-X. $8.50)


The American One-Room Schoolhouse by Henry J. Kauffman

The beginning of the one-room schoolhouse and the 19th-century idealism, as well as the Amish one-room schoolhouse, is covered here along with chapters on the teacher, school books, desks and chairs, and rules and regulations.

(70pp. illus. color cover. 1997. ISBN 1-883294-54-1. $9.50)


Amish Mennonites In Germany; Their Congregations,
The Estates Where They Lived, Their Families
by Hermann Guth

This amazing collection of data, assembled in a meaningful format on the Amish Mennonites in Germany, is much more than just names and dates. Guth combines a massive array of details accumulated from European archives and other sources to assemble a unique portrait of families which populated the 18th- and 19th-century Amish congregations. Glossaries include ranslations of original documents as well as a delightful photo essay of the estates where these families lived and the congregations where they worshipped: Darmstadt, Durlach, Frönsburg, Hochburg, Hoffstätten, Nassau-Weilburg, Lower Palatinate, Upper Palatinate, Waldeck, and Zweibrücken.

(380Pp. Illus. Index. Hardcover. 1995. ISBN 1-883294-23-1. $19.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


Anabaptist-Mennonites Nationwide USA by C. Nelson Hostetter

Forty-six groups of Anabaptist-Mennonites across the U.S. are summarized here with historical background and distinctive practices of each group. One section lists the groups by size, giving state statistics; another list is arranged by state, providing a listing of every congregation.

(161pp. 1997. ISBN 1-883294-56-8. $9.95)


Architecture of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, 1700-1900 by Henry J. Kauffman

An illustrated and well-annotated overview of the English, German, and Swiss architectural designs found in southeastern Pennsylvania. You'll view colorful houses, barns, furniture, smokehouses, icehouses, springhouses, summerhouses, privies, bake ovens, caves, and churches. A beautiful collection!

(152pp. illus. 1992. ISBN 1-883294-11-8. $15.95 plus $2.00 shipping)


Bernese Anabaptists and Their American Descendants by Delbert L. Gratz

Considered a classic by many researchers, Bernese Anabaptists, holds a wealth of information discovered in archives and libraries in Europe. Early history of the beginnings of Anabaptism in the Bernese area of Switzerland s given, followed by emigration stories as they fled to the Alsace and the Palatinate in the 17th century. Dr. Gratz combines genealogy and history in this book, giving examples of family names, stating where they lived in Switzerland before emigrating to other parts of Europe and later to America.

(219pp. bibliog. index. hardcover. ISBN 1-883294-14-2. $18.95 plus $3.00 shipping)


Earthen Vessel by Maureen Read

A warm and sincere story from the heart of James Hay's daughter-the true story of her father's life from his birth in windswept Ireland through the years to an eighty-year-old man who continues to share Christ with everyone he meets. Here is a genealogy story put into a narrative form that will not only explain the hardships of emigrants who left their homeland, but will inspire you to pass on your story to your family.

(188pp. illus. 1993. ISBN 1-883294-01-0. $7.95 plus $3.00 shipping)


Estate Inventories-How To Use Them by Kenneth L. Smith

Did you ever wonder what all those "foreign" words mean in inventories? This helpful guide not only saves you time, but also offers new ideas for research. It provides help to read and interpret inventories with sections on writing, spelling, foreign words, abbreviations, currencies, wage rates, commodity prices, and a glossary of archaic words.

(100pp. 1993. ISBN 1-883294-16-9. $12.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


EUNICE-She Loved Life by Don Mast

A personal, true, emotional, and candid story of Eunice Mast, who faced a lingering illness of breast cancer as a wife and mother of six children. After she and her husband helped to found Reba Place Fellowship, a pioneering commune in Illinois, the Masts moved to Woodstock, Ill., and opened their home to music. Euncie's inner thoughts and emotions surface in her journal entries with elaboration by her loving husband. This will touch everyone who knows a cancer patient and will help both the reader and the patient to better relate to each other!

(166pp. illus. 1996. ISBN 1-883294-35-5. $8.95 plus $3.00 shipping)


For God So Loved by Ellen Martin

Set in the Ozarks, this fictional story features Joseph and Malinda and their son Josiah. They live a life of extreme poverty and alcoholism. Then an elderly pastor couple moves to the mountain. Read how God allows the two families to merge through hardship and death.

(17pp. 1997. $2.95)


From Troubled Times by Howard E. Krehbiel

This grandfather's story tells of Swiss and German families who were forced to leave their homeland because of their faith. This particular story is based on actual letters describing his own Krehbiel grandfather who lived at Weierhof, Germany.

(54pp. illus. 1994. ISBN 1-883294-18-5. $6.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


Genealogy Helps, Hints, & Hope by John W. Heisey

Not just another "how-to-book" on genealogy, this is a collection of 74 informative articles written on a variety of topics relevant to genealogists today: migration patterns, gravestone rubbing, 1798 Direct Tax, family reunions, adoption, epidemics, DAR, Library of Congress, National Archives,...

(147pp. 1995. ISBN 1-883294-27-4. $8.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


Glaube, Hoffnung, und Liebe-Faith, Hope, and Love by Gary Good

A true story that truly abounds in this illustrated history of the following families, all with roots in the small town of Eich, Germany: Fox/Fucks/Mink/Münk, Reich, Russler/Rissler, and Seibel.

(166Pp. Illus. Index. 1996. $9.95 plus $3.00 shipping)


Good Night My Son-A Treasure In Heaven by Esther F. Smucker

This is the touching story of an Amish mother's five-year-old son killed in front of their Lancaster County, Pa., farm, written by the mother. Feel the pain, the shock, the stress, the doubting, the love of sympathetic family, and friends, but most importantly, the hope that one can experience in facing a heart-breaking loss.

(88pp. illus. 1995. ISBN 1-883294- 20-7. $6.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


Henry's Dutch Country Anthology by Henry J. Kauffman

Seventy-eight marvelous articles written on topics from axes to blacksmithing to summerhouses to warming pans. A sampling of other articles cover antiques, bells, and bell towers, decorated chests, early American fireplaces, gunmaking, fold art in metals, Conestoga Wagon, Pennsylvania Rifle, locksmiths and locks, Pennsylvania pewterers, the riddle of two front doors, stills, Dutch barns, village blacksmith,...

(182pp. illus. hardcover. 1995. ISBN 1-883294-21-5. $18.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


The History of the House That Jack Built

A colored reprint of an old schoolbook probably first printed in the 1850s and used in schools as an early reader. With large and small case "ABCs" inside the front cover and colorful drawings inside, readers begin reading only a few words on the first pages and progress to the end of the book with many words on a page. An excellent example of books used by our ancestors over a century ago.

(20pp. illus. 1993. ISBN 1-883294-21-5. $4.95 plus $3.00 shipping)


Huber-Hoover Family History by Harry M. Hoover

This Huber genealogy traces roots to Immigrant Hans Huber who is thought to have arrived in Lancaster Co., Pa., in 1719. He is buried at Groffdale, Pa. Many of his descendants (some traced through eleven generations) are listed in this reprint of the 1928 edition. Frequent surnames include Basehoar, Bear, Bowman, Brackbill, Brubaker, Burkholder, Eby, Horst, Martin, Myers, Sensenig, Wenger, and Zimmerman.

(335pp. illus. hardcover. 1992. ISBN 1-883294-02-9. $14.00 plus $3.00 shipping)


Index to Annals of the Conestoga Valley by J. Lemar and Lois Ann Mast

This index to the 689-page Annals of the Conestoga Valleey by C. Z. Mast and R. E. Simpson includes every name and many subjects in this local history of the Conestoga Valley, Pennsylvania.

(28pp. 1994. $6.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


Index to the 1875 Historical Atlas of Lancaster County by Lois Ann Mast

Every name, town, street, church, cemetery, mountain, and creek listed in the 1875 Historical Atlas of Lancaster County is listed in this 18,200 word index.

(94pp. 1991. ISBN 1-883294-08-8. $12.00 plus $3.00 shipping)


Index to the Genealogical Records of Reverend Hans Herr

The well-known "Herr Book" by Theodore W. Herr first printed in 1908 and recently reprinted has a complete and new every-name index-almost three times the size of the original index in the first edition. The first index only listed blood descendants of Rev. Hans Herr (1639-1724). All spouses' names and their parents' names (where listed) are indexed here.

(125pp. hardcover. 1994. ISBN 1-883294-17-7. $12.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


It Takes a Long Time. . .To Grow an Elsie by Paul S. Kurtz

This colorful true story of a mother and grandmother is a story of a vanishing lifestyle in this portrait of an abiding love between husband (C. J. Kurtz) and wife, devotion to family (lived on a farm near Elverson, Pa.) and church (Conestoga Mennonite Church), hard work, intelligence, and especially humor. Paul, Elsie's son, paints a work picture here of a woman of character, and unexpected example for those of us who live miles and years and cultures apart from Elsie's world. Her legacy lives on in the lives she continues to touch by her example.

(84Pp. illus. 1996. $8.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


Jacob A. Martin, His Ancestors and Descendants by Paul H. Martin

This Martin genealogy begins with Christian Martin (1669-1762) of Switzerland and traces his Martin ancestry to Pa. Related surnames cover: Clemmer, Comer, Eby, Frey, Hackman, Horst, Martin, Moyers, and Stoltzfus.

(67pp. illus. 1997. ISBN 1-883294-67-3. $9.95)


A Journey Through Grief by Evelyn King Mumaw

When husband John R. Mumaw passed away, how did Evelyn handle her grief and pain? Read about her wanting to talk with her husband, her pain and tears when disposing of his personal things. How did she experience closure and healing? Walk with her on this journey through her grief as you read excerpts from her diary.

(40pp. illus. 1997. $3.95)


Landis German Song by Nadine D. HolderThe Hans Landis song was written about a 17th-century Swiss Anabaptist martryr of Zürich. In 1608, Landis was jailed in Wellenberg Prison (old sketch on front cover) and on September 29, 1614, he became the last Anabaptist to be executed in Zürich. This song is in the Ausbund used today by the Amish. Both the German and English are printed here with an introduction by Amos B. Hoover and a third section metered by Martin E. Ressler.

(42pp. illus. 1998. ISBN 1-883294-68-1. $4.95)

The Lehman Families of Langnau, Switzerland by David L. Habegger

Among the Swiss Mennonite families who began arriving in Ohio and Indiana from Switzerland and the Alsace beginning in 1819 were a number of families with the surname Lehman. This book, written by a descendant of two different Lehmans, researched and compiled an excellent guide to the early Lehman families who lived in Canton Bern, Switzerland, prior to coming to America. He introduces readers to seven different Lehman families from Langnau, Switzerland.

(42pp. index. 1994. ISBN 1-883294-13-4. $5.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


Little Foxes-Volpel/Felpel Family by Anna Mary Long

A family history of the Felpel/Volpel family beginning with Immigrant Christian William Felpel (1835-1908) who arrived in America in 1872. Settling in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the children who married joined the following families: Bromell, McClaraghan, Snader, and Stauffer.

(113pp. index. illus. 1982. $10.00 plus $3.00 shipping)


The Long Green Heritage by Mrs. Dennis Reed

Pleasant memories of the author as a child growing up in the Long Green Valley northeast of Baltimore, Md. This Mennonite and Brethren settlement comes alive in the stories and illustrations of Martha Reed.

(58pp. illus. 1994. $6.00 plus $3.00 shipping)


A Man Without God Is Nothing by Ross M. Goldfus

The faithwalk of two families across forty years is certain to inspire in this intertwining of the Goldfus and Raimundo families as the Goldfus family served as missionaries in Argentina. A vivid story showing the Spirit of God flowing through the lives of people who allowed God to work through them.

(106pp. illus. 1997. ISBN 1-883294-57-6. $6.95)


Maryland Genealogical Library Guide by John W. Heisey

Names, addresses, telephone numbers, and a short description of over 250 libraries in Maryland that house genealogical information for researchers. Well-known libraries as well as the lesser-known depositories appear here in an easy-to-use format.

(59pp. 1998. ISBN 1-883294-61-4. $7.50)

Mast Family History by C. Z. Mast

This well-written family history of the Masts not only traces the descendants of 1750 Immigrant Jacob Mast (1738-1808) of Berks County, Pennsylvania, but also traces the Blank, Johns, Miller, Smucker, Stoltzfus, and Zug immigrants for several generations. This was one of the first Amish Mennonite genealogies published in the U.S.

(825pp. illus. hardcover. 1989 reprint of 1911 ed. $35.00 plus $3.00 shipping)


Mennonite Family History

Mennonite Family History is a quarterly periodical covering the Mennonite, Amish, and Brethren genealogy and family history. Published since 1982, back issues are available. Write for a free listing of articles.

($18.00 for annual subscription; $34.00 for two-year subscription.)

(1982-1991, Ten-Year Every-Name Index, $23.00)

(1992-1996, Five-Year Every-Name Index, $14.00)


Mennonites in Transition From Switzerland to America by Boldt, Enninger, and Gratz

Emigration letters shed new light giving experiences of the hard journey across the Atlantic. Read about a contract between the Swiss Anabaptist congregations and prospective emigrants offering financial help from the church. The Neuenschwander family is used as an example as a variety of Swiss Anabaptist documents are used as sources.

(138pp. illus. hardcover. 1997. ISBN 1-883294-47-9. $16.50)

Only One Life-My Autobiography by H. Harold Hartzler

Follow H.H.H. as he was born in Ft. Wayne, Ind.; grew up in Surrey, N.D.; Long Green, Md.; and Belleville, Pa. Harold's school experiences, fmaily, joys and sorrows through World War I, Juniata College days, marriage, professor at Elizabethtown College, Goshen College, and Mankato State College, and involvement with ASA and a regular MFH columnist for years.

(164pp. illus. hardcover. 1992. ISBN 1-883294-07-X. $9.95 plus $3.00 shipping)


The Other Hertzler-Hartzlers by Emanuel C. Hertzler

Immigrant Johannes Hertzler came to America in 1750 and settled in Lancaster Co., Pa. Most frequent surnames include Brenneman, Brubaker, Eby, Funck, Herr, Hershey, Kreider, Newcomer, Paules, Sherrick, Strickler, and Weaver,... The Hertzlers of Cumberland Co., Pa., are also included here.

(608pp. illus. index. hardcover. 1995. $24.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


Palatinate Mennonite Census Lists, 1664-1793
by Hermann and Gertrud Guth and J. Lemar and Lois Ann Mast

Census lists of Swiss-German Mennonite families from 1664-1793, some of which include heads of families, age, financial situation, occupation, children, servants, village,...

(116pp. illus. index. 1987. $12.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


Pennsylvania Dutch American Folk Art by Henry J. Kauffman

Early Pennsylvania Dutch settlers developed a flavor of its own historical folk art. This book brings together a representative collection of illustrative material (over 270 photos) as an excellent record of the Pennsylvania Dutch folk art.

(146pp. illus. 1993 reprint of 1946 ed. ISBN 1-883294-00-2. $9.95 plus $3.00 shipping)


Pennsylvania Genealogical Library Guide by John W. Heisey

Names, addresses, telephone numbers, and a short description of 402 libraries in Pennsylvania that house genealogical information appear in this handbook-a must for every genealogist who has ancestors from Pennsylvania.Well-known libraries as well as the lesser-known depositories which may have that hidden piece of information for your family tree appear here in an easy-to-use format.

(73pp. 1997. ISBN 1-883294-15-0. $8.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


The Pennsylvania-Kentucky Rifle by Henry J. Kauffman

America's first great rifle is studied here with lots of illus-trations tracing its history from when it was made in America by gunsmiths in Lancaster Co., Pa., in the first half of the 18th century.

(374pp. illus. 1997. ISBN 1-883294-55-X. $14.95)

The Peter Leibundgutt Journal by Lois Ann Mast

Amishman Peter Leibundgutt/Livengood (d. 1826) kept a financial journal of personal and business transactions between 1758 and 1824. A weaver by trade, Peter is thought to be the first Amishman to go by Conestoga wagon across the Allegheny Mountains to settle in what is now Elk Lick, Somerset Co., Pa. This journal is transcribed here along with an introduction and a detailed listing of Peter's descendants for three generations.

(118pp. illus. index. 1991. ISBN 1-883294-10-X. $9.00*)


Reshaping Your Marriage by A. Don Augsburger

Eleven writers contribute personal experiences, scriptural teachings, research findings, and counseling scenarios all related to marital reltationships. The advice is readable and realistic without being prescriptive or another "how to do it" book.

(149pp. 1996. ISBN 1-883294-41-X. $9.95 plus $3.00 shipping)


The Rhine and Its Legends by A. Pearson

A delightful guide to the castles along the Rhine River that both illustrates and describes these fortresses that have been seen for generations, even by our immigrant ancestors who sailed down the Rhine River. Visitors yet today can see these castles.

(34pp. illus. 1992 reprint of 1919 ed. $4.00 plus $3.00 shipping)


The Shetter Family Tree by Lois Ann Mast

This Shetter family history traces the Shetter family of Franklin Co., Pa.. Most frequent surnames include: Brubaker, Burkholder, Byers, Ebersole, Halteman, Horst, Lehman, Martin, Patterson, Shank, Shetter, Sollenberger, Wadel, and Yeager.

(105pp. illus. index. 1994. ISBN 1-883294-19-3. $9.95 plus $3.00 shipping)


Surname Index V by Mennonite Family History subscribers

Twice the size of Surname Index IV, this collection of surnames and MFH subscribers who are researching those surnames is helpful in opening doors to new information. Addresses are listed.

(54Pp. 1997. $6.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


Swiss Russian Mennonite Families Before 1874 by James W. Krehbiel

A history of Swiss Russian Mennonites who emigrated from Volhynia, Russia, to South Dakota, and Kansas, in 1874, covering over 1,600 persons in 315 families. Frequent surnames include Albrecht, Dirks, Flickinger, Goering, Graber, Kaufman, Krehbiel, Muller, Ortmann, Preheim, Riess, Schrag, Schwartz, Senner, Strauss, Stucky, Sutter, Voran, Waltner, and Wedel.

(332pp. index. hardcover. 1995. ISBN 1-883294-26-6. $18.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


10-Generation Genealogy Chart

Fan-chart on heavy cardstock with spaces to trace your ancestry back ten generations. You begin with your name in the bottom box, your parents' names above it, then your grandparents' names, etc.

(38" c 25", mailed in large reusable storage box. $5.00 plus $3.00 shipping)


Was Isch Dini Nahme? What Is Your Name? by Delbert L. Gratz

Learn about the families in your ancestry by locating your surname in the lists of family name origins-some from family names, location lived, appearance or characteristic, occupation, or even from an animal. All give the name of the town in Switzerland where these names originated. A fascinating collection!

(95pp. index. 1997. ISBN 1-883294-31-2. $8.95 plus shipping)


Where Once They Toiled-A Visit To the Former
Mennonite Homelands in the Vistula River Valley
by Edward Brandt

This illustrated story describes a 1991 visit to the Vistula River Valley in Poland in search for ancestors. The heart of this Mennonite settlement was in the Danzig (Gdansk)-Elbing (Elbleg)-Marienburg area where Brandt, Nickel, Penner, Rempel, and Sparling families lived.

(28pp. illus. 1992. ISBN 1-883294-04-5. $5.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


Who Begot Thee? Descendants of Jacob Brubaker of
Snyder County, Pennsylvania
by Lois Ann Zook

All descendants of Immigrant Abraham Brubacher's grandson, Jacob Hess Brubacher, married first to Mary "Elizabeth" Blosser and second to Elizabeth Buckwalter Weaver are given in this book. Jacob was born in 1788, died in 1854, and lived in Union Co. (now Snyder Co.), Pa. Frequent surnames: Aucker, Brubaker, Eberly, Graybill, Hendricks, Hoover, Hummel, Kurtz, Landis, Lapp, Martin, Miller, Newswanger, Nolt, Oberholtzer, Ramer, Sensenig, Shellenberger, Stauffer, Wanner, Weaver, and Zimmerman.

(302pp. illus. index. 1990. $12.50 plus $3.00 shipping)


The American Gunsmith by Henry J. Kauffman

A pictorial book on American gunsmithing from 1750 to 1850, the century when most of the guns in America were made by hand. Chapters cover the apprentice, making the barrel, the gun shop, and a sample inventory and account book of a gunsmith.

(29pp. illus. 1998. ISBN 1-883294-69-X. $8.50)

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